HKS USA Goes Out of Business

Posted on Apr 28, 2011 In Formula D Joon Maeng Rhys Millen

Japanese companies seem to be falling out of the sky this week and the USA chapter of HKS is next on the dead pool list. Just earlier today we learned about Best Motoring producing its last video and closing their doors for good in Japan. The two drivers/teams that could be effected by this are Rhys Millen (RMR) and Joon Maeng (Bergenholtz Racing) moving forward through the 2011 season. The announcement from HKS didn’t really divulge into many details on what will be happening moving forward but we imagine if any of the Formula D teams were getting financial support it will be cut pretty quickly.



  1. nattylight says:

    Thought they been out of buisnes here in the states.

  2. DUBteez says:

    i think they claimed bankruptcy and restructured the company the first time a few years ago.

  3. rotarypower? says:

    People still buy hks parts!? Its been forever since I heard anyone running hks anything suxs though cause they were the best manufacturer for imports and their research and development was top noch

  4. Patrick says:

    At this rate Joon Maeng won’t have any sponsors left!

  5. Yoni Kellman says:

    HKS just announced that Motovicity distribution is the US master distributor for HKS. So all the parts will still be available as they always have been.