John Russakoff Building Honda s2000 for 2011 Formula Drift Mid-Season Debut

Posted on Feb 8, 2011 In Formula D Major Announcements

It looks like the new Megan Racing driver John Russakoff is going to be working on a Honda s2000 to unveil mid/later on in the 2011 Formula Drift season. He is working on a Brian Crower stroked 2.65L s2000 engine that will go in his Corolla for Long Beach and be transitioned into the Honda s2000 when it’s ready to compete. That is some pretty awesome news and another four cylinder in the mix for 2011 Formula Drift.



  1. GSXR750 says:

    Hahaha, another 4cylinder that won’t be competive.

  2. deadpirate says:

    i cant wait for you to be proven wrong.

  3. Caleb Wayne says:

    Hopefully this dosen’t end up like the other S2000.

  4. thelolbus says:

    That is actually a car I would love to see an ls1 in too.

  5. blaze1 says:

    Nice to see a S2k back in the series.

    Season is coming up real fast though.

  6. Brian says:

    yes! another non v8. some one else that knows you don’t need one to be competitive

  7. petite pounder says:

    haha. it being competitive has yet to be seen.

  8. YOitzJDM says:

    people forget that the RS*R car was a podium monster. It won the first competitive event it was entered into (Need for speed shootout), and made podium several times in the first few events.

    I think that chassis could be competitive again, the biggest problem back then was the CF bodywork it ran. If you just stick with fiberglass bodywork, it should be fine.

  9. Real Spit says:

    You also have to remember that the “podium monster” was also good in 2005. There has been V8 development over the past six year that changed the game. Think Forsberg championship year in 2009 with his V8, the following year he struggled to keep up with other V8 cars in the series the next year and had to step up with a powerful engine.

    Personally i think its pretty damn cool like the old Detroit horsepower wars back when they used to drag race up Woodward.

    Best of luck to you John I hope you have much success in your ROOKIE season.

  10. blaze1 says:

    John isn’t a rookie, just hasn’t ran a full schedule. Earned top 16 honors at a few rounds back 2008, back when there wasn’t top 32 tandem. Also qualified top 32 in D1 back when his car was NA 4AGE.

    Has everyone forgotten about the pontiac solstice. RMR and Gardella got on the championship podium using Turbo 4 cylinders.

    Betta Rocognize.

  11. John says:

    Building a competative 4cyl car is not difficult. I went omt with Dai when my car was making 300hp. This new engine will be able to run safely around 600hp 500tq. It will be interesting how things play out with the new tire rule, turbo lag might be the saving grace for smaller tire sizes…

  12. petite pounder says:

    anyone remember the realtime racing drift S2k back from 2006? holy fuck that thing made one HELL of a noise.

  13. Jeff Abbott says:

    John is an amazing driver and fabricator/builder.
    I can not wait to see this thing in action..

  14. Ryan Clemens says:

    I tandemed with Pierre in the RealTime car at Road America back in 2006.

    True story.

    Looking very forward to John running a full season finally! He did VERY well against Dai at Long Beach last year, going one more time and putting up an amazing fight.

  15. Danny George says:

    Isnt the tire/suspension more responsible for speed and being competetive? I mean there isnt a track that out there that needs more power. Any car with 500 can roast tires. Don’t the grip properties change completely as the tire is already past the point of traction loss? Of course the real change from more power is the gear ratio that can be ran with the increased wheel speed for smoke purposes.

    I thought the v8 was the big reliability factor over a stressed 4cyl setup. Someone explain how the same power output with either engine changes how competetive you can be with all else being equal.

  16. rotarypower says:

    @petite yea I remember that car it was so sick never seen a car throw fireballs with every shift

  17. stoked and stroked. hope he paints the honda like a trapper keeper too

  18. roadents2k says:

    It will be nice to see a S2K back in FD. The RSR car is what got me into drifting. Just from my experience the car can be competitive, the biggest issue is that the S2K has less steering angle than a stock 240. but with Alex being on the megan racing team I would think john is going to talk with him to figure out what needs to be done to the chassis, i don’t doubt that is will have a RX7 FD steering rack in it like the RSR and AEM cars.

  19. Reza says:

    For those calling john a rookie , you have no idea what this guy is capable of.. Pure genius.