2011 Drift Mania Canadian Championship [SCHEDULE]

Posted on Jan 22, 2011 In Drift Mania International Schedule

Our friends up north just put the finishing touches on the 2011 Drift Mania Schedule and it looks like they’re changing things up this year by wrapping up the season with a monster 3-day event at Circuit Icar. Here’s what the schedule looks like for 2011:

Round 1: Autodrome du Montmagny – June 4-5th 2011 – Night Event
Round 2: Circuit Icar – June 25-26th 2011 – Night Event
Round 3: Victoriaville – July 9-10th 2011 – Day Event
Round 4: Autodrome du Montmagny – July 23-24th 2011 – Night Event
Round 5: Mosport International Raceway – August 14th 2011 – Day Event Pro
Round 6: Circuit Icar – September 3-5th 2011 – 3 Day Event


  1. tirekicker says:

    Are there any other pro series in the ENTIRE WORLD that run the same track twice….TWICE?! It seems kinda dumb having more than one round at the same track. I’m pretty sure Joey should change the DMCC tags to say “Disaster Mania Canadian Championship”.

  2. JagImaging says:

    Cause its fun and we dont have that many tracks around here that wil let us hold drift events..So your comments are useless.

  3. Carl Nadeau says:

    ICAR is also a huge, top of the line racing facility, with many different possible configurations. So we are only using the same track once, and it’s a really spectacular track for spectators. They are important for the sport, and the DMCC promotors take good care of them. Full grandstands are good for the sport, helps the sponsors get notice, and brings possible new drivers for the futur.

  4. tirekicker says:

    As I recall, I wasn’t able to see initiation at that track (ICAR) from anywhere where we spectators were allowed to stand. I also heard that the layout we saw last year was the only one that was good. If you’re telling me that they’ve betrayed the birthplace of Canadian drifting (St. Eustache) to do multiple rounds at ICAR and Montmagny “for the fans”, then you clearly have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about, or what the fans want. I understand that you guys don’t have a lot of tracks over there, but in my opinion I don’t think the solution is “MOAR EVENTS!!!1!11!” If they pulled a couple redundant events, they’d probably have more money to put in to the series . It just looks to me like the promoter, or whoever the hell is making money off this sinking ship, just wants to make MORE money by having MORE events to rake in MORE ticket sales, instead of having LESS events, but making them BETTER. Unfortunately, the BIGGER MUST BE BETTER mentality is what’s driving Disaster Mania into the ground. And JAG, it’s fun when the events actually happen the way they were intended to, without total meltdown in the judging tower. But when the organization starts failing, and the fans actually start seeing it, I think that’s when it’s time to take a step back and consider making some changes that don’t put more money in the promoter’s pocket.
    On top of that, with no Formula D recognition, I feel sorry for the poor bastards who stick with Disaster Mania… you could spend years kicking ass there, and then go and do an event in the US and have people think you’re just another AM driver. Total bullshit. I think this’ll be the biggest year for Canadians going down south, and the worst year for Disaster Mania.
    DMCC Natural evolution:
    Drift Mania
    Drama Mania
    Disaster Mania

    Coming soon:
    Done and never coming back Mania.

    Somebody do something fast before it’s all gone!

  5. abdriver says:

    This is DMCC: East Division, what are the dates for DMCC: West Division?

  6. driftjohn says:

    i hear that DMCC west isnt hapening for 2011. the owner is waiting to the last minit to tell them so no one else can have time to start a serie and make him look bad. sucks bad, disatre mania sounds like a good new name

  7. westernDMCC says:

    ^^ Agreed. DMCC West is also a Pro Canadian drift series and should be holding down alot more media coverage then its been getting.

  8. Carl Nadeau says:

    Dear tirekicker,

    I don’t know anything about the politics and everything that lead to remove St-Eustache from the schedule. I also think that St-Eustache gave a great show for the spectators over the years, and it’s where Drifting is born in Canada. We should all respect that.

    Like you say, maybe I have no clue of what I’m talking about… But I know one thing: I love the sport, I’m investing everything I have to do another season, and I’m gonna run the schedule that the promoter ask me to do.

    If you think it’s not good enough, you can start a better serie, and the drivers will come.

    Personally, I think that DMCC and XDC are doing a good job, so I’ll burn my tires there.

    I hope everybody will have fun in 2011, and that the fans will have a good show. I guess the old saying still stand: keep drifting fun! So the hell with politics, lets drift!

  9. driftjohn says:

    carl, you only drift the schedule the promoter ask you to do when its easy for you.. if its wet and your scared you cry and make the driver and fan wait then you make a big sceen to get you’re way. disastre mania must be not excite to have you!

  10. Carl Nadeau says:

    LOL, that’s why more then half the drivers stoped… Please at least write your complete name, so I’ll respect you. This way I’ll be able to congradulate you, when you win Formula D.

    The thing is, all driver follow the schedule, plain and simple. And we should all be happy to have Championship to run in.

    Have a good 2011 season everyone.

  11. Jordan says:

    tirekicker – ” I feel sorry for the poor bastards who stick with Disaster Mania… you could spend years kicking ass there, and then go and do an event in the US and have people think you’re just another AM driver”

    sorry but Pat Cyr come from Canada and he got famous all over the US when he won FD pro-am at Irwindale and also getting a podium at XDC. He is in the top 3 pick for Gardella Team new driver and hes winning the poll on wrecked website. And even Matt Waldin that did FD, XDC and Dmcc said that Dmcc was the the series where he had the most fun.

    St-eustache is not on the schedule because Dmcc and the track owners didnt came to an agrement but rumours tells that they should come up with somting soon, we will see…

    oh and btw driftjohn Carl backed off at the last event in st-eustache like all the drivers did, the part were they do burnout for the drags was slippy as hell. No one want it to drift it and no one did for the rest of the event.

    Sorry for my bad english, it’s late here. But i guess you can still get my points.

    Have a great season everyone !