FIRST LOOK: Chris Forsberg in the new NOS Energy 370Z [VIDEO]

Posted on Apr 6, 2011 In Chris Forsberg Drift Alliance Formula D Video

We managed to catch the first glimpse of the brand new NOS Energy Drink 370Z in action on the streets of Long Beach. While filming these clips, I had noticed how incredibly consistent Chris looked in his new chassis, so i decided to overlay a couple of the runs and sure enough, it’s almost unreal how consistent Chris Forsberg is looking at Long Beach.

If this is even a fraction of what we can come to expect from Chris in 2011, we may see him taking back his championship title from Drift Alliance teammate Vaughn Gittin Jr. come Irwindale.

On a related note, today is also Chris Forsberg’s birthday! Happy Birthday Chris from everyone here at Wrecked Magazine!

Watch the video here:


  1. Brady says:

    Very cool with the overlays!

  2. YOitzJDM says:

    unfortunately, none of those laps would score very high with the judges. They’re just conservative practice laps. It’s good that he can run a conservative line, but I don’t think that this video proves very much.

  3. RichG says:

    thanks for bringing us some early action Wrecked Mag, I do agree they seem to be right on target…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris too!

  4. Seymour Butts Racing says:


    Y U MAD, THO?

  5. George says:

    Oh gosh Im not a hellaflush guy, but this is just awful. It looks higher then my moms Corolla.

  6. Topics says:

    Seriously what is the deal with all the ride height hate? It’s a brand new setup getting “dialed” in. I am sure it will get lower and if not please don’t lose sleep over it….

  7. Kids Heart says:

    That is the first fugly Z I’ve seen Forsberg in.

  8. I’m not gonna say anything about the ride height, but the color scheme is pretty boring

  9. Piner says:

    Sounds pretty sick though