Conrad Grunewald Speaks Out Against Tire/Weight Rules on Facebook

Posted on Jan 31, 2011 In Conrad Grunewald Formula D Rumors/Gossip

Something we reported on back in November is the 2011 Formula Drift new tire/weight rule they added to the rulebook. We have heard some mixed feedback from the grid but some positive ones from large teams in the industry. One team spoke off the record with me about how horrible of an idea it was but nobody has said something publicly until now. Conrad issued this statement out on his Facebook page a few minutes ago. The quote below comes from him and 441lbs. is quite a task for weight reduction.

“Really bummed out at the updated Formula Drift tire to weight rule. It basically hasn’t changed anything as far as evening out the field. I would have to shave another 441lbs. out of my Camaro to be competitive.”


  1. Drift011 says:

    They have changed the rules of this tire/weight thing Wrecked since that link. No idea where you can find this information though?

  2. They says:

    That car wasn’t competitive before, so what is this rule going to change?

  3. Conrad says:

    Wow Joey, that was fast. For the record, I think the rule is great. I just wish FD could shift the weights to encompass the whole field. All it would do is make the tandem competition’s closer and make for a better show.

  4. blaze1 says:

    “All it would do is make the tandem competition’s closer and make for a better show.”

    That’s pretty odd seeing that the best battles of the year were from cars that are now deemed illegal.


    Car was pretty competitive for a 100% new heavy chassis. The charger finished 10th and the camaro finished 12th. Decent season to me.

  5. Conrad says:

    “That’s pretty odd seeing that the best battles of the year were from cars that are now deemed illegal.”

    I agree, but the reason for the battles being so good was the cars were evenly matched. This rule has the ability to do that to most of the field. So instead of having a few great battles in a season, you can have many.

    Just my 2 cents

  6. Reality says:

    I’m all for leveling the playing field – i know corporately its a major gamble as the $$$ sponsors and affiliates may feel a strangle hold coming on but for the greater good of the sport for teams, drivers, costs and SPECTATORS a close T32 with exciting battles one after the next is what a series needs – ive always been a skeptic on the bigger the rubber the better the results, yes a fine balance is required for results takining into account weight, grip and power but in this day and age there are more ways than 1 to skin a cat – i.e mechanical grip, superior and constant suspension setup – in all fields of ms that have a set tire restriction or a 1 make tire, im sure they all just dont bang on a set of tires, fit some coilovers and adjustable links and leave them for a season….

  7. Mike Peters says:

    That car wieghs 3700# ?!

  8. Jelani says:

    Conrads camaro did pretty good for a new chasis and him being a pravatier, i means thes the first to drift that chasis period and had to make most of his own suspension compononets so i consider it a good year, and its true what hes saying, i mean that rule affects a hand full of people in the series most people will be able to stay with their current tire size vauhn has a to step down to the next smalled size but thats not gonna kill him that much its not like hes going from a 275 to a 245, i dont see the rule really changing much

  9. haterdan says:

    @jelnigro conrad is a privateer? hankook must’ve pulled out the day after he painted his car then.

    stop talking about something you know nothing about.

  10. Jelani says:

    yea hes a privatere cause i know they guy cause he races a car in a series i work in and i watch him roll up in a trailer smaller than what we had with less shit then us working on a that car buy himself and having hankook as a main sponsor dosent mean he has a crew of guys up his ass working on that car all the time so stop talking about shit you dont know about dan

  11. Jelani says:

    i mean dennis could easily get that same paint job on his car from kenda guess that means hes getting man money from them too huh

  12. thelolbus says:

    To me it just seems like certain cars wont work, regardless if you have factory backing or not. The car is going to be too heavy and uncompetitive. You wouldn’t take a Fleetwood autocrossing would you?

  13. haterdan says:

    @jelnigro you work in FD? I wasnt aware of that. I thought you got kicked to the curb for being useless.

    oh wait that did happen.

  14. Jelani says:

    damn oh wait you spoted for us too and then you got kicked to the curb for being useless, oh wait what are you known for anyway being a useless hatin ass bitch makes sense

  15. haterdan says:

    you are still black there for I win

  16. fanboi says:

    Wow cool your jets dudes.
    @ haterdan Could you have picked a more obvious name. Your Dan and you a c@#t!.
    @ Jelani ur names like a egyptian belly dancer and i dont think we want one of those atm.

    Tire rule = Win!!