No Tsuchiya Series for 2011 – Promised for 2012 Maybe?

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 In D1GP International Japanese Major Announcements

In early January we wrote a report that the ex-D1GP management would be putting together an alternative series to the D1GP in Japan. Well according to a report at Noriyaro he was on site at a Hot Version taping with the guys and they said no series in 2011. Alexis says “It turns out they don’t have any intention of starting the series this year, so it’s going to be a 2012 gig.” This to me seems pretty disappointing after the huge media blitz and buzz they have been spreading around over the last few months.

It does look however they are moving forward with series information saying it will have three classes. A normal class, super class, and ladies class for drifting competition. The series is going to be based around light modified cars (sounds like a D1SL type thing) and leave the huge HP build monsters to D1GP. Naoki Nakamura was in attendance and apologized to everyone for his street drifting accident. Other drivers in attendance Noriyaro reports were: Koguchi, Kawabata, Hibino, Tezuka, Taniguchi, Orido, and Daigo Saito. Sounds like the battle for supremacy and talent in the Japanese drifting scene could be headed to the way of American Sport Compact Drag Racing sooner than later. Thanks for the tip Seth!



  1. Brandon says:

    bout time there was a lady drifting class. now we can watch drifting and hawt wiminz at the same time! good idea tsuchiya u sneaky perv u. 🙂

  2. Billy says:

    Dude, Brandon, they already have a ladies drift class…google it!

  3. Dave says:

    Ladies classes suck. Most female drivers aren’t very hot (there are plenty of exceptions, but the norm is not hot at all), and female classes just water down the talent. When a girl wins against the boys at their own game (like Ashley Force or Shirley Muldooney in NHRA), that’s what’s worth watching. I’d like to see a girl in FD, I bet there are a few girl drifters who could kick some ass going sideways.

  4. Brian Casse says:

    Nakamura does not have to apologize

  5. Erik says:

    @Dave there have been a couple women in FD already Hiromi Kajikumi and Verena Mei. Nakamura doesnt need to apologize it isnt like the others never did street drifting.

  6. byron h. says:

    true but they hardly “won against the boys at their own game”

  7. jdmwill says:

    Brian Casse

    Nakamura does not have to apologize

    comments like this makes me love you more….