Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Fredric Aasbo – Was the Right Call Made?

These two guys put on a clinic last weekend at Formula Drift and brought their respective tandem battle to a 2 xOMT at Evergreen Speedway. Per the Formula Drift rulebook the OMT call by the judges is only allowed to be used twice and then a winner must be declared. I really think Tyler had the win after the first OMT battle but the judges didn’t agree.

Here is a summary of the commentary from the three judges after the first two tandem battles:
Tony Angelo – OMT
Andy Yen – OMT
Ryan L. – OMT

All three judges went OMT for both the first battle and the second battle which threw them into a third tandem run. No commentary was given to the fans after the first OMT call but after the second OMT we got some audio from Tony Angelo and Ryan L:

“To hard to call.” – Tony Angelo
“Tyler’s lead run he hit the wall and straightened out a bit and when Aasbo made a mistake as well he put a wheel off. So they both made a mistake and I really couldn’t pick a winner out of the two.” – Ryan L.

After this second OMT all three judges picked Fredric Aasbo to take home the win. In case you haven’t seen the runs we compiled them below if you follow the bump. Tell us what you think!

Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Fredric Aasbo – First Tandem Run (Driftstream)

Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Fredric Aasbo – First OMT Run (Driftstream)

Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Fredric Aasbo – Second OMT Run (Driftstream)

Here are some in car camera runs from Tyler McQuarrie courtsey of his sponsor GoPro:

Tyler McQuarrie POV Vs. Fredric Aasbo – First Tandem Run (GoPro HD)

Tyler McQuarrie POV Vs. Fredric Aasbo – First OMT Run (GoPro HD)

Tyler McQuarrie POV Vs. Fredric Aasbo – Second OMT Run (GoPro HD)


  1. DA Fan 11 says:

    I am still waiting for you to show me the tandem battle that Fredric Aasbo actually won…..

  2. kOOpA says:

    looked like tyler won the first set of runs to me. i guess i’m missing something.

  3. AE86_Fan says:

    tyler got robbed ! everyone acts like this is something new… every event FD has there is at least one questionable outcome.

    time for all new judges ?

  4. rotarypower says:

    the only thing i can see why the gave it freddy was the judges focused on what happened on the bank as u can see tyler was shallow and in the middle more than once on the bank while freddy was consistent with his angle and riding the wall but did lack stay with tyler when he led the first omt was mistakes on both guys so that one really cancelled its self out either way it was a great battle u guys quit crying

  5. Hmmmmm says:

    I get what your saying @rotarypower but what about that first OMT battle? You don’t feel like Tyler was the winner?

    He clearly does judging by his Facebook post. I was at the event and it seemed awfully like Tyler McQuarrie could do nothing for a win. Like Aasbo could do no wrong perhaps? I get that it is a judged sport and I am not upset/angry or calling for a “beheading” of the judges like some other people but it just seemed like they didn’t want to show love to TMac.

    I also wasn’t in the judges meeting so the bank might of been a bigger focus point for them? I see what your talking about on that last post but in that first OMT Tyler was all up ons!

  6. petite pounder says:

    i think its safe to say that tmac was penalized for his active aero roof. DUH.

  7. Yo says:

    What about Ross vs Aasbo?

  8. petite pounder says:

    you know what. it probably was wreckedmags fault for tmacs loss. everyone probably thought that with the new aero roof, tmac wouldbe UNSTOPPABLE, but when wrecked leaked it, the judges started him at -100 points and there was no way for tmac to make up that ground. fucking wreckedmag….leaking secret shit all the damn time.

  9. Jeremy says:

    If you watch it closely I think the right call was made. Tyler dropped a tire off course first lead run. Tyler straightened 2nd lead run, Aasbo dropped a tire. Then Tyler had a not so good follow on the bank 3rd run, and Aasbo was solid the whole time. The fastest car isn’t the automatic winner in FD anymore.

