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2011 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Standings After Round 6

A huge weekend for Odi Bakchis who pulled out a huge lead in the Rookie of the Year championship with a fourth place finish. Walker Wilkerson had a broken clutch pedal in qualifying which resulted in him not qualifying for Top 32. Assuming that Walker Wilkerson or Otto Graven won the event and scored 100 points then Odi would need a Top 16 to bring home the Rookie of the Year. Otherwise what is most likely is that once Odi qualifies for Top 32 he will secure the Rookie of the Year. With a 70 point lead and 24 points for making Top 32 he is leaving a very narrow gap to let someone else take home the victory.

1. Odi Bakchis – 255 points
2. Walker Wilkerson – 185 points
3. Otto Graven – 183.75 points
4. Ryan Kado – 130.75 points
5. Alex Lee – 79.25 points

2011 Formula Drift Championship Standings After Round 6

Dai Yoshihara had a lack luster performance at Round 6 but kept the points lead. None of the top guys really did well and Tyler McQuarrie got screwed the most out of the top drivers (more on that in a later post). Dai Yoshihara is really going to have to be on point at Irwindale to keep the championship at this point but we will give exact details on what results he needs to clinch in October.

1. Dai Yoshihara – 470 points
2. Justin Pawlak – 451.25 points
3. Darren McNamara – 435.50 points
4. Chris Forsberg – 429 points
5. Matt Powers – 418.50 points
6. Ryan Tuerck – 370 points
7. Conrad Grunewald – 357 points
8. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 349 points
9. Tyler McQuarrie – 341.50 points
10. Kyle Mohan – 323 points
11. Rhys Millen – 317 points
12. Fredric Aasbo – 304.50 points
13. Toshiki Yoshioka – 299.75 points
14. Odi Bakchis – 255 points
15. Ken Gushi – 251.75 points
16. Ross Petty – 208.50 points

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas – Round 6 [RESULTS]

In the hottest event of the year, Rhys Millen takes home the 1st place trophy. The podium results are as follows:

1. Rhys Millen
2. Darren McNamara
3. Matt Powers

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas Round 6 – Top 32 Tandem Pairings

Here are the Top 32 pairings for todays big event. Right now if your eye is on the championship you will care about Tyler McQuarrie Justin Pawlak and Dai Yoshihara photographed above. They are on the same side of the bracket and scheduled to meet in the Final Four if they can win their respective tandem battles for the weekend. Sadly Tyler McQuarrie and Justin Pawlak are on opposite sides of the ladder so they would not meet until the finals for a battle that would be huge after the controversy of the weekend.

Matt Powers Vs. Jeff Jones
Matt Field Vs. Fredric Aasbo
Conrad Grunewald Vs. Matt Walden
Ken Gushi vs. Tyler McQuarrie
Chris Forsberg Vs. Alex Lee
Ryan Tureck Vs. Charles Ng
Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vs. Cyrus Martinez
Darren McNamara Vs. Kyle Pollard
Rhys Millen Vs. Sam Hubinette
Dean Kearney Vs. Patrick Mordaunt
Kyle Mohan Vs. Dennis Mertzanis
Michael Essa Vs. Armando “Dio”
Robbie Nishida Vs. Justin Pawlak
Otto Graven Vs. Odi Bakchis
Daijiro Yoshihara Vs. Ross Petty
Ryan Kado Vs. Toshiki Yoshioka

UPDATE at 6:41pm: Formula D changed the Top 32 due to points not given to Ryan Tuerck. No update of rankings as of Top 32 has been posted or provided as of the event going on live in progress. We apologize for the errors in this post.

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas – Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]


Some photos from the scorching hot practice/qualifying round of Formula D Las Vegas. Joon Maeng put his car into the wall super hard and failed to make qualifying but that was really the only major/tow off damage for the weekend. With over 250+ photos we covered a great sample from LVMS. Stay tuned for more photos of the weekend.

Check Out the Gallery:

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas Round 6 – Qualifying [RESULTS]

An awesome weekend after dark here at Round 6 had temperatures that were hot but tolerable on the track after 8pm. Team Need for Speed driver Matt Powers proved his talents again this weekend by driving to a first place qualifying finish without a problem. Two other big shocks were Rhys Millen making a return to the top of the qualifying list with a second place finish and Robbie Nishida out of no where took his 240sx to a solid third place finish.

