2011 Drift Mania Round 3 at Victoriaville [GALLERY]

Check out all the airborne action from the Round 3 weekend at Victoriaville in Quebec. Dave Briggs in the second photo drove his ASD Nissan 240sx to a first place finish over the American Miro Ovcharik. The track had a little fun bumping some drift cars around if you cannot tell by these photographs grabbed by Jeremy Glover.

Check Out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=248


  1. Doug VDB says:

    With so much money is being put into driftcars these days, it’s concerning to see them being put through such torture… I wonder if this bump could have been avoided with an alternative track layout?

  2. tirekicker says:

    Uhhh, yeah. See, the head judge ((wait, drifting has head judges? Not supposed to, but DMCC is breaking the mold, yo)) has basically decided that in a series that can’t even get 16 drivers to qualify at an event, they’d like to see as many people wreck/break/fuck their shit up as humanly possible before the end of the season. Kinda like in DMCC round 2 where it rained all day on a concrete track and they expected drivers to do a quarter mile drag launch into a 90 degree turn lined by k-rails and initiate through a puddle/lake.
    Disaster Mania Quebec Championships!