  10. Just a fan says:

    I don’t think the right call was made. The OMT was On Tyler’s follow run he mirrored Aasbo throughout the entire run and even got closer to the 2nd clipping point while on the lead’s door. Advantage: T-Mac. On the second run T-Mac pulled away with the same angle Aasbo was carrying through the bank. Gap is judged. It’s called a tandem battle for a reason. Coming into the power alley Aasbo overshot and clearly dropped one and possibly two tires over.
    Now if you remember earlier Ross Petty dropped 3 tires while Aasbo spun yet the judges decided that 3 tires was equal to the spin.
    Fast forward to this battle now. T-Mac lays down a nice follow with a small error if you even call it that and Aasbo makes a major error on his follow; dropping 1/2 tires and falling behind subsequently. If you look carefully you will also see that Aasbo further sacrificed angle to attempt to catch up through the last corner and was still unsuccessful in doing so. I actually really like Aasbo but this win clearly should have went to Tyler.

  11. Just a fan says:

    Just to clarify I meant to say “The OMT was super iffy first time”. My comment was looking at the first OMT set of runs.

  12. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Can you post up Charles Ng and Matt Powers battle if possible cause I want to hear the feedback on that to see if the right call was made as well. I’m not sure if I’m the only one thinking Ng should’ve got it or a OMT should’ve been thrown out, but this is just all my opinion.
    These runs here though were exciting to watch in the stands and I bet the same as well online. Was the right call made? That I’d possibly call another OMT, because both drivers were running strong. For example, Aasbo did better with his lead runs as I saw it though McQuarrie just kept applying pressure each time.
    Judging has just been the same as always, wrong and needs revision. I mean there are some good calls, but quite a lot of bullshit ones as well. Again, just what I believe and if I’m wrong, inform me, I want feedback.

  13. Joey Redmond says:

    Here you go Justin:

    Charles Ng Vs. Matt Powers

    This one is a tough call and I watched it closely since they are both on my Fantasy Team when I was live on the track. Charles Ng really messes up on his follow run at the end which I could imagine cost a deduction.

    Also, Powers was running much more aggressive on the bank and almost hitting the wall on the outside clipping point on the flat portion of the track. That is just what I see from going through the playback but it seems the judges did review it several times before making a call.

  14. Nick says:

    Both were close battles. I would have to say I think Tyler McQuarrie should have gotten the win just by looking at the first OMT battle. For the second OMT set it could go either way but the fact of the matter still doesn’t change. FD judging is just all over the place.

  15. Justin Yamashiro says:

    Joey, thanks! It was just an interesting call because of how Matt had a hiccup with his lead run causing Charles to have to correct because of his pace. As I had pointed out, I’d rather have liked to see a OMT if anything. Like I watched Charles onboard cameras and they even show Matt’s hiccup. You can’t always go back into time unless we have a Delorean to possibly see a change so its set in stone and best of luck to both drivers for the rest of the season.

  16. rotarypower says:

    @hmmm the first omt run its just hard to say cause of the mistakes from both drivers now if we took all the runs I truly believe the judges based thier decision on what took place on the bank and aasbo was more aggressive with staying high and giving the wall some serious tail sliding leading or Chase position

  17. Someone says:

    I don’t know what videos are You guys watching. Even the first time they went out Tyler got a gift as a OMT. He dropped a tire and what mirroring??? He just tried to stay as close as he could, thats not what tandems are about. I think in these battles the same mentality as in NJ was used and rightfully so, because You have to be close, but not giving up angle, line and style for that. It has to be pretty too and if you cant compete with 700 hp monsters in your small 4banger just copy them. That what Aasbo did and got the win…

  18. matt petty says:

    first run and first OMT aside, i would have gone with aasbo in the last round too. Tyler was shallowing up to get close, and he wiggled a ton on the bank, aasbo was high and smooth and tyler could not hang, then got phazed by the smoke in the lower section. ran off line and lost. i would talk about the 1st 2 vids but they wont load for me
    .Also was

  19. Ignited says:

    I like Aasbo’s suggestion last night on MotoIQ radio. He said maybe make the drivers meeting open to the public. That way fans can hear what is expected of the drivers during tandem runs.

