Tony Angelo Brings Am Series to Northeast – Hold the Line 2011

Posted on Feb 4, 2011 In Formula D Pro Am Grassroots Tony Angelo

Tony Angelo has brought Hold the Line Formula Drift Am series up to the northeast. While it won’t be on the Formula Drift level he is running in the northeastern Am series. “I’m really happy to announce the Hold the Line series to all the up and coming drivers from my neck of the woods, and I’m excited to be working with two world-class facilities to deliver what is surely going to be a fun and exciting series.” said Angelo. Here is how the schedule will look:

May 1 – Monticello Motor Club
July 16 – Englishtown Raceway Park
August 6 – Monticello Motor Club
September 10 – Englishtown Raceway Park

Source: HOLD THE LINE. (Love isn’t always on time.)


  1. Elliot says:

    so excited for a am series where all the events are within 3 hours from me.

  2. cfrost says:

    who is that goof behind the star?

  3. sexysusie says:

    sooo, pro am right? i say’s formula drift am series.

  4. tirekicker says:

    Hold The Line is actually a really damn good name for this series, but I don’t know if the story behind the name is why I think it’s awesome. I think it’s awesome because I would make a bet that if there’s any Canadian drivers wanting to make their way into FD, they’ll be going to compete there, making for what may be some cross-border rivalry, making the Hold The Line name fit really well.
    This is super cool for the northeast scene. Good job, Mr. Angelo.

  5. Tony Angelo says:

    Hey dudes! This is gonna be tons of fun, I promise! Also the first 2 sentences of this article make like zero sense!

  6. Edgar says:

    Awesome job Brony!!!!

  7. m.landreville says:

    how much will be the purse ?