Top 32 Tandem Battles Parings for PBIR

The event is right around the corner so we put together the Top 32 pairings for you from the weekend. Some snoozers mixed with some really get pairings of tandem to fight our way into the Top 16 today at PBIR. The fast entry is going to be a focus point of tandem we feel like and the high speed ending by that wall could result in some serious damage by the end of the day.

1 Chris Forsberg vs 32 Michael Essa
16 Samuel Hubinette vs 17 Ross Petty
8 Tyler Mcquarrie vs 25 Jeff Jones
9 Joon Maeng vs 24 Charles Ng
4 Vaughn Gittin JR vs 29 John Ruskakoff
13 Otto Graven vs 20 Matt Waldin
5 Rhys Millen vs 28 Odi Bakchis
12 Dai Yoshihara vs 21 Kyle Mohan
2 Darren McNamara vs 31 Mike Feiock
15 Taka Aono vs 18 Alex Pfeiffer
7 Conrad Grunewald vs 26 Eric O’Sullivan
10 Toshiki Yoshioka vs 23 Pat Cyr
3 Justin Pawlak vs 30 Luke Lonberger
14 Ryan Tuerck vs 19 Walker Wilkerson
6 Fredric Aasbo vs 27 Matt Powers
11 Ken Gushi vs 22 Ryan Kado

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