Ken Gushi Wins Toyota Celebrity Race at Streets of Long Beach

Posted on Apr 16, 2011 In Chris Rado Formula D Ken Gushi Lifestyle

Who cares about ALMS when you have a Celebrity Toyota race happen first on Saturday in Long Beach? The Celebrity Race mixes celebrities and pro drivers in a battle with some old Scion tC’s. Formula Drift star Ken Gushi complained about the lack of parts for his drift Scion on his blog this week but apparently his Celebrity tC was setup for perfection. Qualifying yesterday for the race was full of accidents and a flipped over tC but through all that Ken Gushi was able to put himself on pole position. He followed that up with a victory over the celebrities and fellow racers such as Chris Rado.

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  1. Kids Heart says:

    Take that Rado! Go back to your fugly front hood winged, wrong wheel drive tc.

  2. Dgeorge says:

    I could beat him.

  3. YOitzjdm says:

    Gushi kicked butt! Rado looked like a bag of dicks, overdriving the car. Amazing what happens when you don’t have a car that has more than double the money dumped into it of any other competitor

  4. Tmain says:

    This is his year

  5. tirekicker says:

    I thought we were supposed to be calling him Kenshiro?

  6. BridgesRacing says:

    Good Job Ken!

  7. petite pounder says: