Falken Tire S15 Has Been Delivered to LVMS from Los Angeles Today

One of our friends was driving up the I-15 heading into Las Vegas, Nevada and passed the Falken Tire S15 being pulled by our favorite tow truck (Emergency Hookers) heading to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The car was dropped off over an hour ago to the track and we are not sure what the plans are for the weekend. Justin Pawlak’s Mustang doesn’t sound like it has been fixed as of yet (camshaft broken) and I am waiting from Falken Team Manager to return my call in a few minutes. So I will update this post as I get more information but I do know Tyler McQuarrie has driven RHD before and Justin Pawlak never has before. Not sure what the details of this will be but seems interested they have trailered up a spec legal Formula Drift car to the track. Sadly James Deane is still in Ireland so we won’t be seeing him!

UPDATE at 3:17pm PST: I spoke with J Brad and the Falken S15 is sitting at the track for Tyler McQuarrie in case they cannot get Justin Pawlak’s Ford Mustang fixed.


  1. bro says:

    so you can swap out cars? as long as its before qualifying?

  2. Blaze1 says:

    Tyler drove the JIC Magic S15 back in 2007 just for some clarification.

  3. petite pounder says:

    Interesting. so if JTP’s ford isnt fixed, hes taking out tmacs 350z and tmac gets bumped to the S15?

    for tmacs sake, i hope he podiums in the S15

  4. Blaze1 says:

    Toshiki won in 2008 here in a NA 4AG
    Miki got second place in 2009 with a 2 rotor turbo

    Maybe Tyler can have similar success with the non V8 this weekend.

  5. Casey Crittenden says:

    Id feel like shit for kicking my teammate and friend out of his car. If JTP ends up in that Z for the event he better hope he wins since Tyler won last year.

  6. Vosko says:

    I would assume this is Falken’s decision not JTP’s

  7. Casey Crittenden says:

    Well of course its Falkens decision.

  8. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Well we were asked to clarify.

  9. travis barrow says:

    Obviously falken doing it he is in the points running and they want the championship for more sales

  10. Chunky Munky says:

    @Travis: I understand that he is in the points running, but oh well. JTP blew his engine. He should have to deal with it and take the backup car. But like you said, it’s for the sales. I hope, really hope, that Pawlak doesn’t qualify and that McQuarrie beasts it and wins the event. Just so Falken/ASD can see how stupid that decision was.

  11. que pasta says:

    Chunky why is it a “stupid decision” to put the guy with a legit shot at a championship in the better car? I like Tyler and wish him well but I bet if HE was in this same position he’d want to be in the better car and would respect his teammate for vacating their car to give him the best chance to win.

  12. Ruddyrid says:

    @Que Pasta: well put.