2011 Formula Drift Qatar [RESULTS]

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 In Formula D International RESULTS Tanner Foust

Well the Middle Eastern tour of Formula Drift has come to an end in 2011. The podium features some familiar Formula Drift faces and one not so familiar to the US market. Hopefully this was a judging warm up for Long Beach because some of the calls after talking among our office were horrible! The worst was a One More Time with Michael Essa and Fredric Aasbo after Aasbo clearly spun on his lead run. Thankfully Chris Forsberg was a voice of reason when asked what he thought and told it like it was! If this is a preview of Long Beach however we will be looking at plenty of OMT battles to boost up your Fantasy Drift team. Tengku Djan took home second place in his street car S13! Here is how the podium stacked up in Qatar!

1- Tanner Foust
2-Tengku Djan
3- Fredric Aasbo


  1. GSXR750 says:

    Why are you acting like this is something new, FD judging is always horrible. Its all BULLSHIT.

  2. tirekicker says:

    Hanging back 20 carlengths when following does not = win. It’s been like that for a while….dunno why you guys are surprised by it. :S

  3. Clutch_kicker says:

    Agreed. They were equal in that situation. Spinout=getting raped by 8 car lengths when following. You dont win from spinning and you dont win being 8 car lengths back. OMT settles it.

  4. Tony Angelo says:

    I would just like to say that GSXR750 can get fucked. Also, I didn’t make that call!