Justin Pawlak’s Truck/Trailer and Mazda Rx-7 Stolen [URGENT]

Posted on Jan 19, 2011 In Formula D Justin Pawlak

Last night Justin Pawlak had his Chevrolet 2500HD stolen and attached to it was his 26 foot enclosed Aztex trailer. Inside the trailer tragically was his green Mazda Rx-7! The picture above is how it looked upon being stolen. The trailer had two sets of wheels inside it (2 18×10.5 SSR Typer F wheels and 2 18×11 Volk TE37s). The trailer also had a Craftsman tool box full of tools. Please call or email me. It was stolen between midnight and 2am from Maywood St. in Eaglerock. Call Justin at: 623-332-6766 (Hotline shop number) if you have any urgent information leading to his stuff and let’s help him get his stuff back from thieves Wrecked Magazine!



  1. This is Such a Sad Story. We will keep a look out in the 818 & 661.

  2. petite pounder says:

    fucking horseshit by some fucking thieves. i hope this one gets found.

  3. Robert Ferguson says:

    Did Cody Parkhouse’s car, truck, and trailer ever get found? Just seems really odd that these two amazing cars would be stolen just a couple of months from eachother, and alot in the same fashion. There is no way these cars can be passed off as anyone elses. Who ever is doing this, knows what is in the trailers, and is an absolute moron.

  4. Wrecked Magazine says:

    Here are all the parts according to JTP:

    DG-5 coilovers with 8kg front and 6kg rear springs
    GP sports super angle kit
    HotLine Spindle modification with camber modification
    battle version toe links in the rear
    mazdaspeed individual camber adjusters
    mazdaspeed center camber adjuster
    mazdaspeed dtts eliminator kit
    energy suspension bushing kit

    stock calipers
    SS brake lines
    pbr pads

    street port s5 13b-t
    1000cc pri and sec inj
    Haltech e8
    Borg Warner s300 series turbo
    setrab 635 dual oil coolers
    aeromotive tsunami fuel pump/aeromotive fpr
    HotLine fuel surge tank
    all -6 fuel lines
    Tial blow off valve
    dual 44mm tial wastegates

    OS-Giken twin disc clutch
    OS-Giken super lock lsd
    stock t2 trans/driveshaft/axles
    Mazdaspeed hard rubber diff mounts, transmission mounts and motor mounts

    ssr type f’s
    17×10-18 front 18×11-5 rear
    Falken RT-615K
    235/40/17 245/40/18

  5. jtp says:

    shine auto front fenders (modified to +45mm)
    HotLine 50mm rear fenders
    bn sports body kit
    garage bb rear spoiler
    lexan rear hatch

  6. Doc says:

    Does any of this stuff have serial numbers on it? I wish all aftermarket parts had them laser etched into the metal so they can be tracked.

  7. First Cody Parkhouse and his 240SX and now this. What is this already messed up world coming to. I only wish I was in the area to help, but I’m in Nevada. I’ll still keep an eye out for both missing cars and trucks and trailers.

    With the this theft I think it’s all the more reason to have a GPS locator hidden in the truck, the trailer, the car, and the toolchest. Just saying, let’s take this as a learning opportunity for all of us while we look and keep hope.

  8. blaze1 says:

    I don’t know about you guys… but this means war!

    Got my eyes wide open out here in the I.E.

  9. J240 says:

    I’ll keep an eye out. Damn this must really suck considering that it was the car that really got you into drifting. As a fellow man in the northeast I’ll look around.

  10. Danny George says:

    Gotta be same guys involved. It would be hard to get rid of all the parts. My guess would be its going to mexico. I mean really what could they do with it here in the scene.

    I hope all theives get hit by a bus. Can’t even imagine my whole package all gone. Obviously watching him or be inside the circle of friends/aquaintences. To plan to take the car and trailer while everything is hooked up. Both him and cody’s stuff happen with the car in the trailer. The chances are slim.

  11. John Smith says:

    I cant believe this kind of bullsh1t can happen ! this guy worked his ass off to put this car together and for some lazzy looser to just take it ?! …WTF … i hope you find everything in one piece well thats if its not a insurance job ? hummmmmm

  12. derek losano says:

    great idea is to purchase a 15 doller harbor freight driveway alert. place the motion sensor inside the truck on the floor board (anywhere) then place the alert modual inside your house. the alert will be silent to theives but loud as shit for you. it works from 400ft away. gives you an alert if anyone gets inside your vehicle. i have one in my garage and it works awesome. get the sneak attack on the theives. i reccomended this to the honda guys in DETROIT. great replys too.

  13. rotarypower says:

    This is a sad day in the rotary community not only was this car was an icon it was an inspiration we all know fd’s hog all the glory I watched Justin over the years develop this car into a bad ass rotary sliding machine and really represented for us FC owners I hope and pray that someone will locate it..just makes me sick to my stomach knowing what might happen if its not found soon!!!!

  14. jtp says:

    john, this is absolutely not an insurance job. i didn’t have insurance on the fc since it’s a race car. and my truck insurance doesn’t cover the trailer or car. any anyways money can’t replace this car.. it means more than any money is worth to me…

    I’m offering a $5000 cash reward to any information that leads to the locating and retrieval of my green fc rx7 and chevy truck. please spread the word, I need the car and truck back.

  15. Brandon says:

    DAMN THIEVES!!! I’ll keep a lookout in the 408 area. People need to stop being douchebags and go buy their own cars! What was the license plate on the truck? Any outstanding things like dents or scratches?

  16. jtp says:

    there’s a just drift sticker on the lower left rear window of the truck and it has an os giken license plate frame

  17. Krabby Patty says:

    Damn this is gay. Why are people such fucktards? I really hope this car if found and that the thieves are apprehended. Obviously, the thefts of Justin’s and Cody’s cars aren’t coincidences. These people obviously know what they’re after and it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught. For anyone else with drift cars, i suggest that you invest in the product that Derek is talking about. It would definitely help when these scumbags go for another car. Justin, I wish all the best for your car; I can’t imagine someone stealing something as valuable as that car is to you.

  18. Black Rocket says:

    Posted the info on our site. Hope it’ll be recovered.

  19. RichG says:

    some people are such scumbags! best of luck Justin (really sorry to hear about this news)

  20. paul says:

    ill keep my eye out up here in new england,also keep an eye out on ebay for that parts

  21. Doug VDB says:


    I’m very sorry for your loss. I can only imagine how much this car means to you…. I hope it turns up soon…

    Best of luck….

  22. MannyNJ says:

    Im up for death penarty to car thieves! seriously!

  23. Dunlop says:

    fucking horseshit by some fucking thieves.

  24. John Smith says:

    jtp sorry bro didnt mean to disrespect,i know and damm wish you did have everything insured 🙁 … I POSTED THIS ON MY FACEBOOK AS I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD TO SPREAD THE WORD —-> http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/blog/2011/01/19/justin-pawlaks-trucktrailer-and-mazda-rx-7-stolen-urgent/

  25. Terry says:

    Don’t know if you were in it on it or not, but I just saw a movie today called 200 mph and your car was in it. It’s on netflix if you haven’t seen it. Thought that might help out

  26. Scott says:

    Hey has this thing been found yet? If not i watched a movie the other day on netflix called 200mph and JTP’s fc DEFINITELY was in it had drift alliance stickers n everything movie came out in 2011 soo itd be about the time of the disappearance

  27. TREE says:

    Hey bro i saw your set up a month or so before it was gone im a local around garage boso not putting too much detail where since ppl steal cars so much these dayz but i just saw 200mph was this after or before because it bothers me seeing it and not knowing if it was ever found… =[