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The Octane Academy with Victoria Lo [PART 2]

In cased you missed Part 1 of this saga where Victoria Lo dominated all the media/press boys in a SVT Raptor challenge you can head over to Part 1 on Wrecked Magazine and read it – “We Send A Girl to the Octane Academy And She Wins.”

I’m back to continue making you jealous of my time at Ford Racing’s Octane
Academy last week. In my last post, I drifted with Vaughn Gittin JR. and went on a
seat-of-your-pants ride with Brian Deegan. I also won the Reverse Raptor Challenge!

After lunch it was time for stunt driving with Tanner Foust, one of my all-time
favorite drivers. When my group arrived at Tanner’s station, he was out playing on
the wet Jennite surface, effortlessly doing fancy pirouettes and 360s in the all-new
Ford Focus ST. Now this sounds totally lame but once you see him drive in person
you’ll understand: He was born to do this. This session was a battle, as I was super
excited to get behind the wheel with Tanner, however I was still slightly hungover
from the previous night’s outing. But hello, this is Tanner Foust! I had to stick it out.
Tanner gave us a quick run-down of how to do a 180 J turn and the 360 spin and
then it was time to get behind the wheel. The dashboard and center console had
so many warning lights on it felt like Christmas in there. Tanner had disconnected
everything, including the ABS. The challenge for this part of the Academy was to
spin the Focus but maintain control – any cones knocked over would result in point

The actual driving portion of stunt driving with Tanner was awesome but riding
along while other group members attempted the 360 was almost unbearable.
Nausea + Newbie Stunt Driving = Hell. But, I made it through and Tanner
successfully taught me how to do the 180 and 360. Check out my stunt driving
footage with Tanner Foust as cameraman
! I had such a great time learning how to properly
do these stunts because let’s be honest, who hasn’t attempted to do a 180 in the
snow? But alas, the training was dangerous as it rained the other day and I had to
fight the urge to yank that e-brake and hone my 360 skills… My poor Honda s2000.

And finally, the last session of the day was rallying with Ken Block. Apparently Ken’s
not one for teaching, so Ford brought in its crew from the Tim O’Neil Rally School to
give us the training we needed. The challenge was obvious: Rally the course as close
to Ken’s 2:15 time as possible. While we were receiving hands-on instructions from
the O’Neil team, Ken took us out one by one for a ride-along on the rally course in
his Ford Fiesta. He’s a man of few words that Ken, but the man can drive!

During the instructional, one of the coaches advised: Rallying is driving as fast as
you can for the conditions – but all I got from that was “Drive as fast as you can!”
My practice lap around the course was tame but as soon as the countdown for the
official lap began, I was all pedal to the metal. After an awesome start I couldn’t take
the braking anymore and just wanted to go fast – Um, hello! There’s a time to beat! I
quickly learned my lesson though, as I unintentionally incorporated Tanner Foust’s
previous 180 teachings into my rally (see my sad fail here). My heavy foot resulted
in a non-winning time but at least I learned what NOT to do while rallying. Plus, I
wasn’t one of the guys [names withheld to protect their pride] who put the Fiesta
in the ditch or completely flipped it over, so all in all I’d say the rally session was
successful! I’d actually love to take another stab at rallying to really learn how to
control turns and weaves at fast speeds – I’m looking at you Tim O’Neil – but until
then I’ll just take my need for speed out on the SoCal drivers. Again, my poor s2000.

So that’s my recap of my awesome day at Octane Academy. My posts definitely
haven’t done this program justice… If you love driving, cars, speed, Vaughn,
Tanner, Deegan, and/or Ken, this is not something you want to miss out on. I
have to thank the Ford Racing team again for allowing us to participate in such
an awesome program. Octane Academy is definitely an experience that everyone should try – or at least, attempt to try (you have to get accepted, first!). If you haven’t submitted your video application yet, do it now! Upload your video to before the deadline!

Toyota Corolla AE86 Goes Two Wheel Drifting [SNAPSHOT]

Jeremy Glover caught this amazing snapshot from Drift Mania Round 7 over the weekend of this Toyota Corolla driving/drifting on two wheels around the course. How it got in this position is beyond us but it looks damn impressive. This is our snap shot for Friday and we think you cannot find much better than this!