    It would suck to be a judge.

    Also interesting that Aasbo switched to black wheels from white and podiums. Dont get me wrong he is a great drifter as is TMac.

    Maybe Walker should switch to black wheels.

  20. Nick says:

    I don’t know what you’re watching but the part that gets me is the first set of OMT runs. T-Mac stayed on Aasbo’s door with very close to the same angle and certainly the same line on the bank. Then he got closer to the wall then Aasbo with more angle while still maintaining a good distance. The only place in that first OMT run that Aasbo did better would be on the third clip where T-Mac had less angle and was a bit further from the clip but he then jumped on Aasbo’s door with an aggressive flick and surely would have gotten the advantage for the run. Aasbo then dropped 2 tires while following and then shallowed in angle to try to catch up through the last two clips. If in the Petty vs Aasbo battle spin= 3 tire drop then 2 tires off surely means huge deduction. Shouldn’t have gone past the first OMT.

  21. Tony Angelo says:

    Let me quickly weigh in here, and try to dispel some of the incorrect notions that I have seen from fans about this matter. First, since I have come to the judging stand, I have worked hard to have the judging be as transparent as possible. Secondly, we have made the actual craft of drifting, the driving skill and style a priority. In years past it was basically reduced to a sideways race, and in that scenario whoever has the best car wins. Drifting should reflect style and driver skill as much as the ability to stay close. We do our best to express to the drivers exactly what it takes to win at each specific track during the drivers meeting, and perhaps we should better publicize these things so that fans are able to fully understand judging criteria. For me, the final OMT is still a clear cut victory for Aasbo. In my mind, having to make major corrections/bobbles to stay close outweighs the positive of being close to your opponent. You must do all of the required criteria, good style, good line, proper angle, and be close to your opponent, without sacrificing too much of any of those one things to achieve another. Tyler 3 times bobbles/waivers on the bank, and doesn’t hit the power alley outside clip, both seem to be in an effort to stay close. Aasbo is able to run clean and smooth out front, with more angle and far more style at the same speed as tyler. As a chase car, Aasbo could have been closer, definitely, but he made nearly zero corrections, and ran good angle, line, style, and decent closeness. It was a close call, but for me, I would probably make that call again. I’m not saying that FD judging is perfect, and we are working further improve our access to data, and as the sport continues to evolve at a furious pace, we do our best to handle and accurately judge these drivers. There is a staggering amount of driving talent in FD and hugely capable cars and judging is no easy task. I think that the judging has made huge steps forward in recent years, and will continue to advance into the future.

    Tony A.

  22. Tony Angelo says:

    Oh and for the record, when the lead car does something that doesn’t allow the chase car to continue their drift in a safe manner, such as smashing into a wall, or going off-course, we basically equate whatever happens afterward as a result of the lead driver. This is basically what happened with Ross/Aasbo, and we saw it many other times at this event because it’s really tight coming off the bank and you are committed to lead car coming into the power alley.

  23. petite pounder says:


  24. Mike Peters says:

    Broadcasts judges portion of drivers meetings would be win.

    Every single time some idiot on internet/bleachers/driftstream has a problem with judging its because they don’t have a clue what is probably going on, and anyone that tries to point out that although you’re on someones door/bumper, if you’re all mad sketchy about it and the other guy was smooth as butter and 1 car off, the non-sketchy guy takes it.

    Would probably help a lot of the pro-am guys too, the drivers could see what is expected of the big boys, and the local organizers might learn a thing or two about what to tell the drivers instead of thinking the drivers know what they want instead of assuming the amateur drivers know about drifting.


  25. PdDan says:

    Ye could have a post up like this about 90per cent of calls made by Fd judges…

    Its a tough job but this year the Judges absolutely suck balls….

