Formula Drift Cars Loading up for Texas IRL Demo [SNAPSHOTS]

We caught up with a handful of drivers this weekend as they prepared their cars to hit the road and make their way to Texas Motor Speedway for the Ultimate Drifting Demo on June 11th. On hand was Fredric Aasbo returning in his old competition Japan Auto Supra, Joon Maeng in his S13, Pat Mordaunt’s S14, Jeff Abbott’s Miata, Charles Ng in his Evasive Motorsports FC RX7, and Roland Gallagher in his teal S13.

As their cars were loaded onto the Formula Drift rig, I took the time to chat with the drivers, and everyone was unanimously excited for the Texas Motor Speedway demo event. Check out the Indy Race on June 11th for the Ultimate Drift demo and Top 8 competition. In the meantime however, check out our mini gallery of the demo cars below.


  1. That’s a pretty big boat.

  2. Expectation gap says:

    Wow, Formula drift really bringing out the big guns for the biggest spectator show they will have in 2011.

    Should be a good preview of Xdc finals. The best of the also-rans right there.

  3. YOitzJDM says:

    doesnt Ng and Gallagher need their cars for FD FL? Or is this rig going to FL then to TX?

  4. Blaze1 says:

    FD fat cats big ballin with a boat!

  5. @YOitzJDM: i’m not entirely sure what Charles’ plans are, but I was talking with Roland Gallagher and he is unfortunately not doing Florida/East Coast.

  6. gsxr750 says:

    Yeah that is a big boat from the 70’s or 80’s, and by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem to be going in the water anytime soon.