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2011 Formula Drift Round 5 in Seattle Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

One of the most fun events of the year kicked off today at Evergreen Speedway with…. WAIT FOR IT….. amazing weather. After a delayed/canceled/stalled practice yesterday the track left us nothing but sunshine to play with for qualifying. The track has had some notorious downpours during practice to shake up the qualifying order. It apparently got all shaken up without the bad weather and we caught some amazing action from today shot by Joey Redmond. It is also the 250th event gallery we have uploaded to our website since Wrecked Magazine was started, 25% of the way to 1,000 drift events covered.

Check Out the Gallery:

Top Qualifier Tyler McQuarrie Running Active Aero Roof [SNAPSHOT]

Formula Drift doesn’t have any rules on “active” aerodynamics in the sport that we could find in the rulebook currently but this “modified” roof seems rather interesting which we caught on Tyler McQuarire’s Nissan 350z on the bank. Every single practice run in the morning the car did this consistently.  This is quite an interesting new modification and we wonder what everyone else thinks about this going on?

2011 Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway qualifying ended today with Tyler McQuarrie taking the top spot. The rest of the qualifying order is below:

1 Tyler McQuarrie – 94.5
2 Justin Pawlak – 93.5
3 Rhys. Millen – 89.6
4 Daijiro Yoshihara – 86.9
5 Odi Bakchis – 86
6 Conrad. Grunewald – 85.1
7 Joon. Maeng – 83.7
8 Fredric. Aasbo – 82.1
9 Dean. Kearney – 81.3
10 Ryan. Tuerck – 80.3
11 Michael. Essa – 76.4
12 Vaughn. Gittin – 75.7
13 Matt. Powers – 75.1
14 Walker Wilkerson – 74.7
15 Chris. Forsberg -74.5
16 Alex. Lee – 72.8
17 Alax. Pfeiffer – 71.4
18 Otto. Graven – 71.2
19 Darin. McNamara – 71
20 Charles. Ng – 66.8
21 Matt Field – 66.5
22 Kyle Mohan – 65.1
23 Toshiki Yoshioka – 64.6
24 Roland Gallagher – 62.8
25 Ross Petty – 61
26 Ken. Gushi – 60.6
27 Cyrus Martinez – 60.5
28 Robbie Nishida – 57
29 Jeff Jones – 56.1
30 Ryan Kado – 55.2
31 Dennis Mertzanis – 52.3
32 Luke Longberger – 52.2

Formula Drift Round 5 Thursday Practice Cancelled due to Rain

Seattle has always had a reputation for it’s rainy weather and today is no exception. We’ve been told that rainy conditions have resulted in today’s practice session at Evergreen Speedway to be cancelled. Although this will cut down on driver practice time, this shouldn’t affect fans in any way as Formula Drift has always been rain or shine. For our sake, we hope to see some sunshine for tomorrow’s qualifying session.

The Ford Racing Octane Academy [VIDEO]

The Ford Racing Octane Academy

Ford is promoting an awesome new deal called the Octane Academy that pairs you with Ford Racing greats
in an extensive camp to see if you have what it takes to be a driver. Former Formula D champion Tanner Foust is at the academy along with 2010 Champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. It should be clear that Ford breeds champions from their record in Formula Drift as of late and with this unique opportunity. SIt back and tune in to find out how you can enter this great
promotion with Ford.

Watch the video:

Why the Formula Drift Tech Day Today is a Waste of Time

Am I the only one this has clicked with….the Formula Drift tech day going on right now is nothing more than a snooze fest/weigh in which is a far cry from a real tech day. The only big news coming from today (if any) will be someone caught you didn’t realize they were cheating in the first place. Since Formula Drift announced the Tech Day weeks ago between a huge gap of events (New Jersey and Seattle) which was about five weeks we think most teams cheating/doing illegal activities probably had time to fix them for this “tech day.”

The timeline could only be worse to allow cheaters to make repairs since the event takes place on the west coast (where most teams are based). If you didn’t manage to change all the illegal things with your car in five weeks then you probably need a new pit crew. I thought I was just the only one with this logic here but after talking to various drivers and team members it has become clear this tech day is far from something that is serious.

I do understand that the new weights are key and feel free to weigh all the new cars but let’s call today like a Formula Drift Weigh In. The drifting version of a boxing hype day where we all sweated it out to make weight. The new weight/tire rule might cause a few teams problems but I have a feeling some last minute alterations were made to some top cars this season which involved putting them back into legal FD spec. How do you think we can fix this in the future for Formula Drift? Perhaps some unannounced tech days in 2012 just for fun?


Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifting in Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifting in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Check out Vaughn Gittin Jr. in a well produced video featuring a RTR Mustang and a demo car running wild in the Middle East. He was given the keys to the racetrack for two full days and pumped out this awesome video production. Sit back and enjoy just pure Mustang destruction all around the Al Reem Circuit in Saudi Arabia.

Watch the video:

Otto Graven’s 350Z Gets Serious for Seattle [SNAPSHOTS]

Otto Graven and the MonsterMob 350Z received a complete makeover in anticipation for Formula Drift Round 5. The White and Red livery was scrapped in favor of a full wrap of the South African flag. What really caught our attention though was the engine popping out of the hood. The turbo VQ was swapped out, and a 700whp naturally aspirated V8 LS-x was wedged into the Z’s engine bay.

The LS-x V8 under the hood looks to be outfitted with just about everything out of a Summit Racing catalog and we’re receiving reports of  700 horses to the rear wheels coming from this beast of a powerplant. How do you think Otto will do in Seattle with this new setup?

Ryan Tuerck is Featured in the new Inked Magazine

If your a tattoo fan or just a Ryan Tuerck fan then the new issue of Inked Magazine is for you. They have a full feature on Ryan Tuerck along with his new Formula Drift Chevrolet Camaro ride. We saw a little sneak preview of it and it looks pretty awesome. Head to the bookstore or where ever you can actually buy these print magazines and read up about Drift Alliance star Ryan Tuerck.


Behind the Smoke Episode 14 – New Jersey Qualifying [VIDEO]

Behind the Smoke Ep 14: New Jersey Qualifying


A new installment of Behind the Smoke brings Dai Yoshihara into Wall Stadium for Round 4 of Formula Drift. He qualified third behind Ryan Tuerck and Vaughn Gittin Jr.for the weekend. He had a huge struggle at PBIR after losing to Kyle Mohan in the Top 32. This opened the floodgates and allowed Justin Pawlak to take over the championship points lead.

Watch the video: