How the Mighty Have Fallen – 2010 Champ Fails to Qualify

Posted on Apr 8, 2011 In Vaughn Gittin Jr.

It looks like the championship repeat is almost out of question for Vaughn Gittin Jr. after he failed to qualify in Long Beach. With the points system it is virtually impossible (not statistically) to win a championship. Needless to say nobody has done it in history to date.

In his favor might be the retirement of Tanner Foust and Sam Hubinette’s failure to compete at Long Beach could mean he has a chance but I doubt it. One of the Falken teammates or Chris Forsberg I think is going to step to the task of running a championship points race without JR in the running.

(Vaughn Gittin qualified 33rd)


  1. Danny George says:

    Wheres the list????

  2. blaze1 says:

    Rhys Millen failed to show up at long beach in 08 and managed a 3rd place overall in championship that year by only winning 2 events. Its a long shot but there is slight hope.

  3. thelolbus says:

    What happened? Did he just overcook it and spin on his laps?

  4. Jeffery Deitrich says:

    Plus look at JRs stats from last year. If he mimics that season for the rest of this one he should be ok.

  5. Danny George says:

    Bad first run w 41 pts n second i think spin or stalled at tge hairpin. Wow what a weekend. Bunch of issues from alot of people.

  6. GSXR750 says:

    Nice! Good start to the season. Don’t count out Tuerck for a championship.

  7. thelolbus says:

    Danny George did you ever make it on track? I haven’t seen any pictures of your car yet.

  8. blaze1 says:

    not totally suprised by this one…Who wants me to be a FD Judge next year!!!!!

  9. Mike Peters says:

    🙁 Holy crap.

  10. Danny George says:

    Nope. We fell into last minute blues. Trying to get to atlanta. Might have a shot at the championship after this disaster lol

    Car is lookin so good too. Cant wait to get out there. Posted couple pics on clubroadster. Was to bummed to post em on my site. Soon soon.

    Wanna see the top 32 list

  11. thelolbus says:

    Ah I’ll go check, I was getting excited about that build.

  12. steve b. says:

    hahaha too bad!!!

  13. tirekicker says:

    1.) BWAAAAAAA!!!! Didn’t see THAT shit comin’ didja!!! Now Vaughn’s gonna drive like a beast tho.
    2.) Goddamnit Danny George. I actually WANTED to see yer ass out there. You better be at ATL or I’ll be pisssssssssssssssed.

  14. YOitzJDM says:

    Brackets, per how I calculate them

    1 Conrad vs 32 Yoshioka
    16 Forsberg vs 17 Essa
    8 Tyler McQuarrie vs 25 Taka Aono
    9 John Ruskakoff vs 24 Fredric Aasbo
    4 Matt Powers vs 29 Jeff Jones
    13 Matt Waldin vs 20 Charles Ng
    5 Rhys Millen vs 28 Dean Kearney
    12 Matt Field vs 21 Alex Pfeiffer
    2 Dai Yoshihara vs 31 Odi Bakchis
    15 Ross Petty vs 18 Ken Gushi
    7 Walker Wilkerson vs 26 Otto Graven
    10 Ryan Tuerck vs 23 Joon Maeng
    3 Kyle Mohan vs 30 Pat Mordaunt
    14 Jeff Abbott vs 19 Dennis Mertezanis
    6 Darren Mcnamara vs 27 Mike Feiock
    11 Justin Pawlak vs 22 Cyrus Martinez

  15. beto says:

    Its DAI’s year to shine!

  16. rotarypower says:

    lmao this is great lets go dai !!!!

  17. tits mcgee says:

    JR has been playing too much NFS: Shift 2.
    It explains his driving today. . . heyohhh!

    too soon?

  18. matt petty says:

    im gonna say its the curse of the Number One placard ….. JR gonna be hungry as shit after this disappointment… Everyone should protect your ass cause he is gonna be trying to rape everyone come round two

  19. @matt petty: hide ya wife, hide ya kids…