Wrecked Magazine Issue 20 Is Out!

Issue 20 features Matt Powers in a way you have never thought about him before. He talks V8’s, his will to win, and a bunch of other stuff inside the 20th issue of Wrecked Magazine. Conrad Grunewald who hasn’t had a podium since the Houston 2005 event sits down and talks about his great run at New Jersey this year resulting in a first place finish. Last years Fantasy Drift champion who also happens to be a grassroots drivers gets highlighted in one really cool profile piece. The Industry Insider sits us down with Joshua Herron where we talk about his video productions and the Eazy Dolly he has used for production. A small update on Project V8 240sx as she moves towards her public debut. All of that and much more inside the 20th issue of Wrecked.


Read Wrecked Magazine Issue 20: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/issues/issue20/issue20.html 


  1. matt petty says:

    too short… work harder!@

  2. SteveO says:

    I wanna see more grassroots action too!

  3. drift errrr says:

    great issue

  4. rotarypower says:

    Lol u guys haven’t put out a issue since the first round and this is the best u can do ?!? Worse issue ever and nobody cares about Conrad u should had gave his spread to WALKER

  5. petite pounder says:

    no one cares about walker. i wanna hear more bout the otto. that f00 makes it rain

  6. jdmwill says:

    you guys should go to dominican republic and check out one of there sweet events….more grassroots sweet pics thou