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Tony Brakohiapa Drifts the Lexus LFA Supercar in Sonoma [VIDEO]

One of the perks of owning a Lexus supercar is access to the Lexus LFA Driver Development school. Lexus put out this video showcasing the program at Infineon Speedway, and if you look past the new breed of turtleneck-clad LFA owners, you may spot Formula Drift’s Tony Brakohiapa drifting the yellow LFA around the home of what used to be Formula Drift Round 6.

I’m having difficulty figuring out if the LFA doesn’t like hanging the back end out, or if simply the thought of potentially going off track in a $400,000 Supercar is keeping things on the conservative side. In any event, it’s a well produced video, and the sound of the LFA engine is a worthy soundtrack of it’s own.

Watch the video here:

Chris Forsberg Stacks 46 Hankook Tires in his Dodge Truck

Chris Forsberg showed off his tire stacking/transport skills the other day when he loaded up his Dodge truck with 46 Hankook Tires he claims. That is quite an impressive number but we wonder if all 46 made it to the final destination? From what we can tell he has them strapped in pretty well but that must of been quite the drive.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Looks Back at Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Fails to Qualify at Long Beach

The 2011 season didn’t exactly start with the bang that the 2010 champion had imagined but Road Atlanta is around the corner. Vaughn reflects on his two qualifying runs that resulted in a 33rd place finish making him just miss the main event. He winds up sitting in the judges stand to finish off the race weekend.

Watch the video:

2011 Formula Drift Road Atlanta – Drivers List [UPDATED]

We got a tip from Formula Drift today that two drivers have been added to the Road Atlanta drivers list as of today. The new additions are Toshiki Yoshioka and the Kenneth Moen from Norway. Make sure to mark your Fantasy Drift teams accordingly and get ready for Round 2 at Road Atlanta!

Justin Pawlak
Matt Powers
Daijiro Yoshihara
Chris Forsberg
Kyle Mohan
Conrad Grunewald
Rhys Millen
Ryan Tuerck
Fredric Aasbo
Darren McNamara
Tyler McQuarrie
Walker Wilkerson
Matt Field
Ross Petty
Matt Waldin
Dennis Mertzanis
John Russakoff
Michael Essa
Ken Gushi
Joon Maeng
Cyrus Martinez
Charles Ng
Alex Pfeiffer
Taka Aono
Odi Bakchis
Mike Feiock
Otto Graven
Jeff Jones
Dean Kearney
Patrick Mordaunt
Tony Brakohiapa
Patrick Cyr
Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Jim Guthrie
Zoltan Hadju
Brad Hettinger
Sam Hubinette
Ryan Kado
Luke Lonberger
Eric O’Sullivan
Mike Skudlarek
Kenneth Moen
Toshiki Yoshioka

Bergenholtz Racing Mazda Rx-8 Naked Again

The Bergenholtz Racing Mazda Rx-8 just left Sam’s Auto Land with a new paint job that lacks Full Tilt Poker sponsorship. The car is an empty canvas waiting for someone to come along with a big pocketbook to finish off the 2011 season. Any takers?


Behind the Smoke – Episode 2 – Flying Drift Car [VIDEO]

Behind the Smoke Ep2 – Dai Yoshihara Formula D 2011 – Flying Drift Car

The GT Channel x Discount Tire online television series has arrived for 2011. Here is Episode 2 titled “Flying Drift Car” which gets everyone geared up for Streets of Long Beach. We will be keeping up with the Behind the Smoke series for the whole 2011 season right here at Wrecked Magazine.

Watch the video:—dai-yoshihara-formula-d

HKS USA Goes Out of Business

Japanese companies seem to be falling out of the sky this week and the USA chapter of HKS is next on the dead pool list. Just earlier today we learned about Best Motoring producing its last video and closing their doors for good in Japan. The two drivers/teams that could be effected by this are Rhys Millen (RMR) and Joon Maeng (Bergenholtz Racing) moving forward through the 2011 season. The announcement from HKS didn’t really divulge into many details on what will be happening moving forward but we imagine if any of the Formula D teams were getting financial support it will be cut pretty quickly.


Want Free Tickets to Formula D Road Atlanta? Head To Our Facebook Page!

We are giving away three pairs of tickets for Formula Drift Road Atlanta. Just log into the Facebook Fan Page and place a vote in the “Who is Your Favorite Driver Poll?” Just cast a vote and leave a comment in the poll section of the post so you are eligible to be a winner! We will pick three winners for pairs of tickets just after 11:59pm tonight.

We currently selected the top 10 drivers in the standings for a start but you can feel free to add any Formula Drift driver in the series to vote for. Don’t miss a chance for free tickets and supporting your favorite Formula Drift driver.


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AW Films Takes on Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

AW Films Attacks Streets of Long Beach

Abbitt Wilkerson put together an amazing video from Formula Drift Long Beach as always which mostly highlights his brother Walker Wilkerson (driving purple S13 above) who looked amazing in his car with tons of angle. The video covers some of the Fatlace Car Show and the main event taking place over on the Streets of Long Beach course.

Watch the video:

Drift Muscle Series Without DVD/Video Vendor After Best Motoring Closes Doors

The 2011 Drift Muscle series created by Keiichi Tsuchiya just lost it’s video production/DVD supplier with the announcement that Best Motoring/Hot Version is closing the doors for good in Japan. They have been open for 20+ years and are now no longer doing business. The issue that came out yesterday will be the final copy of Best Motoring available to the public. The DVD’s were produced by a large Japanese publishing company Kodansha so this wasn’t some quick snap decision. We will keep you posted if we can find out any updated plans from the Drift Muscle series to provide content to the masses in the near future.