Drift Emporium’s Formula D Cars [FOR SALE]

Posted on Jan 26, 2011 In Buy This Formula D

Both of these Drift Emporium Formula Drift cars are for sale for $50,000 right now from the Drift Emporium. The S15 driven by Takatori does comes with some spare chassis. Both cars are currently for sale along with the Drift Emporium rig which they are asking $125,000 for currently. The cars and rig are located in the state of Georgia at their shop so some east coast based people could pay a visit and check out the drift cars.


  1. Slappy says:

    I’d like to buy them & burn them. Fucking ugly ass cars.

  2. blaze1 says:

    Turn key drift team with Takatori and the S15

  3. kwong chi shing says:

    Michi Takatori get a new drift car in this season? 2011

  4. tirekicker says:

    I’m with Slappy on this one. Noisy as hell too. The S15 wasn’t quuuite as bad, but the infiniti has gotta go. 😛

  5. YOitzJDM says:

    why bother with takatori? He’s had 1 podium in the past 2 years. I’d rather get Ryuji to drive it, or even Kenji Yamanaka

  6. thatotherguy says:

    because takatori is still a talented driver. 1 podium or not. he is still talented. he has had some bad breaks since coming over. but a proper team would help him improve dramatically

  7. This definetely makes the rumors true, no more drift emporium. Takatori needs a decent team and a RHD drift car to help his talents show off. I’ve tracked his career and I think he’s more deserving of a team and support than Kenji. And come on the S15 is beautiful. I’d give my kidney for it. I mean, really a supercharged V8 S15, its the best of everything, all in one.

  8. KBankAZ says:

    At least someone is on my side. I thought the S15 was dope and that Taketori was a great driver.

  9. BridgesRacing says:

    I think Takatori is a great driver. I think he would do well in a good car. 2 years ago he had to drive a LHD, and everything came together last minute so the car had a lot of issues to sort out with Zero budget. I believe that the s15 last year was a new set up with the supercharger. and I’m sure they had their share of problems. That being said I think it is hard for the J drivers to make it over here, not because of talent but because of communication. When the person setting up the car has to rely on a translator its tough. Then you have to pay a translator. Hard for them to relate to the fans and do interviews. Plus plane tickets from japan arent cheap. How many japanese will be driving FD this season? Unfortunately they all seem to have lost a ride.

  10. Sidekick says:

    This makes me very sad. No more ridiculous supercharger whine. Now there is only Bill Sherman making hella cool noises.

  11. Jelani says:

    i mean really outside of the usual DA heads and tanner who dose podium in FD i mean you get occasional apperances from tony this season and essa but other than that theres no one else conisistant on the podium, so i guess all the drivers minus thos 5 or so people are trash then by you guys standards. if you go back and look for what he had to work with takatori did damn good this year and hes a very good driver. and those Gs were pretty sick i dont see what people dont like about them they look like stock gs slamed ong wheels and just happent o have a blower pokin out the hood. change the bumper grill and pain and you got a bad ass G imo

  12. blaze1 says:


    What has Miki done in four years in FD huh? 2 podiums and that’s about it….and they all came in 09.

    Kenji drove the same exact car on the same exact schedule in 09 and didn’t do crap in it.

    I would like to put up a fight for both those drivers but not in this circumstance.

  13. Marty says:

    Hey guys, this doesn’t mean that DE is done. They still plan to make it out to FD and other local East Coast events. Remember they still have the Lexus, the newly revamped orange G, and Ron Ewerth’s stable of cars.

  14. s&w says:

    I think kenji yamanaka is a great driver just that DE need to build better race cars for there driver also need better technicians

  15. Matt says:

    Takatori had one podium because everyone spun or crashed against him. Luck > Skill

  16. blaze1 says:


    Takatori had a 4th place finish as well…. I consider that a podium. What about his 2008 performances? It takes skill to drive within a cars means and not make any mistakes.

  17. Powder puff says:

    where is the picture of DRIFT EMP LEXUS