    Terrible isnt even good enuff a word…

    Its getting REALLLLLLYYYY hard to watch knowning the best man won’t win.

    The inconsistency in Qualifying is absolutely laughable never mind the twin battles.

  26. Someone says:

    I’ve been judging for a while now and i do agree with Angelo. Drifting in tandems is not who has the fastest car, but who has the best driver. You have to demonstrate that You are better, by doing what the other driver in front does and still hang on close. I think running in front is underestimated all over the world, but it should be as important as following. Having rocket under Your ass is good for circuit racing, for drifting You want to be nimble, have just enough power and crazy lock. Following close and flapping around like a flag at the same time shows You have balls, copying Your opponent shows You have skill…

  27. YOitzJDM says:

    I know the drivers meeting gets really crowded as it is, but maybe driftstream can film it and replay it later. I know there’s no big screen, but you can still play it for the driftstream fans and let the live crowd hear the commentary from the judges about what to watch for.

    @Ignited – It’s the same reason Essa is running black wheels this year… corrections are less noticeable. I’m surprised Falken runs white / bright colored wheels, they seem to be the only ones left.

  28. Wrecked Magazine says:

    @YOitzJDM Chris Forsberg also runs white wheels.

  29. Mickey says:

    Tony you should perfect actually watching some of the tandem battles…..when driftstream shows you guys half of the time…..your looking the other way or at your phone or shit talking with Ryan Sage. I’ve seen first hand the lack of caring for the sport you 3 judges have shown. No one but your friends stand a chance to win…..if a privateer goes up against thd hot shot….your mind is already made up before the even start. Change will never happen when there are personal relationships with certain drivers and money exchanges. Just my opinion.

  30. Mike Peters says:

    Why do judges need to have cell phones even with them during top 32? Everyone they need to communicate with is on the same radio channel…

    I never have understood this black wheel thing. Drive better.

  31. over it says:

    y’all complain too much. only one good point has been brought up in this discussion. NO BLACK WHEELS.

  32. some dude says:

    @Mickey @Mike Peters @PdDan How about when Andy Yen missed half of a run at palm beach because he was off the judges stand having a smoke? Anyone remember JRod yelling for him over the PA? Yeah… That’s what the instant reply for is now right? lol

    Face it, they aren’t going to change anything. If teams and drivers don’t like it, they will just leave like other already have. Kinda sucks ass, but that’s the reality of it I think.

    Tony A. is right, FD has made huge steps in judging… unfortunately they are all backwards.

  33. Tony Angelo says:

    Ok, 2 things quickly: Mickey, we use closed circuit TV for the parts of the track that are really hard to see, and I like to refer to them alot of times during the start of the race, so I can see if there is any funny business off the line. Also I’m the tech manager, as well as judge, so I often have to deal with Ryan Sage during the entire event, but I make sure to watch every single run, in it’s entirety. If you want to have an adult discussion here, I’m all for it, if you are going to post inflammatory bullshit, I’m not.

    Also, coming in the rules next year: NO BLACK WHEELS, or at least some kind of colored spoke.

  34. Mike Peters says:

    Dats Racist.

  35. matt petty says:

    Straight from the Clubloose Rule Book……… Keep it classy out there folks. Black wheels look lame!!
    5. Black wheels are expressly forbidden at all Club Loose events under penalty of public humiliation
    for having no taste, includes flat black, matte black, gloss black and “Time Attack” style

    Also, yall can sit here and act like FD is some shit show hot mess. Fact is they have the tightest ship in the business, the best drivers in the WORLD..(yeah i said it) and last but not least, a staff (the ones i have met) that give a shit about the spirit of competition.

    This is a judged motorsport…. if you dont “get it” go be a Nap attack fan….that bullshit needs all the spectators they can fucking get.

