Sam Hubinette Drives the Flame Shooting Zombie Apocalypse Maybach in Otis Music Video

Posted on Aug 12, 2011 In Formula D Non Drifting Sam Hubinette

The new song released yesterday by Kanye West x Jay-Z called Otis features the most amazing modified car I have ever seen in a music video. Granted Kanye has a track record with brilliant vehicles including his Czech supercar he brought out for a music video in his last album. The man actually driving this flame shooting limo is none other than Formula D champion Sam Hubinette. If he ever returns to Formula Drift (we have been told in Las Vegas) we cannot wait to talk with him about driving this thing around in the video.


Watch the video:


  1. Best. Video. Ever.

  2. Jacobphoto says:


  3. Jeremy Brown says:

    He should campaign this in FD instead of his Challenger. God knows it’d be more reliable.

  4. Blaze1 says:

    I knew it was a FD guy doing the stunts!

  5. Caleb says:

    That song is way annoying and I would have much rather of seen Sam all gangsterd out driving haha

  6. Tony Angelo says:

    Oh man, I am SO jelly!

  7. thelolbus says:

    So, they spend the money on a brand new Maybach, chop it up, then are going to auction the fucked up car off for charity? I feel like the car will sell for much less than the price of a new one. Should have just avoided the whole thing and given the money to charity if that was the point.

    I do approve of cutting up luxo-barges though.

  8. skillz says:

    @thelobus….for Gods sake…its an auction…its gon be sold way more dan the original price of the car….btw….this is the first of its kind….mad video….nice modification