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Toshiki Yoshioka with Retaks in 2011 – V8 Powered Fun

The Japanese D1GP star Toshiki Yoshioka is BACK in Formula Drift for 2011. He will be piloting the Retaks V8 monster for the full 2011 season with the book bag brand Retaks. Yoshioka is one of the exclusive drivers in the series who have won an event by dominating Las Vegas in his AE86. I cannot wait to see the D1GP star driving a loud GM powered V8 in a 240sx for the new season. According to Facebook he has made his residence Los Angeles, California so it doesn’t sound like he will be returning to Japan for competition this season.

2011 Formula D Long Beach Drivers List – Tentative

Here is the tentative 2011 Formula Drift drivers list for Long Beach exclusively found here at Wrecked Magazine. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you might find a Japanese star back on the roster for a new season. It is looking like a strong field and a super intense season. Just seven days from Media Day at Streets of Long Beach!

Aasbo, Fredric
Abbott, Jeff
Aono, Taka
Bachis, Odi
Brakohiapa, Tony
Essa, Michael
Feiock, Mike
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gallagher, Roland
George, Danny
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Graven, Otto
Grunewald, Conrad
Guild, Josh
Gushi, Ken
Guthrie, Jim
Hettinger, Brad
Hubinette, Samuel
Jones, Jeff
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Lee, Alex
Licup, Chris
Lonberger, Luke
Maeng, Joon
Martinez, Cyrus
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Mertzanis, Dennis
Millen, Rhys
Moen, Kenneth
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Patrick
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Petty, Ross
Pfeiffer, Alex
Powers, Matt
Russakoff, John
Skudlarek, Mike
Tuerck, Ryan
Waldin, Matt
Wang, Forrest
Wilkerson, Walker
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Yoshioka, Toshiki

Tony Angelo Wrecks at FXOpen at Speed City Malaysia [SNAPSHOTS]

The 3rd and final round of the FXOpen Drift Series at Speed City in Malaysia was this past weekend, and participating in the series was a number of international drifters which included Drift Alliance founder and Formula Drift judge Tony Angelo.

Tony Angelo had a pretty nasty crash on day one of round three behind the wheel of the Torco S15, and we stumbled across these images of the crash below. The car looks pretty thrashed, however Tony managed to walk away unharmed, which is great since we’re looking forward to seeing his handsome mug at Formula D Tech Day this Weekend.

Ken Gushi Has New Sponsor – Nintendo 3DS [SNAPSHOT]

It looks like the video game market keeps flooding into drifting with what looks to be a new sponsorship with Scion Racing and the RSR team. The new decal appears to be promoting the Nintendo 3DS system which I don’t know anything about. Maybe Ken Gushi can give us a free one at Streets of Long Beach but until then we are going to be busy playing on our Xbox Kinect. Looks like a huge sponsorship pick up for them and it makes us curious if maybe Nintendo will be doing some activation at Formula Drift for 2011. Maybe even a little something in the Scion Racing rig/booth? I guess Long Beach in 10 days away and all of our questions will be answered.

UPDATE 3/30: We found out after some communication with Beyond Marketing (representative of Scion) that this is not the correct setup for 2011. We have made an updated post which you can visit here lacking Nintendo 3DS on the car.

Chris Forsberg’s Four-Seater M45 Drift Car at XDC Rd.1 [VIDEO]

When we first shared Chris Forsberg’s Four-Seater Ride-Along drift car a few weeks ago, we were asked if there was any video of it ripping through Irwindale. Here’s a video from NOS Energy Drink of the car in detail, with a few clips of it just billowing out smoke with all four seats filled with fans.

Check it out here:

Sam Hubinette Testing at El Toro Field [VIDEO]

Sam Hubinette Testing Dodge Challenger at El Toro Field

The new look is out for Sam Hubinette Racing officially as of this week and Sam Hubinette is wasting no time testing the refresh to his Dodge Challenger. We haven’t found any video of his new teammate Dean Kearney in the V-LEDS Dodge Viper but we’ll take what we can get for now! This video came courtesy of Dodge.

Watch the video:

Darren McNamara’s Team Need for Speed – ProDrift AE86

The Team Need for Speed Toyota Corolla (AE86) that was built by McNsport has arrived. Paddy McGrath blasted out a few teaser photographs for EA Games owned Speedhunters which were put up today. They did promise a full feature coming soon for the SHIFT 2 Unleashed car.


Conrad Grunewald Testing his Camaro [SNAPSHOT]

2011 Formula Drift Look for Conrad Grunewald

2010 Formula Drift Look for Conrad Grunewald

It looks like Conrad Grunewald has refreshed his look for the new 2011 season. This new color scheme has way less silver/orange in it and really makes the car almost completely black/white now with some accents in silver/orange. Conrad Grunewald has brought up frustration recently about the new weight/tire rule and how it effects his chassis in particular at the end of January. Hopefully he has his car worked out and ready for Long Beach coming up in a few days.

The Scion TCs of the 2011 Formula Drift Season [RENDERS]

We just received a few renders of the two Scion TC’s that we can expect to see on the grid in the 2011 Formula Drift season. One is the 2011 Papadakis Racing/Need for Speed Scion TC which will be piloted by Fredric Aasbo, and the other is Ken Gushi’s 2010 Hankook/Scion Racing TC which is returning this season with a slightly tweaked version of the red 2010 DTA/Scion Racing livery. As you’ll notice, both of the TC’s in Scion’s stable will be on Hankook tires as we’ve previously reported.

2011 Sam Hubinette Racing Cars in the Flesh [SNAPSHOT]

Check out Sam Hubinette Racing with his newly wrapped rig and two cars super refreshed for 2011. The V-LEDS Dodge Viper is being driven by ProDrift champion Dean Kearney and Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger is being driven by Sam Hubinette of course. Discount Tire has hopped on board and the new black/white/red program has a great look to it. Good luck to this team in 2011 and I have a feeling they are going to be a big force for the new year.