  36. Blaze1 says:

    Why doesn’t FD have a rotating panel of judges just like every other judged sport. If you get new permanent ones you will just end up with the same point of view every round which would equate to the same/similar calls. Rotating panel will mean a fresh point of view every single round.

    If you don’t like how a judge saw your run this weekend you will get a fresh face judging you the next weekend. 7 rounds of competition, find 21 competent people who know the sport of drifting and pick them out of a hat for each round. You would probably have to go to a simpler judging format simply because you cant just get new people to focus on individual criteria but it would still be less biased and predictable.

    It will also leave the tech manager (Tony) to his main job of scrutinizing which would make that side of the sport more consistent on a monthly basis.

  37. Joey Redmond says:


    I like where your coming from on this idea but where in the hell are we going to find 21 people qualified to judge drifting in the United States? Sounds like a stretch.

  38. Blaze1 says:

    There’s a bunch of guys who have been watching the sport and or competing in it for years that are currently on the sidelines. But yeah I agree 21 might be a stretch but it can be broken down to like 10 and still get a steady rotation going.

    In fact going smaller might for individual criteria judging. I think everyone who has been around the sport long enough can think of 10 guys they trust to judge it. Regardless I think rotation would do the sport some good.

  39. Blaze1 says:

    In fact going smaller might **be better** for individual criteria judging.

  40. Nick says:

    “NO BLACK WHEELS, or at least some kind of colored spoke.”

    A colored spoke sounds really neat. By doing this you keep things diverse and fair. Regardless of this change the presiding factor is that FD is a competition and a car’s rim color won’t win you a competition so with that said teams should have no argument against this. Using black wheels is flat out cheesy. The only reason they are usually used is to hide corrections. Just look at the issues Aasbo was having with correcting. Coincidence that Papadakis made the switch to black rims?

  41. Pat Goodin says:

    I got to go to rounds 2,3, and 4 this year. I drove pro am at 2 and 3, and crewed for walker Wilkerson at 4. I made it a point to go to the pro drivers meeting at each event so I could know exactly what was looked for. It made all the judges calls seem super on point, and if I can hopefully license for next year, I can go into practice knowing what wants to be seen.
    I know not everyone can go to the meetings, so I think it would be really cool to have it recorded and then posted on live stream or something. Jarrod will also usually always have Tony, Andy, or Ryan explain what is wanted for a good run on the mic before qualifying and tandem.
    People are so fucking hard on formula d and it gets so tiring to hear it all the time. There are some weird calls sometimes, but that seems to be getting a lot more few and far between.

    I do have black wheels on my car…. So Nevermind.

    But it’s just cause I have no style, I ain’t tryin to hide my sketchy wheel work. Haha.

  42. Anguile says:

    Tony – You guys are inconsistent – When is a spin not a loss even after deductions – When Dai slowed down at Palm Beach and caused Ross to spin no one noticed – it was a block – Ross momentum was stopped and he spinned – in this case momentum of both Ross and Aasbo took them over the line – Aasbo had 2 tires over and his spin was when he flicked his car too agressively and spin – he’s known for that…but you guys gave it to him. Sounds from the 3 OMT that you kept on with Aasbo and wanted to give him the win – At least you should have given Ross and Aasbo a OMT – I call BS on your explanations. Also since when are you guys the ultimate masters of drifting rules vs japanese drifting (D1GP) rules – I bet they would have judge those run very differently. Tapping walls equals major deductions but not in FD why?? it’s lack of control after all – but I see drivers over and over tap the wall and no deductions or even a comment from your commentator that it’s a mistake. Also the follower has to be in control if his/her car just as much as the front runner but I dont see you guys judge the followers when they cause the front car to change their line based on followers over pushing them, if/when you deal wth 2 cars in motion the tandem rules andnot the lines, unless you have a wall (and you dont) – the car in front becomes your clipping point,etc…All this is very confusing and make for too many human errors or interpretation. I love the show – but over the last 3 years you guys as judges have become very stuck up and the business of FD has influenced your calls. I hope the pay check is worth it. But for the fan like myself, bad calls and apparently unfairness makes for a lack of interest and big disapointment! Good luck and all

  43. haterdan says:


    this ain’t japan never was never will be. you like D1 so much better watch that shit show instead. let me ruin the top 32 for every event though. they all got 99.xx for a score.

