Ryan Tuerck In Car Footage From Palm Beach [VIDEO]

Posted on Jun 9, 2011 In Drift Alliance Formula D Ryan Tuerck Video

Ryan Tuerck Vs. The World at PBIR

Ryan Tuerck provided us a in car view of his Mobil 1 RedBull Chevrolet Camaro from Formula Drift Palm Beach. You’d never believe this was only his second time in competition in the new car with how he drives it. It was interesting to see Ryan’s calm reaction during his follow run against Walker Wilkerson when he decided to pull a ton of angle. The video ends with Ryan’s battle against the winner of Palm Beach, Justin Pawlak.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/ryan-tuerck-vs-the-world-at-pbir-

Casey Crittenden

I first got into drifting around 2006 after finding videos on YouTube. I ended up attending my first drift event in 2007 at Sonoma Raceway and was hooked. Wrecked Magazine offered me a job here in 2010 and since have been a freelance writer, and striving towards my own drift career.


  1. bro says:

    Seems like his tires were shot against JTP, or JTP is just retarded fast. He baby shifted on his lead run and still hit red line through the course… maybe a tire pressure change or the surface temps fucked him up?

    [/fanboy nerd]

  2. Miro says:

    His tires? JTP jumped the start. Look at the lights.

  3. DA Fan 11 says:

    If JTP is going to take these dirty tactics against his friends (DA teammates) i cannot imagine what he he is doing to win against other people. I wonder if he was doing that all day…..

    Miro is right, it is plain as day in the video.

  4. JTP says:

    We need to squash this right now. Ryan and I already talked about what happened. I’ll be the first to admit that I accidentally jumped the light. I had no intention to do so, but when your nerves are going crazy it’s hard to keep calm and not what to rush things. Like I said I had no intention to jump the light, nor did i use these “dirty tactics” against any other drivers. I definitely felt shitty when Ryan mentioned it to me after the fact, that’s not the way I’d want to advance to the next round against any other competitor, especially a fellow DA member. But also I want to mention that during the drivers meeting it was stated that if anyone felt like the other driver jumped the light, it was their responsibility to stop and notify the starting line worker that the other driver jumped (as what happened against Conrad and DMac). Ryan not doing so was where he made the mistake. This doesn’t justify what happened, but it was definitely stated during the drivers meeting and this could have led to another run. Like I mentioned before this doesn’t justify me jumping the light, but Ryan and I have already discussed this and have came to an agreement from here on out. I apologized to Ryan and I’ll apologize to anyone that’s pissed about this.. but honestly it’s really no one’s business except for mine and Ryan’s.