Sam Hubinette/NuFormz Dodge Charger [BUY IT NOW]

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 In Buy This Formula D Justin Pawlak Sam Hubinette

This was the last car Sam Hubinette stood on top of the podium with back at Summit Point in 2007. The car vanished after that season and resurfaced once in 2008 for the Mexico Demo where it finished second behind Justin Pawlak. After the passing of team owner Sean Carlson the car sat in front of the NHRA Museum in Ponoma, California for some time.

The car is currently listed up on eBay and has a $39,000 price tag on it with reserve not met. If you have the cash you could own this great piece of drifting history. It even has a Hot Wheels replica of it which is for sale in the Wrecked Magazine store.

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  1. Casey Crittenden says:

    Id be all over this if I had an extra 40k laying around…

  2. john says:

    i’m really going to look into buying this car cause that car made me a fan of drifting. plus its just a bad ass mopar

  3. hollywood says:

    i just placed my bid, ill work in the -40 degree weather all year long just to own this amazing piece of drifting history. and lets not forget that it was also featured in the video game grid along side millens gto. look out over time and 3 week hitches here i come this thing will be mine.

    oh and dont forget the drift works crap cars were on ebay for something like 55k and sold for around 60k and those are a pile of crap compared to this thing.

  4. rotarypower says:

    This car had the best BFG commercials ever the one of Sam drifting thru the hanger and all u hear is that hemi…priceless

  5. NICK says:

    psh, i would pay 100,000 for this car. i have duplicated it in every single xbox game that has the dodge charger in it lol… obsessed much… im okay with taht

  6. john says:

    i just went and seen the car in person and it is a cherry!. talked to the owner and i might just be the proud owner of this bad ass mopar!. i used to paint and drift this thing in forza 2 and i still drift it in forza 3. this is my dream car lol even my wife knows that and she even loves it haha.