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James Deane at 2011 ProDrift Round 1 by Low Brain TV [VIDEO]

James Deane Talks Low Brain TV and ProDrift

This is an amazing piece put together highlighting James Deane and his new super long hair. The video is a quality documentary on James Deane’s ProDrift weekend produced by LowBrain TV. He brought on Rockstar Energy Drink has a new sponsor for 2011 and is sliding the red S13 pictured above.

Watch the video:

Michael Essa’s BMW Z4R Testing at Willow Springs [VIDEO]

Michael Essa took to Willow Springs for a few test laps in his new-for-2011 BMW Z4R. His appearances in Abu Dhabi and Qatar left little time for preparation of the Z4R prior to Streets of Long Beach which may have played a key role in his lackluster 19th place finish at Round 1.

In preparation for Round 2, it appears that Michael Essa is putting in a bit of seat time as well as making some necessary tweaks which are immediately noticeable in this video of Essa testing at Willow Springs last week in a track pattern that’s strikingly similar to the Road Atlanta course. The Z4R looks a lot more planted than it did at Long Beach, and may very well be ready to take on Round 2 next weekend.

Watch his practice session here:

Watch a Honda NSX Drift Into A Wall [VIDEO]

Drifting NSX Crashes in Japan

This video is painful to watch as this Honda NSX flicks the car way too hard and over rotates into a tire wall. Luckily the owner of this Honda NSX in Japan was down but not out and rebuilt it for a great return to drifting at local Japanese grassroots events. This one has to hurt the wallet regardless. This is a fixed camera on the corner but you can see the NSX makes a few passes before it wrecks.

Watch the video:

OMGDrift Trumps Our Project Cars – Builds a Limousine

Apparently the guys at OMGDrift set out to trump our Project Tow Vehicle and our Project V8 240sx by putting together a purple Lincoln limousine. If anything it proves they have some swagger and an unexplainable affinity for the color purple. They are talking about trekking this thing around the United States and following Formula Drift which sounds way cooler than any other travel rigs we have seen in the last few years.



Chris Forsberg Provides Drift Lessons to DMCC Driver Shawn Hartum [VIDEO]

Chris Forsberg Giving Drift Lessons to Shawn Hartum

Check out this video put together by Drift Mania driver Shawn Hartum from his drifting lessons with 2009 champion Chris Forsberg. They used Chris Forsberg’s missile car S13 for the drift lessons at Willow Springs. Shawn Hartum is seen throughout most of the video attacking the Willow Springs course with a white helmet on.

Watch the video:

New Zealand Drifter Hamish Marsden Passes Away

On Sunday April 24th the NZ driver Hamish Marsden passed away at the young age of 22. According to NZ Performance Car he competed regularly at local events and was a quality driver with a very confident style and this yellow drift machine above. Nobody has provided a reason we have seen for him passing away but at such a young age this is truly tragic and a huge loss to the New Zealand driving community.


XDC Phoenix 2011 In Pictures [GALLERY]


We sent out Justin Haugen to Firebird Raceway to capture Round 2 of the Xtreme Drift Circuit. He captured some great event coverage as the drifting rolled into the night time. The gallery follows George Marsatnovic take home his first event victory in the blue Mazda FC Rx-7 above.

Check out the Gallery:

Ross Petty Getting Serious for Atlanta [SNAPSHOTS]

Ross Petty showed off his new exhaust setup on the Garage Boso Facebook page today, and with that was one of the craziest collectors I’ve personally ever seen. This 8-to-1 collector compliments his newly built headers which Ross said will make the Rasta S15 both lighter and more powerful in preparation for Road Atlanta. Check out the rest of his crazy exhaust setup below:

2010 XDC Champion Chelsea DeNofa DNF’d at XDC Phoenix – Here is Why

As Chelsea DeNofa rolled up to qualifying his hood flew open and smashed his windshield in his BMW. The hood smashed so hard it destroyed the windshield making it unable to run. The car couldn’t pass tech and was put to the side and not allowed to qualify at XDC Phoenix. This is a huge blow to the 2010 champion for making a repeat championship race. A huge bummer to the NST team and Chelsea DeNofa for the weekend.

At the very last minute he was able to get Yoshie’s S14 and make two qualifying passes which got into the main event with that car. He did however lose in the Top 16 putting a big blow to his championship race.


2011 Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta Tentative Drivers List

A tentative drivers list for Road Atlanta has been released by Formula Drift today. Eric O’Sullivan is finally on the list and ready for action in a Pontiac Solstice. Some of the rookies like Walker Wilkerson are making the trek out east. Make sure to sign in to Fantasy Drift and update your roster in case your drivers are not making it to Round 2.

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