  44. Blaze1 says:

    That’s all you got out of Anquile post haterdan? It was a bit hard to follow but damn…..

    @Anguile couple things I want to point out

    – You can make slight wall contact as long as you does not disrupt your line. Its been like that in every sanctioning body since the beginning and as far as I know it has not changed.

    – The lead vehicle is technically not a moving clipping point any longer. If so the battle at wall with JTP and Conrad would have gone to OMT or given to JTP. When your being out done in speed the chaser is advised to “sit back” and “do your own thing”.

    But yeah, I gotta give it to you the rules are changing rapidly at what seems to be on a weekend to weekend basis. For the casual watcher its hard to keep up and it seems the same way from a team standpoint as well (Tyler’s Blog). If FD wants to keep a steady fan base I think they need to keep the spectator more informed.

  45. Anguile says:

    @ Blaze1 – Thanks for the reply. I don’t hate FD – i actually love it – i appreciate all they do and my words were just directed at hoping they improve things and get more detailed rules in place. I guess you’r right a tap is ok as far as it doesn’t change the line. i will be ok with that. And the moving clipping point i guess it’s better to be on the right line so i would agree with you too.

    Maybe I was too harsh on Tony – I really dont think that they were fare to either Ross or Justin. We don’t want drifting to be like Ice skating at the Olympics where judges do things based on their affiliations or interests – since the races are getting so close it’s important to get better in explaining why you make certain rulings and pass certain judgements. There is no appeal and so drivers who make a living at it are at the mercy of the judges.

    I dont want our good drivers to keep on going to rally cross or some other style of automobile sport because they feel the FD circuit is becoming a bit of a joke or just not evolving in the right direction. The loss of several top drivers for next year and sponsors is alarming to me…If judging becomes even more of an issue – sponsors will also leave as the fan leave and their interest wade.

    US Drifting was born out of Japan’s drifting so people should respect that and not diss it. We can still learn something from them but no one is perfect. I think that the fact that we have so many v8 powered cars in the US and it’s so much fun is awesome. We just need to look at what drifting is and it’s a pure skill sport not a popularity contest. So let the judges get back to promoting the sport in the right way…

    A spin is a spin – in the judges logic 3 tire off line is an automatic out was this told to the drivers in the driver meeting? if so than Tony’s logic is right Ross was out and so Aasbo’s spin was after and didn’t matter and Aasbo won the first round. But if not – and if being off the line is only a deduction, losing control of your car and spinning is a major mistake regardless – also, Aasbo had the choice to let off and stay on the proper line (his fault if he didn’t) so Ross’s is not guilty for his spin. Overall badly judged and the judges came to their conclusion very quickly. Not even a OMT. With Justin they were dealing with a point leader and so they had to be more careful so it took 3 rounds, but with Ross he’s not a big name and he doesn’t have big sponsors yet so they didn’t care as much.

    Maybe I am way off – but i wonder…

  46. Blaze1 says:

    Note that I dont agree with the lead car not being a moving clipping point. If I was in the crowd in New Jersey I woulda wanted my money back after seeing that battle.

    And I will always hold D1 in the highest reguard of drifting. I don’t suck the teat of FD or aspire to so I’m not afraid to be unbiased and actually like D1GP and still hold them to the highest regard of the sport.

    But I do respect FD’s stance of Americanized drifting I just wish they were more consistent with the judging. And start looking at the sport in a Fan point of view instead of a judge/driver point of view.

  47. Luke Longbuster 2012 Proposal says:

    Never lost a single round of top 16 in our 2011 rookie year.