1. Matt Powers – 96.9
2. Rhys Millen – 93
3. Robbie Nishida – 89.8
4. Chris Forsberg – 89.5
5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 89.5
6. Dai Yoshihara – 88.5
7. Kyle Mohan – 88.3
8. Conrad Grunewald – 87.5
9. Ken Gushi – 86
10. Michael Essa – 86
11. Ryan Kado – 86
12. Darren McNamara – 85.8
13. Ryan Tureck 58
14. Otto Graven – 84
15. Dean Kearney – 82
16. Matt Field – 82
17. Fredric Aasbo – 81.5
18. Patrick Mordaunt – 79.5
19. Odi Bakchis – 79.5
20. Charles Ng – 79
21. Kyle Pollard – 78.8
22. Toshiki Yoshioka – 78.5
23. E. Armando – 76.3
24. Tyler McQuarrie – 75
25. Matt Waldin – 74.5
26. Dennis Mertzanis – 74
27. Ross Petty – 73
28. Cyrus Martinez – 70.5
29. Alex Lee – 68.5
30. Justin Pawlak – 68
31. Sam Hubinette – 65
32. Jeff Jones – 65

UPDATE at 6:41pm: Formula D changed the Top 32 due to points not given to Ryan Tuerck. No update of rankings as of Top 32 has been posted or provided as of the event going on live in progress. We apologize for the errors in this post.

Justin Pawlak Running the 350z for Las Vegas – Now Car #13

We found a picture making the car swap for the weekend a done deal. Justin Pawlak is on the Nissan 350z with his #13 car and all. Tyler McQuarrie is now in the Calvin Wan/James Deane S15. We wish James Deane could be driving it but nobody wants to bring him in from Ireland. This is going to shake up things and make Las Vegas quite the interesting weekend. We will keep you posted on how things wind up between these two drivers after qualifying.



Emmanuel Amandio Takes it into The Wall In Vegas

Emmanuel Armandio “Dio” made a bet in the Las Vegas heat and lost. During Thursday night practice he ended up taking Chris Forsbergs 2009 championship winning 350z hard into the wall.  The front passenger side is pretty smashed in along with some minor body damage along the side. It seems a lot of peoples predictions about “dio” have come true. His buddy and fellow racer Charles Ng did tell us that Dio will be fixed and ready for today.

Falken Tire S15 Has Been Delivered to LVMS from Los Angeles Today

One of our friends was driving up the I-15 heading into Las Vegas, Nevada and passed the Falken Tire S15 being pulled by our favorite tow truck (Emergency Hookers) heading to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The car was dropped off over an hour ago to the track and we are not sure what the plans are for the weekend. Justin Pawlak’s Mustang doesn’t sound like it has been fixed as of yet (camshaft broken) and I am waiting from Falken Team Manager to return my call in a few minutes. So I will update this post as I get more information but I do know Tyler McQuarrie has driven RHD before and Justin Pawlak never has before. Not sure what the details of this will be but seems interested they have trailered up a spec legal Formula Drift car to the track. Sadly James Deane is still in Ireland so we won’t be seeing him!

UPDATE at 3:17pm PST: I spoke with J Brad and the Falken S15 is sitting at the track for Tyler McQuarrie in case they cannot get Justin Pawlak’s Ford Mustang fixed.

Justin Pawlak and Falken Use Team Orders – Kick Tyler McQuarrie Out of 350z For Practice

Justin Pawlak blew an engine yesterday at the track and apparently really wanted some seat time at the Thursday night practice. With the help of Team Falken he removed Tyler McQuarrie from the Nissan 350z and ran practice in his car. At one point Justin almost looked like he was going to crash the Nissan 350z which could of sidelined Tyler McQuarrie for the whole weekend.

Please note that Thursday practice isn’t an official Formula D practice so the one car rule is not applicable yet. This means that Justin Pawlak won’t have to spend the whole weekend competing in the 350z. We hope that they at least let Tyler head back to the Golden Nugget and gamble away the night since driving wasn’t an option for him. I reached out to Tyler after not seeing him at the track last night and never got a reply from him but something tells me he probably wasn’t very happy about this move in the least.


UPDATE 3:43pm – After talking to J Brad (Team Falken Motorsports Director) he has informed me that Justin Pawlak was not involved in the decision to remove Tyler. He said it was solely a team call made by him (a hard one at that). J Brad informed me that we can do a fan question based interview sometime after this event so look out for a post on the website. This will shed some more light on this deal.