Xtreme Drift Circuit is No Longer Formula Drift Pro Am Series

Posted on Jan 18, 2011 In Formula D Pro Am XDC

For the 2011 season the XDC series will no longer be an official Formula Drift Pro-Am affiliate. The Formula Drift Am series is already too weak of a support program for upcoming professional drivers. Not sure where the fall out between these two organizations came from but I think Formula Drift should actively look at reacquiring the property to strengthen the Am series here in the United States. Hopefully we can provide some updates on this before the 2011 Xtreme Drift Circuit (XDC) schedule kicks off in early March.


  1. Mike peters says:

    This seems odd, xdc is/was a fantastic feeder/tier2 series.

  2. YOitzjdm says:

    now XDC has nearly 0 legitimacy. NOPI had good payouts, and had a payout at the end of the season. XDC has pretty crappy payouts, and no end-of-season purse, and now no FD licenses to give out.

    fail fail fail.

  3. kOOpA says:

    the formula drift pro am series is weak, soooooo you drop the am series that is doing really well?


  4. i says:

    kOOpA… either you are not in the loop or you are making a direct blow to guys like evergreen drift, streetwise, thunder drift, whatever other pro am program is out there, and even just drift (who produced maeng, jtp, essa, etc., if i may add), big statement

  5. AE86_Fan says:

    LMAO @ yoitzjdm… no legitimacy, keep swinging on FD’s nuts..

  6. Cody says:

    sooo what does that mean for up and comers? does that mean that theres going to be no pro lisences to be given? what about people who are already basically there? do they just get screwed out of their hard work?

  7. Steve Mum says:

    yeah, odd. i don’t think it matters. drifters will drift regardless of the word pro/am. all that matters is they have a good track to unleash the beast!

    FD had a good thing. but i guess we’ll be seeing a zillion pro/am’s pop up, too bad they wont be a national series like the xdc where you could really get your feet wet on a good track rather than zipping around a bunch of cones in a parking lot.

    strange, but again, doesn’t really matter. at least for the xdc it doesn’t matter.

  8. kOOpA says:

    bit of a misunderstanding. i know there are lots of series that produce awesome drivers, and feed into FD. i was talking about FD specifically doing pro-am, which i guess they don’t even do. now that i think of it, pro-am at FD atlanta has been run by local guys.

    no offense to anyone, i wasn’t talking about local series doing pro-am =p i was talking about FD doing its own pro-am junk.

    in any case, i’m still confused as to why XDC wouldn’t be a feeder to FD.

  9. rabbit88 says:

    I would be interested to hear what the guys at FD or XDC have to say.

  10. Steve Mum says:

    who needs the licenses anyhow. if you’ve got money or you are sponsor backed, you can buy your way in. not that hard to get an FD license. now actually knowing how to drift well, that’s hard!!

  11. Tony says:

    “in any case, i’m still confused as to why XDC wouldn’t be a feeder to FD.”

    MONEY, this is serious business.

  12. Jelani says:

    Drifting is to young for all this BS drama amungst organizations be it american or japanese, theres too much crap going on, these guys(girls) just wana drive and compeat and thats what its about and that what they need to get back to, the sports to young for this they are gonna risk ruining it

  13. blaze1 says:

    Remember guys you can petition for a FD licence by sending FD a resume. I’m pretty sure someone who finishes top 3 in that series would be under great consideration.

    I’m eager to see some changes to the XDC rule book in response to this.

  14. S says:

    i still think this is some evil plot to stir up drama in the scene when none of it is necessary. what happened to the good old days where people gathered in the streets to see who’s nuts were bigger. bring back those days!

  15. Dick C says:

    Just drift for fun…screw licenses….if you drift well, you will get noticed.

  16. Mike Burns says:

    I love the idea of XDC becoming it’s own awesome series. A lot of people in XDC have no desire for FD, nor can they afford it. I hope XDC continues to grow, and serve as a fun, competitive, realistic drifting series for top grassroots drivers.

  17. MannyNJ says:

    Maybe (and I hope) is a good thing, hopefully XDC will come the their own, and be a really good no crap series. with true and fun Driftin.

  18. wrecking ball says:

    I agree with Jelani. Everyone is starting to sound like some paranoid conspricy theorist… FD out to ruin the world, it costs a million dollars to register for FD, XDC should compete against FD, who needs licenses becuase we are against the man… goodness,I dont think one group out there is holding events just to loose money to the charity they call drifting. Just let people run their businesses. Support it if you want or not, your choice.

  19. Swann says:

    more reason for drivers with FD in mind to drive the Midwest Drift Union season 😉

  20. Matt Petty says:

    Our plan was to pay out to drivers in the AM ranks. What they chose to do with the money is theirs alone. This is a series for dudes to grow and “get their feet wet” so to speak in honest competition.
    If you win you can use the money to buy into FD if you like.. Or spend it on drinks at the bar.

    XDC in my mind is for fun first, with good payouts for drivers who dont have the money to burn on a full cross country jaunt for drifting.

    The working mans series so to speak.

  21. XDC is the series to be in, super exciting and well run. cant wait for irwindale!

  22. Matt Waldin says:

    Petty, you should write speaches for presidents. Very well put.

  23. 240sam says:

    doesn’t seem fair that FD makes XDC pay for licenses when some other pro/ams get them for free. maybe because XDC is gaining sponsors and momentum, FD wants a piece of it?? or to stop it. doesn’t the sponsor dollars go towards drivers prize money anyhow… so why would FD want it to go in their pockets instead? screw the politics, however i would VOTE PETTY for President!! maybe he could petition a relief plan for drifters, or drinkers! heh

  24. matt petty says:

    sorry guys i wrote that real fast on my way out the door and didn’t proof read it at ALL….////…..Obviously, i mean look at it. I barely understand what i wrote.

  25. jstwatchin says:

    Losing professional affiliations is what happens when you decide to drop in on already established markets and on top of other groups event series’s like DMCC, Evergreen, SWD, and even FD without regard to the efforts of those that have worked long and hard to grow their events and thier grassroots drivers into Pro AM and on to FD pro. Its pretty obvious that the XDC show tour guys are gonna do what they want regardless of who it effects negativly. The FD Pro AM affiliates will continue to do right by FD and the drivers like
    they always have. The drivers in those Pro AM regions will stick to thier roots and continue grow with em. Its just a matter seeing
    that XDC gets out of thier series’s back yards so they can continue to get it done without interuption. There is a case that FD might
    want to consider which would be to ensure that the pro am groups can up the antie for the drivers with some additional support structures
    in place in addition to the licence opportunity for drivers that is already there. Food for thought. NEXT