You Thought You Were A Hardcore Drift Fan – Please Step Aside

The guys from Modern Automotive Performance posted this D1 Grand Prix bed. Now I have a huge feeling this is a photoshop job but I like the idea of where they are going with this. We were at the release of this drift car back at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon when Team Orange released this new car in the Yokohama Tire booth. If you can prove your a bigger drifting fan than this guy with his D1GP bed please send us pictures and we will get you on the website ASAP!


2011 Drift Mania Round 7 at Circuit ICAR [GALLERY]

The end of the 2011 Drift Mania season is here with Round 7 at Circuit ICAR taking place. A huge 500+ image gallery finishes off the 2011 season. Watch as the heavy hitters of the series such as Dave Briggs, Miro Ovcharik, and Pat Cyr continue to dominate the Canadian series.

Check out the Gallery:

Street-Wise Formula D Pro Am Drift 2011 [RESULTS]

The southeastern United States just finished up the regional drift series Street-Wise for the 2011 season. The Formula Drift Pro Am series had the last round over the weekend which had Doug Van Den Brink win and Patrick Goodin finish second at VIR. Here is the top three guys to finish up the season:

1. Patrick Goodin
2. Doug Van Den Brink
3. Jeremy Lowe
4. Chris Ward

Falken Tire S15 Is Under the Knife [SPYSHOTS]

One of our favorite eagle eye readers is Cobalt Griffin who found these photos on the GT Channel Facebook page. During Issue 21 of Wrecked Magazine J Brad told us what was happening to this S15. A big V8 and some serious prep work are going into it as we speak. James Deane needs to get back in this car for 2012 but we highly doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. The car is rumored to hit the Middle East for the 2012 demos with maybe Justin Pawlak or Tyler McQuarrie. This could be an interesting competitor to the market!


We Send A Girl to the Octane Academy And She Wins

If you read my new editorial we are buried deep in project cars and SEMA preparations. When we got the invite to head out to Detroit, Michigan for the Octane Academy no one in the office had the time on our hands. I called on our newest pit reporter Victoria Lo who cut her teeth on the mean streets of New York City for years and finally got enough sense to move to California. Below is her story on how she beat a bunch of boys doing car things while Formula D champions Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gittin Jr. stood by, coached, and watched. -Joey Redmond

Last week I was fortunate enough to participate in a condensed version of Ford
Racing’s Octane Academy at the Michigan Proving Grounds. If you watched this
year’s X-Games 17, I’m sure you saw the commercials for Octane Academy featuring
its four well-known instructors: Vaughn Gittin JR., Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, and
Ken Block.

While the full Academy program lasts 4 days, our media “tease” allotted the 5-
person groups about 90 minutes with each rotation. Each driver had a specific
expertise: Vaughn – Drifting, Deegan – Off-Road Racing, Tanner – Stunt Driving, and
Block – Rallying. Each session had a challenge to complete and the person with the
most points at the end of the day would be crowned Champion. The competitor in
me was awakened.

My group started off with the 2010 Formula Drift Champion, Vaughn Gittin JR. Each
person received a hot lap with Vaughn in Ford’s 300hp V6 Mustang to experience
riding sideways at 90mph. While the ride was thrilling and filled with adrenaline,
I spent a lot of the time concerned that my helmeted head would at any point bash
out the passenger window. It was an awesome ride but it was time to switch seats
because it was now my turn behind the wheel. The goal for this challenge was
simple: Drift the longest around an oval. I watched JR intently during the hot lap so
his instructions seemed easy enough: “… accelerate to that cone at about 3000rpms,
whip it right and then turn it left while slamming down on the throttle. Then, when
you feel it catch, let off the throttle for a second and then follow with gas, no gas,
gas, no gas, and steering the wheel accordingly.” Got it! But with only enough time
for 3 attempts, it became clear that drifting is not as easy as it looks (or sounds)!

JR’s feedback was I’m too throttle-happy – apparently I just want to go fast. All the
time… I took this as a compliment. Although I did the second best in my group, it
was nothing compared to the winner’s (Alex from Rides Magazine) 6 full-laps. My
session with Vaughn was awesome and I’m sure with some more practice and a
healthy supply of tires (hello sponsors!), I could drift circles around Alex.

