Justin Pawlak is Now the 2011 Formula Drift Championship Points Leader

Daijiro Yoshihara lost to Kyle Mohan in the Top 32 finishing his weekend at 222 points in the championship running. Justin Pawlak had an easy battle against Luke Lonberger and after moving into the Top 16 and qualifying 3rd he now has 62 points from this PBIR weekend. Darren McNamara qualified second and moved into the Top 16 giving him 64 points already today. Here is how the championship looks right now:

Formula D Standings After Top 32
1. Justin Pawlak – 234 points
2. Dai Yoshihara – 222 points (Eliminated. Will Not Gain More Points)
3. Darren McNamara – 222 points


  1. beto says:

    What does it mean by Dai being disqualified and not getting anymore points?

  2. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Daijiro Yoshihara wasn’t disqualified. He lost to Kyle Mohan in Top 32 while other drivers moved on.

  3. beto says:

    Thanks for the clarification.
    Dai is still in a good spot so hopefully he can make up for this event with the next one(s).

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    The post race results are now up for the championship race on the blog.