Chris Forsberg Stacks 46 Hankook Tires in his Dodge Truck

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 In Chris Forsberg Formula D

Chris Forsberg showed off his tire stacking/transport skills the other day when he loaded up his Dodge truck with 46 Hankook Tires he claims. That is quite an impressive number but we wonder if all 46 made it to the final destination? From what we can tell he has them strapped in pretty well but that must of been quite the drive.


  1. I didn’t realize this was breaking news…

  2. there must not be much else going on….

  3. Jordan Lipman says:

    He’s probably really good at Tetris, too.

  4. tirekicker says:

    Not considered the drift tabloid for nothin’.
    Years of experience in going to track days will do this forya, I think.

  5. Wrecked Magazine says:

    It already has more FB likes than the Vaughn video below?

  6. petite pounder says:


  7. 46 tires would outlast my RX7.

  8. ekimtaf says:

    Forsberg should send in a picture of his poop next… 🙂

  9. ekimtaf says:

    and no one is watching the JR video from long beach cos he didnt qualify.

  10. GSXR750 says:

    WOW! What awesome news, what would we do if we didn’t know that Forsberg could stack 46 tires in his truck. Great work.

  11. Team Serious says:

    I, as team captian, would like to thank the Team Serious members GSXR750 and Tirekicker for their quick response to this clearly silly blog post. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  12. Stang5.0 says:

    Next up….Blaze1’s awkward shrine of drifters he loves.

  13. Mark says:

    Inside the tires are immigrants that he’s hiding…

  14. Dgeorge says:

    Damn thought there would be some sweaty shirtless pics of him actually stacking tires.

    Story needs more!!!!

  15. Mike peters says:

    It’s awesome he still has that truck. Thats newsworthy

  16. matt petty says:

    wrecked is on fire lately

  17. Jeff Abbott says:

    Love it..

  18. tirekicker says:

    Whoah!!! Somebody mentioned me in a comment!! Next thing ya know, somebody else is gonna start being tirekicker!

  19. Gary says:

    That’s pretty crazy. What is the whole point of this? Who needs 46 tires anyway?