Patrick Mordaunt Announces No Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Speedway for Him

Yesterday we announced Patrick Mordaunt would be swapped cars in Texas at the IRL demo. Sadly during the testing today Patrick Mordaunt suffered gearbox issues with his S14. His Nissan 350z (pictured above) had engine troubles at Road Atlanta and then blew up at PBIR this past weekend. Patrick Mordaunt took to his twitter account and announced that he will be sitting out Round 4 at Wall Speedway due to all these car issues. Such a tough break for a privateer like Patrick this season but we are sure he will return for the final west leg of the Formula Drift series this year.


  1. Jeremy S says:

    I totally called this earlier in a comment about his S14 lol. Atleast his birthday is in a week, so he has something to smile about.

  2. matt petty says:

    he is still short though… so it can only get so good.

  3. YOitzJDM says:

    damn, rough break. I think this is the first round he’s missed in 3 or 4 years.

  4. hollywood says:

    tough break for a cool kid. hope he sorts his car out. seems like the vq isnt quite the right power plant for him to be running. vk in the future ??? i sure hope so,

  5. bro says:

    driveshaft issue. might be fixed, my sources say.

  6. terry h. says:

    C-mon Pat…. Get out there!