2011 Formula Drift Qatar Qualifying [RESULTS]

Qatar qualifying was dominated by Tanner Foust in his last drifting event in history. Chris Forsberg was Driver Number 8 who DNF’d due to engine problems that we reported about yesterday. Thailand’s Kiki Sak Nana came out to Qatar and Malaysia’s Tengku Djan Ley also came out to compete. They will run a Top 8 format with Tanner Foust getting a bye for the first round. Here is how they scored with speeds in KPH.

1.- Tanner Foust – #34 – Speed 109.2 KPH – Score 95.9
2.- Fredric Aasbo #151 – Speed 98.4 KPH – Score 87.7
3.- Tengku Djan Ley #12 – Speed 89.3 KPH – Score 77.3
4.- Daijiro Yoshihara #9 – Speed 90.6 KPH – Score 72
5.- Tony Brakohiapa #18 – Speed 97.8 KPH – Score 69.8
6.- Kiki Sak Nana #2 – Speed 80.2 KPH – Score 68.6
7.- Michael Essa #101 – Speed 93.2 KPH – Score 64.9


  1. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Top 4 is:

    Tanner Foust Vs. Tony Brakohiapa


    Tengku Djan Vs. Fredric Aasbo

  2. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Third Place Round:

    Tony B Vs. Fredric Aasbo

    First Place Round:
    Tanner Foust Vs. Tengku Djan

  3. tirekicker says:

    That was fun. I was kinda rooting for Djan Ley though, not gonna lie. That would’ve been awesome.

  4. Kids Heart says:

    The was some hell of driving by Tengku Djan. What was under the hood? An LS1, LSX a VQ45?

  5. tirekicker says:

    None of the above!! SR20 DUDE. Goes to show that underpowered doesn’t necessarily mean uncompetitive.

  6. Kids Heart says:

    But but but all the cool kids say you need a V8 to be competitive in Formula D. He can’t possibly podium in a weak, low torque 4 banger turbo can he?

  7. Ad says:

    just to clear this out,maybe you can change it??
    is MALAYSIA’S TENGKU DJAN LEY n NOT ‘singapore’

    plsssss n thank you!

  8. tirekicker says:

    Yeah, and to imagine that he got there without slowing down in front of someone, or running a busted ass line, or blowing up his motor. It was exciting watching Tengku Djan too, what a surprise!! I understand the drivers’ standpoint of why V8s are good: reliable, torquey as hell, and they make a drifter’s life easier. Are they more EXCITING, and more DYNAMIC, and more AWESOME SOUNDING than the more traditional motors that came in the cars? I don’t think so, and Tengku Djan just proved that. V8s are cool and all, but they’re a lot cooler when driven by guys like Tanner or Forsberg who really drive FLATOUT with all that torque and power they’ve got. The pro-ams need to give themselves a shake and make it more DIFFICULT for themselves so that eventually they’ll get BETTER at drifting. Pro-ams with V8s are usually pretty sucky.


  9. Wrecked Magazine says:

    We updated it Ad! Sorry about that.

  10. schmikes says:

    Tg Djan is from Malaysia… not Singapore!!!

  11. schmikes says:

    skill is one of important things… even you have a great engine, doesn’t mean you can win the event…. especially in drifting… looks like Initial D….

  12. gaman says:

    tengku djan ley, during an interview at Qatar said that, they were building new car..Silvia with a ls1 motor?