John Russakoff Makes Huge Contact with the Bank Wall in Top 32 [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Jun 22, 2011 In Formula D Major Announcements Matt Powers Wrecks

John Russakoff was on his lead lap and something went terribly wrong on the bank. Matt Powers tried to avoid him by steering down the bank but it was way too late. The back of Russakoff’s car made contact with the drivers door of Powers car basically ripping it off. Matt Powers had a bruised leg that he was icing before Top 16. John Russakoff was taken to the hospital but no major issues. He is already back in action working in Southern California. He is even suppose to be driving this week at Adam’s Motorsports Park. Follow the jump below and check out eight more frames from this crash captured by Dan Jenkins.

Somehow in the end Matt Powers managed to drive his car back to the Team NFS pits after waving off a tow truck pull. John Russakoff had his car towed off the track and had some serious damage to look over to that front end. We hope he will be back in action at Formula Drift Seattle next month. The window should have plenty of time to get it all fixed up! Don’t miss the gallery in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Check Out the Formula Drift Wall Speedway Main Event Gallery:


  1. They says:

    See Brad- your not the only one who has a wall magnet installed in his car.
    Seriously- that looked bad, really glad John was ok.

  2. Jeff Abbott says:

    Bummer, John is awesome. hate seeing that happen.

  3. matt petty says:

    agreed.,.. he really started to stretch his legs in FD. Best of luck john

  4. Nick says:

    i hope John gets back into asap!! nasty looking impact, Please rebuild and return in the ’86 those cars are FAR to good to be giving up on!

  5. Justin B says:

    Nick, I can tell you, if he can repair it and get it back straight, it will be a miracle. The tire broke through the firewall and the frame damage is BAD. We’ll see, but I have a feeling that the S2000 will be making it’s debut at Evergreen. Again, we’ll see.