Stephan Verdier Sitting Out the 2011 Formula Drift Season

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 In Formula D Stephan Verdier

When we saw Stephan Verdier’s name on the 2011 Formula Drift licensed driver list, we got curious as to what changes he had made to his WRX for 2011, and wondered if he’d be competitive this season with the introduction of all these pesky V8s. Shortly after that thought, our ADD kicked in and we had forgot all about that.

But fast forward to this morning, our friends over at MotoIQ sat down with Stephan Verdier to discuss 2011, and it turns out that his WRX is being prepared for Global Rallycross, following in the footsteps of Tanner Foust and Rhys Millen. MotoIQ reports Stephan’s plan to sit the 2011 Formula Drift season out to focus on the new sport, as well as documents the build process of preparing his WRX for GRC.

Looks like i’m out a few Fantasy Drift wreck points this year.



  1. Cody says:

    This was announced on his Facebook several weeks ago.

  2. matt petty says:

    thats how little i care about rally cross cody,this is news to me.

  3. rotarypower says:

    lol i dont think u had to blog about this cause i have never met or head of anyone say they were verdier fan lol

  4. blaze1 says:

    Verdier is a good dude,very easy guy to talk too, has a FD win under his belt. Not surprised, he has hinted that the cost of drifting was beginning to be alot.

    Wish him all the best.

  5. Mike Peters says:

    You have to admit, he did bring a lot of crazy guy behind the wheel excitement.

    I never thought his driving was that great, but his genuine lack of care and complete disreguard for safety (see pic above) was awesome.

  6. Mike Peters says:

    The dude went to X games and did FD in the SAME CAR he stored in his backyard.

    C’mon, thats awesome.

  7. petite pounder says:

    rotarypower u a fool. verdier brought flavor and insanity with his subaru to FD. you might not have noticed him cause u were jerking it with matt powers/madd mike/other drivers that fanbois like to wank to, but some ppl out there like LEGIT drivers instead of hating on them because they aint ‘street’ enough. i am a verdier fan and will continue to root for him because the guy has heart and a passion for driving. cause thats real *drops mic*

  8. rotarypower says:

    @petite drops mic lol wtf ur a funny dude and sorry to disappoint but Iam not a mad Mike or Matt powers fan and don’t ever call me a fanboy again when the majority of us have been following since day 1

  9. matt petty says:

    I think Verdier was the business..He came a long way form his first season. He is a privateer and all of those dudes better get some respect. But rallycross.. more like rallynap!BORING!

  10. tirekicker says:

    I’m with Petty on this one…I actually kinda liked watching Verdier, because you were almost guaranteed that something ridiculous would probably happen. I’m not making any comments about Rallycross tho….if it’s anything like the Rallycross of videogame lore (a la Dirt 2), then I think it’ll be an absolute crazyfest. Buuut if it’s like autocross…with dirt…then I think I’d also be napping in the stands.

  11. petite pounder says:

    @rotary. day 1? psh. i was following FD since day negative 365.

  12. flat out says:

    Best of luck to Ver “is his brain” dier at RallyX – I think that rallyx in US has great potential, if stuck to some simplE euorpean style guidelines and it doesnt turn into a mega expensive X Games events calender – keep racing simple and let the paint be traded like the old days of rallyX, im sure he will fit rite in. 🙂 if anything they have just got someone to watch for entertainment value alone….so who else is out of FD??

  13. YOitzJDM says:

    ugh. I liked watching Verdier. He always seemed to be confused about things. Watching him get out of his car and look for his wheel in NJ was priceless. He was always good for some laughs thru the FD season.

    I really think this RallyX thing is going to suck, especially with the layout they’ve released for Irwindale. They really need to have a longer course than an 1/8 mile oval and some infield. Even if it’s 20 laps, it’s going to be boring as hell. It needs a course no smaller than the X-games course.

  14. Jeff Abbott says:

    Stephan is an awesome dude. He is a great and exciting driver. I have always had great conversations with him. He has always been supportive of me. I will miss seeing him on the track.. Good luck Stephan..

  15. Real Spit says:

    Mad Mike
    And rumors that some drivers will not compete in a full season due to conflicting schedules between drift and rally cross.

    How can anyone not think this is bad for the series?

  16. YOitzJDM says:

    who’s not going to make the full schedule? I think Tanner / Verdier are the only 2 who are trying to do Rally X, and I think they are doing it for different reasons:

    Foust – Ford wants him doing full Euro RallyX schedule, and most (if not all) US Schedule. Ford says jump, you say how high.

    Verdier – Couldn’t get sponsorship to do full season of FD, but found some sponsorship to do Rally X (plus series appears to be cheaper due to fewer events). Seems simple enough of a choice, if you’re going to be a privateer, go compete in the series that is cheaper to compete in.

    Mad Mike – not doing Rally X, but didn’t have sponsorship money to compete again in the US.

    Miki / Takatori – JDM drivers who couldn’t find sponsorship for US series, plus their costs are going up with the value of the dollar plummeting against the Yen (and cost of fuel going up). It would cost roughly $10k in airfare to get those guys to each event, where as it might cost $2k for a US driver (depending on where they are located). Everyone is in a pinch for money, makes sense to go with the more economical option.

    If I was a sponsor, the only person I’d be sad about leaving is Foust. I think there are several other drivers who deserve sponsorship more than the drivers mentioned above.

  17. Cody says:

    I’m not a fan of Rally cross either. The only reason I read about it was I was checking out the pics of his new engine setup.

  18. terry h. says:

    I have always been a Verdier fan. He has always been cool, helped at a lot of Am Events, taught me a shitload about cars and always had a smile on his face… except the first time we all came to China and he drank race gas! 😉

    Good Luck Stephan. BTW the full STI interior is still in my car… lookin sweet.