Initial D – Special Edition Now on Netflix Instant Streaming

Posted on Jan 20, 2011 In International Japanese Merchandise Video Xbox

If your at all like the people in our office you spend most of your day watching Netflix Instant Streaming. In fact, most of the time your actual Netflix DVD’s just sit around collecting dust until weeks later they magically get back in the mailbox. If your an Initial D fan you can find the 2005 Special Edition DVD available for streaming. The drifting movie On the Scene: Drift Battle we reported on last spring is still available for Netflix Instant Streaming as well. Say goodbye to work productivity until lunchtime today.


  1. justin says:

    watched this many of times lol

  2. SHAWLEY says:

    Not avaliable in Canada! Boooo

  3. blaze1 says:

    Probably since Jay Chou is in The Green Hornet.

  4. rotarypower says:

    Saw that 2 weeks ago I was like waaat I. Had to watch it lol

  5. Billy says:

    Sucks though cuz it’s in Chinese…not very authentic IMO.

  6. tirekicker says:

    Uhhh, I’m pretty sure the Chinese is authentic when it was filmed and acted in by Chinese people?