2011 Formula D Long Beach Drivers List – Tentative

Here is the tentative 2011 Formula Drift drivers list for Long Beach exclusively found here at Wrecked Magazine. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you might find a Japanese star back on the roster for a new season. It is looking like a strong field and a super intense season. Just seven days from Media Day at Streets of Long Beach!

Aasbo, Fredric
Abbott, Jeff
Aono, Taka
Bachis, Odi
Brakohiapa, Tony
Essa, Michael
Feiock, Mike
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gallagher, Roland
George, Danny
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Graven, Otto
Grunewald, Conrad
Guild, Josh
Gushi, Ken
Guthrie, Jim
Hettinger, Brad
Hubinette, Samuel
Jones, Jeff
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Lee, Alex
Licup, Chris
Lonberger, Luke
Maeng, Joon
Martinez, Cyrus
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Mertzanis, Dennis
Millen, Rhys
Moen, Kenneth
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Patrick
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Petty, Ross
Pfeiffer, Alex
Powers, Matt
Russakoff, John
Skudlarek, Mike
Tuerck, Ryan
Waldin, Matt
Wang, Forrest
Wilkerson, Walker
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Yoshioka, Toshiki


  1. Wes says:

    Eric O’Sullivan???

  2. Irish25256 says:

    what he said

  3. tirekicker says:

    Long Beach is pretty far, and pretty risky to put a driver into a new car for his first event, with minimal practice/shakedown. I imagine they’re giving EOS a chance to learn the car.

  4. flat out says:

    If thats the case then i assume Tuerck is currently on an extensive testing program in the BRAND NEW Camaro in preperations for LBC…Manure!! EOS and the solstice shud be at LBC, the car has rocked LBC solid the last few seasons…i predict its a simple budget issue unless someone else knows more.

  5. fluffie bunnie says:

    @flat out: where are you getting your source from saying that Tuerck will be in a new Camaro? Last I heard/saw Red Bull threw a new livery on the car. That and Tuerck got a new car, someone would’ve knew about the build by now. Nobody spawns a drift ready Camaro 2 weeks before Long Beach. Unless you’re BLU808

  6. Brian Casse says:

    LOL @ what Fluffie Bunnie stated

  7. Sidekick says:

    It makes me sad that James Deane doesn’t appear to have a drive, that kid could dominate. I hope he ends up in the Falken S15 again…

  8. YOitzJDM says:

    James Deane is too broke to keep running out of his own pocket.

    Eric O’sullivan is only doing a partial season.

    Ryan Tuerck definitely has a new car that isn’t a solstice.

  9. Padeee says:

    Partial???? Well I guess ‘some’ good events with GR is better than 7 Dynamic disasters. My dollar is on D-Mac.

  10. oilbeefhooked says:

    the engine went bang !

  11. dave says:

    Kenneth Moen, hmmm, could he be the same guy from Norway who bought Tanner’s 350Z before?

  12. rotarypower says:

    where is this tuerck new car news coming from please someone post a link or something and i pray to god its not a camaro

  13. James Deane says:

    I am really disappointed that I can’t make fd lb this year. I couldn’t get enough support to make it happen this year. But I am going to try my very best to put something together for the end of 2011 and hopefully try do the full fd season in 2012.

    I will be watching everything this year on live stream and I hope to make it to 1 or 2 rounds this year too to watch.

    Best of luck to all drivers this year, i’m sure it will be a good one 🙂

  14. @ James Deane; you’re a wonderfully talented driver and you will be sorely missed. I saw you at FD Sonoma last year and felt that you really grew into the Falken S15 and that its the car for you. I really hoped you’d be coming back, but this really saddens me, such great talent and skill, but you don’t have a ride. I’d fund you if I could. Hopefully you’ll be back, I’ll keep hope up until you’re burning rubber stateside and have a team to back you.

    What’s Forrest Wang Driving??? I needs to know.

  15. noubz says:

    @cobaltgriffin….i saw him at irwindale(xdc round1) and he told me he’s runnng the same car…

  16. flat out says:

    @fluffie bunnie – I have a feeling someone may be eating their words roll race day! 😉 I shud have placed a bet! 🙂

    Shame about James Dean, truly talented and also beat the ASD team mate D-mac in LBC let yr if u all remember?

    Kenny Moen shud be one to watch, beat Asbo frequently on the norweigan scene, interesting if he can adapt to FD style as he’s a great twin battle driver.

    No Chrlsea de nofa is a loss too…he’s killing it in Xdc. Is Yoshioka driving shermans V8 14?

    Charles ng driving the R35 for Eddie Kim – or is this an info over load for all you guys! Lol

  17. Danny George says:

    Forrest should be in his personal s13/14 cant remember. Know hes been working on a sick 2jz build for fd. His street car is what he ran at xdc.

    Lotta new guys this year. Should be pretty rad.

  18. BO says:

    @dave. This is the same KENETH yes, but i heard they had some problems with the arrival of the Car, but i hope they can manage that, but Butsy didn’t seem too optimistisc. sad, because he has won The norwegian (Powerdrift ) series many times. Good car control.

  19. Joness says:

    Kenny Moen beat Aasbo.. When?? Kenny was a rockstar of european drifting some 5 years ago, but since then it have been a sunking ship since he just didn’t seem to give a f*ck. Hope that FD is enough for him to put his A game back on!

  20. Cody says:

    I wonder if anybody is going to be driving the Apexi Lexus? Is Bill Sherman out for this year? I think EOS won’t be there because Gardella used his car for Tuerck in Abu Dhabi and it won’t be back in time.

  21. derek losano says:

    rooting for my boy skudlarek. kill it son! murderBOBs FTW then hurry home so we can get project KA-T rolling lol. good luck brosph. anyone know if this will be live on the web?