Team Mazda Wins 2011 Team Drift Streets of Long Beach

Posted on Apr 17, 2011 In Formula D Joon Maeng Kyle Mohan Team Drift

Team Mazda consisted of Charles Ng, Kyle Mohan, and Joon Maeng took home first place at the 2011 Streets of Long Beach Team drift event this weekend. They defeated Megan Racing and Smokin Aces to take home the win. This event involves the whole Streets of Long Beach circuit which really elevates the difficulty level from the drifting weekend. Congrats to the guys at Team Mazda who all took home their first victory in Team Drift history.


  1. Cody says:

    No Team Drift Alliance this year?

  2. KBanksAZ says:

    That’s every year.

  3. Driftfan says:

    dont really understand the drift alliance thing, dont they all have seperate teams, & sponsor / people paying their way?
    cause if thats the case how could Vaugn / Joon Maeng / Tuerck / Forsberg / (Angelo), which isn’t he a judge anyway? how exactly are they on the same team? Im kind of new to the drifting scene and would like for somebody to take the time to explain this one to me…seems to make no sense at all…
    they all have diff tire sponsors, energy drink sponsors, etc…is drifting a competition or just a over-rated car club?

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    The Drift Alliance did not run this year. It was just these three teams:

    Smokin Aces
    Team Mazda
    Megan Racing

  5. eurotrash86 says:

    Why do we not get team drift on livestream? If you ask me it’s was more interesting than the actually competition.

  6. blaze1 says:


    Drift Alliance is kind of modeled off a old school skateboard team. Sorta like a fraternity of guys who like drifting and help each other out. From what it looks like over the passed few years they really help each other out with PR and Marketing… they don’t all share the same exact sponsors but some brands are represented within the teams. Buy there DVDs to really get a feel on how they started and what they do.

  7. Driftfan says:

    thank you i have to check out the dvd. is that the stay hungry dvd?

  8. deadpirate says:

    stay hungry was the second video. also look for the bad as hell dvd by drift alliance

  9. Ross W says:

    you can buy all the DVD’s and gear right on the DA’s website. Seriously if you ever get the opportunity to hang with those guys they truely are a brotherhood that loves Drifting and thats why the DVD’s rock bc they make it fun and not all about sponsors etc