Next up was off-road racing with X-Games 17 Rally Cross Gold Medalist, Brian
Deegan, in a Ford F-150 SVT RAPTOR. Surprisingly, this was one of the most exciting
hot laps, as Deegan’s excitement after every jump was equivalent to mentioning
Justin Bieber to a 12-year-old girl. On one of the jumps, we launched so high and

landed so hard that the power steering went out. Did that end our hot lap? Not
a chance! With cameras on us, we had to power though and Deegan muscled the
RAPTOR like a champ
. He really is a talented driver as it’s no wonder he’s doing so
well in off road racing – he just won the Pro Lite and Pro 2 in the Lucas Oil Off Road
Racing Series! Keep kickin’ ass, Brian!

The folks at Ford Racing knew letting us loose on the off-road track behind the
wheel of the RAPTOR would be a cluster fuck filled with flipped trucks and mud in
their hair, so they opted for a calmer, more controlled, Reverse Raptor Challenge.
The task? Navigate the muddy slalom course in reverse using ONLY the Raptor’s
back-up camera in less than 5 minutes without knocking over any cones. The
challenge required no real driving skills except a little depth perception, knowing
your left from your right and then flipping that, but definitely left us trusting those
nifty back-up cameras a bit more. And although I got extremely nauseous watching
the screen while driving, there was something else I took away from this challenge…
A Rockstar Energy Drink Refrigerator! That’s right, I won, bitches! I can’t wait for
my apartment to look like a college dorm room. Part 2 is coming soon so stay tuned!

2011 Formula Drift Tentative Drivers List for Irwindale Speedway

Check out the tentative drivers list here for Formula Drift Round 7. No big shockers in the drivers list (hopefully some last minute shocking entries show up) but read it up and down. The finals are going to be up in the air and we cannot wait until the main event:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Jeff Abbott
3. Emmanuel Amandio
4. Odi Bakchis
5. Tony Brakohiapa
6. Patrick Cyr
7. Michael Essa
8. Mike Feiock
9. Matt Field
10. Chris Forsberg
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
12. Otto Graven
13. Conrad Grunewald
14. Ken Gushi
15. Jim Guthrie
16. Sam Hubinettte
17. Jeff Jones
18. Ryan kado
19. Dean Kearney
20. Nikolay Konstantinov
21. Alex Lee
22. Luke Lonberger
23. Joon Maeng
24. Cyrus Martinez
25. Darren McNamara
26. Tyler McQuarrie
27. Dennis Mertzanis
28. Rhys Millen
29. Kenneth Moen
30. Kyle Mohan
31. Patrick Mordaunt
32. Charles Ng
33. Robbie Nishida
34. Justin Pawlak
35. Ross Petty
36. Alex Pfeiffer
37. Kyle Pollard
38. Saranon Pornpatanarak
39. Matt Powers
40. John Russakoff
41. Ryan Tuerck
42. Matt Waldin
43. Walker Wilkerson
44. Daijiro Yoshihara
45. Toshiki Yoshioka

Wrecked Magazine Issue 21 Is Here

Issue 21 is here with the 2011 Rookies taking center stage on our cover this month. In depth interviews with Walker Wilkerson, Otto Graven, and Odi Bakchis put the team of 2011 on the center stage like nobody else has to date. We also grabbed J Brad (Team Falken Motorsports Manager) and asked him all the questions you readers submitted which made for a great piece. The Industry Insider sits us down with Efrain Olivares who is the agent for Kyle Mohan and Tyler McQuarrie. The issue pays tribute to one of our favorite Wrecked photographers Dan Jenkins in the In Focus Section. We wrap up with a look at the Retaks S13 and the return of Toshiki Yoshioka from D1GP.


Read It All Here:

Will Parsons and Dan Savage Crash at XDC Texas [SNAPSHOT]

Found this snapshot on Facebook and it looks like Will Parsons got tagged and went for quite a ride after Dan Savage made contact with him in the Sikky S13. Will Parsons went airborne in his AE86 and flew off the track at XDC this weekend. What a ride he went on after they made contact.