Tony Brakohiapa Drifts the Lexus LFA Supercar in Sonoma [VIDEO]

Posted on Apr 30, 2011 In Misc Uncategorized Video

One of the perks of owning a Lexus supercar is access to the Lexus LFA Driver Development school. Lexus put out this video showcasing the program at Infineon Speedway, and if you look past the new breed of turtleneck-clad LFA owners, you may spot Formula Drift’s Tony Brakohiapa drifting the yellow LFA around the home of what used to be Formula Drift Round 6.

I’m having difficulty figuring out if the LFA doesn’t like hanging the back end out, or if simply the thought of potentially going off track in a $400,000 Supercar is keeping things on the conservative side. In any event, it’s a well produced video, and the sound of the LFA engine is a worthy soundtrack of it’s own.

Watch the video here:

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  1. Thanks for the post guys! Actually there wasn’t much to work with on steering angle, so I couldn’t hang it out FD style. She’d just come around way too easy, so I had to go pretty conservative. That sound was so damn sweeet though! Could have been out there all day!