Chris Forsberg’s Infiniti M45 Demo Car [FIRST LOOK]

Posted on Mar 14, 2011 In Car Build Chris Forsberg Gallery XDC

While some may say that it’s the same cars out on the field, Chris Forsberg changed things up this past weekend at XDC Round 1 with the debut of his much-anticipated four door ride-along drift car. For those of those that aren’t familiar with the car, Chris got his hands on an Infiniti M45, with which he wasted no time stripping, strengthening, and caging the chassis. The car was fitted with a set of 4 Recaro seats to keep the passengers in place, Seibon Carbon fiber body panels to keep weight down, and a generous boost in power courtesy of the engine and transmission setup from his 2009 Championship season 350Z.

15 lucky XDC fans suited up in firesuits and helmets and made laps in the passenger seats of the four-door drift tank around Irwindale Speedway this past Saturday in what was no doubt an unforgettable experience. We were there to catch all of the action and feel the rumble of the first Infiniti M45 Drift Car from both behind the lens, and from the backseat.

Flip through our mini-gallery below and tell us what you think.


  1. medriftlongtime says:

    YAY! Tire smoke boogers for everyone!

  2. Dan Savage says:

    wheres the video of the beast?!?!

    is there a weight limit?

  3. eurotrash86 says:

    What’s with the mad positive camber in the rear???? It looks kinda silly…. but besides that, the car is dope!!

  4. bro says:

    seems like most fd drivers are running positive camber now, im guessing when you drift the car sqauts and cambers in, so if you start at +1 and it squats youll be riding the tires at 0. More grip dawggg

  5. some dude says:

    wordd i’m excited to see this monster in action!