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Team Mazda Wins 2011 Team Drift Streets of Long Beach

Team Mazda consisted of Charles Ng, Kyle Mohan, and Joon Maeng took home first place at the 2011 Streets of Long Beach Team drift event this weekend. They defeated Megan Racing and Smokin Aces to take home the win. This event involves the whole Streets of Long Beach circuit which really elevates the difficulty level from the drifting weekend. Congrats to the guys at Team Mazda who all took home their first victory in Team Drift history.

Ken Gushi Wins Toyota Celebrity Race at Streets of Long Beach

Who cares about ALMS when you have a Celebrity Toyota race happen first on Saturday in Long Beach? The Celebrity Race mixes celebrities and pro drivers in a battle with some old Scion tC’s. Formula Drift star Ken Gushi complained about the lack of parts for his drift Scion on his blog this week but apparently his Celebrity tC was setup for perfection. Qualifying yesterday for the race was full of accidents and a flipped over tC but through all that Ken Gushi was able to put himself on pole position. He followed that up with a victory over the celebrities and fellow racers such as Chris Rado.

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Bergenholtz Racing Might Be on Full Tilt

Joon Maeng Full Tilt Poker

The FBI today is out for the three largest poker websites on the Internet according to the LA Times. Executives and marketing affiliates of Full Tilt Poker and two other sites are being charged with bank fraud and money laundering.

The .com website is currently down with a note saying “this domain name has been seized by the F.B.I. pursuant to an Arrest Warrant.” Good thing we don’t censor our Internet like evil China…. On top of the tragedy that Joon Maeng and his team will be left in the dust of a government bullying operation over tens of millions of Americans including myself just lost all the money in our online accounts most likely.

I reached out to the Bergenholtz Racing team and never heard back at the time of writing this post. In theory the team is supported by the .net version of the website which is a free version of the pay game on the .com. Chances are however without funds pouring into the pay version that marketing in the USA will halt soon. Huge thanks to Wes Thompson for the LA Times story link.


Patrick Mordaunt Unveils the new Nissan 350z at Long Beach [VIDEO]

Patrick Mordaunt Introduces 2011 with his Nissan 350z

Sit back at Patrick Mordaunt introduces his new team for 2011 and the new look to his Nissan 350z. He ended up suffering a tough tandem battle loss to Kyle Mohan (who finished 5th) over the Streets of Long Beach weekend. Patrick always performs well at Road Atlanta so we cannot wait to see him tackle Round 2 in May.

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Chris Forsberg Vs. Matt Powers in Top 4 [VIDEO] [POLL]

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Chris Forsberg Vs. Matt Powers OMT in Top 4

One of my favorite battles from the whole weekend was the Chris Forsberg vs. Matt Powers battle in the Top 4. After the first round I knew the judges would call a OMT after watching the runs and after the OMT battle I really thought another OMT was coming. Well we got our hands on some footage that shows the whole track and want the Wrecked Magazine readers to be the judge. You have three voting choices which are Chris Forsberg, Matt Powers, or another OMT. Place your votes!

2011 Falken Tire Test – Formula Drift Preparation [VIDEO]

2011 Falken Tire Team Testing

Although the season has started Falken Tire released a testing video just a few days before Long Beach showing off the team testing in Charlotte, North Carolina and Willow Springs. Two of these drivers wound up on the podium in Long Beach this past weekend. It’s quite interesting to go back and see how Justin Pawlak and Daijiro Yoshihara felt about the event before they knew they would take home 1st and 3rd place respectively.

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Ken Gushi Blogs About Lack of Top 32 Competition and Long Beach

Ken Gushi is ready to take on the 2011 season but apparently his team might not be as prepped as he was. According to his blog he wasn’t happy with his 18th place qualifying place but he less happy when his engine failed on Saturday. Below is a clip from his blog talked about the engine “taking a shit” as Ken Gushi said. The team lacked a spare motor to get the car going so they parked it while Ross Petty got a bye into the Top 16.

My match was Ross Petty.

Or at least it was supposed to be before more engine took a shit on saturday morning. Wtffff foreal?! Serious?! I don’t understand.

The part that pisses me off the most is that this is the first round of the season and we are already on a bad start. No spare motor? You gotta be kidding me. All my fans, friends, family, and sponsors came to watch me do what? Sit around??

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KW TV Episode 1: Formula Drift Long Beach [VIDEO]

KW Suspension put together this video highlighting the KW Suspension team’s efforts at Formula Drift Round 1: Streets of Long Beach. This video featuring it’s all-star roster of drivers featuring Matt Powers, Dai Yoshihara, Rhys Millen, Michael Essa, Fredric Aasbo, and Joon Maeng and highlights Matt Powers’ and Dai Yoshihara’s 2nd and 3rd place podium finishes.

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Ken Gushi Has 8-1 Odds to Win Celebrity Grand Prix Scion Race

In case you were really excited about the Toyota Grand Prix Celebrity Race we have found the betting odds. Sure they are fabricated but Ken Gushi has an 8-1 odd as opposed to Chris Rado who has a 10-1 odd for the race. Most of the celebrities look even worse but congrats to Ken Gushi for having some pretty good odds going into the Grand Prix race this weekend.


Big Boy Media Teases 2011 Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

Formula Drift 2011 Teaser by Big Boy Media

One of the first Formula D teasers from the 2011 season has arrived already. Just a few hours after Justin Pawlak took home his first victory and a great teaser has come forward showing off the track at night empty with a transition to the Saturday main event action.

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