D1GP Bans Naoki Nakamura for an “Indefinite Time” from the Series

According to the Speedhunters Facebook fan page D1GP has banned Naoki Nakamura from the D1GP series for an unstated or undisclosed amount of time. He is quite a fan favorite in the Silvia community and with Team Burst. The man who has piloted the KoyoRad S15 will no longer be welcome into the series that seems to be facing enough problems with the founders leaving and Yokohama Tires exit.


Read About Nakamura Busted Here: Nakamura of Team Burst Arrested for Street Drifting North of Osaka, Japan


  1. blaze1 says:

    Don’t know what to say

    Option video used to be all about street drifting, even held a team street drift comp. But that was back then and this is now… on paper this seems like the correct thing to do.

  2. Brandon says:

    Noooooooo!!!!! This isn’t helping D1’s case at all. Hopefully Keiichi Tsuchiya will start up a new series and let him compete. He was one of my favs! 🙁

  3. Devil in a Red Dress says:

    RISKY DEVIL!!!!111!!!!!!!!

  4. thelolbus says:

    Getting kicked out of a dying series? Doesn’t sound so bad. I am tempted to say Nakamura should come to fd, but it would never work out and he’d probably lose some of his appeal over here.

  5. blaze1 says:


    To say D1 is dieing is essentially saying drifting is dieing in japan a whole PERIOD. And that my friend is a scary thought. KT and Dai are trying to take steps back not forward.

    Back on top Nakamura would have gotten away if it wasn’t for his big ass raver pants getting stuck under the gas pedal.

  6. beto says:

    Ban the guy with actual street cred right.

  7. Warren says:


    What are you talking about? Seriously, most popular D1 drivers even says that now D1 sucks with that “who have the biggest power number” contest.

    Are you hating on Burst team leader or I totally missunderstood what you said?
    Nakamura’s pants are construction worker pants which are called Nikka Pokka, it has nothing to do with “raver pants”. Which never get stuck under the gas pedal btw.

  8. Crispy Cool says:

    i wouldn’t say that its dieing in japan. tho D1GP is def trying to kill it.

    but regardless its not dieing, and its not going away. We will have to wait and see what 2011 will bring about all of this.

  9. kOOpA says:

    Nearly every D1 driver has street cred.

    Option and D1 are no longer one and the same. I hope Naoki takes part in the new series being started by Tsuchiya and Inada, I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Plus, there’s still MSC.

    It would be cool to see him stateside… If there was more of an outlet for professional team tandem. His tsuiso is awesome, but the team tandem really made Team Burst famous.

  10. thelolbus says:

    I don’t think the death of d1 would kill drifting at all. To me d1 seems to be almost a Nascar of drifting, the majority of the fanbase doesn’t even own a rwd car and will probably never hit the track. The people who keep drifting alive are the ones just out at any given trackday killing it.

  11. blaze1 says:

    “the majority of the fanbase doesn’t even own a rwd car and will probably never hit the track”

    Where do you get your statistics from?

  12. D-Bo says:

    Blaze1 youre a douche among douches. You’re posts are always pointless and fanboyish. Start reporting on DDR or something else a little more your speed.

  13. blaze1 says:

    So me asking about realistic statistics backing such a claim is…douchey? lol

    Or is it the fact I wont support KT and Dais second crusade of selling DVDs and Magazines?

    Whats your solution D-Bo…let me guess jack me for my gold chain? Please don’t, my grand-mama gave me that. 🙂

  14. nattylight says:

    Well it is Friday blaze lol
    Nakumuras pants do look like what a 90s raver would wear

  15. blaze1 says:


    What series are you watching? A decade later and its the same ole S15 dominating, and its pushing like 600PS with the help of nitrous. There has been 700-1000PS cars that have entered and have not done well. But Droo-Ps 275PS bottle fed corolla still manages a podium at least a couple times per season.

    Sorry for the pants mistake, but his style totally screams 1999 industrial goth raver, only thing missing are glow sticks and a candy necklace. Sick driver though, very unfortunate events that are unraveling in these early months.

  16. Jazz says:

    I’m down w/ blaze1, dude cares.

    But fereal, street drifting is cool. Real deal renegade.

  17. thelolbus says:

    Blaze I have 0 statistics, I should have mentioned that I for the most part am talking out of my ass when I say the majority of the fanbase doesn’t seem really even drift. But that’s just the way I see it from every event I’ve seen or been to, the parking lot rarely has anything rwd, and the crowd seems to mostly be families or average Joes that would never hit the track and the occasional real driver. I am talking d1 Japan here too.

    Also you’re not a douche, I love talking to you or watching your posts about drifting, you are by far the most educated person in drifting it seems, at least from the internet, and it’s a little scary at times. If anything you should have your own blog for news and all that binnis. Seriously get on that, if Joey can make a career out of it then you could probably make a killing.

  18. blaze1 says:


    I actually have a offer of that nature on the table…but not actually looking to make major stacks or anything like that. The issue is I work for a major corporation that’s really anal about Internet activity. Rumor has it my predecessor was terminated because of something he said online.

    So I have to watch my self a bit, and if I cant put 110% into my posts why do it at all on such a scale. But if I can figure out a way to balance the two with out affecting my “career” you will see my posts on a larger scale real soon!

    Thanks for the support.

  19. TL14K says:

    They should ban a majority of all competitors then. I bet a large majority of everybody participating in D1 has or still occassionally street drifts..Just cause they haven’t been caught, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing it.

    IDK why the topic went to about D1 becoming a dying series..Even if that’s the case, D1 is still better than Formula D.

  20. Warren says:

    Blaze, I’m watching 0 series, or atleast not the most popular ones.
    Track competitions, MSC and the likes are way more interesting to watch.
    Seeing how you talk you belong to Formula D with their truck engines and SUV look a like cars.
    Even Kumakubo is saying that this race for the most powered car is boring and requires less skills than with lower modified cars.

    ’bout Nakmura’s pants, its more like rave scene got inspired by japanese construction worker pants that exists since like 200 years (even more probably).

    Lets see how KT and Dai series will be, pretty sure more interesting that this D1 Yakuza held non sense.