Ian Fournier Goes V8 for Formula Drift 2011

Posted on Jan 2, 2011 In Formula D Major Announcements

Over on Fatlace today they talked about Ian Fournier coming to visit the store and a Titan V8 that was given to Ian for the 2011 Formula Drift season. This should help Ian make his four door Skyline more competitive and a nice boost in torque to compete in Formula Drift. How does everyone think the Canadian can do for the 2011 season?

Source: Fatlace.com


  1. tirekicker says:

    The V8 era is over.
    Just sayin’.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ugh. Lame.

  3. storm says:


    v8’s are officially gay. they make it too easy. lets throw some good ol’ turbo lag at these professional drifters for a change…. o_O

  4. storm says:

    and one more thing… who the hell has the right mind to v8 a perfectly good RB?!?!?!?! WTF DUDE. its just not right.

  5. Mike Peters says:

    a JZ or a 20b would have been cooler

  6. blaze1 says:

    Man… acting like a RB25 cant make 400HP reliable.

  7. Justin B says:

    Hey, if someone gave me a FREE V8, I wouldn’t turn it down. If you can make more power for cheaper, why complain?

    However, with that said, I think people are underestimating what the tire rule will do. I’m worried that many competitors going V8 will have too much power. With what I was able to see at Irwindale, I think Ian will do well, though.

  8. thelolbus says:

    Said it before will say it again.

    Shakespeare got to get paid son.

  9. Johnny-O says:

    Ian looked good at Irwindale, and his car sounded cool. I think he just needed a season of learning the FD landscape, kinda like Pat Mordaunt. I’d expect him to win a few tandem battles and surprise a few people in 2011 regardless of what engine he has.

    I hope he doesn’t run into technical issues since he’s changing to a new motor setup and he doesn’t have much time or money to R&D things

  10. rotarypower says:

    So tired of the v8 bullshit its almost becoming comical

  11. storm says:

    honestly we might as well call it stock car drifting because all it is now, is a bunch of sheet metal with v8’s am i right? i predict 2 years from now formula d will be in the exact situation of D1 and there will be two different series competing in the US. v8’s are BORING.

  12. blaze1 says:

    If someone gave me a free V8…I would buy a camaro.

  13. TL14K says:

    Another perfect example how Formula D has become a sell-out. Bring on the Lowes and Home Deopt sponsored cars.

    There’s no longer a sense of style in pro competition like there used to be. Everybody, for the most part, is driving a V8 something with a custom wide, molded kit and aero, big GT wing, and their sponsors’ logos and colors plastered on every damn available spot. Matt Powers and Mad Mike are the only 2 in FD that still carry that sense of style and individuality that is what drifting is supposed to be about. If somebody tried to give me a free V8 for my S chasis, i’d do take it to sell it and if they wouldn’t allow it, i’dtell them to get lost. Hopefully some drivers still keep in touch with the grassroots and won’t sell out just because somebody’s trying to give them free stuff. That’s like ditching a set of TE37s cause somebody wants to give you a free set of Rotas 0_o GAY!

  14. MannyNJ says:

    V8 on an skyline, that makes me sad

  15. Matt Powers says:

    I dont know why people care about the v8 thing so much. Maybe its because all of my friends arent car dorks. I dont care what motor a car has, it means nothing to me. Its about drifting, not about repping the “turbo lifestyle'”

  16. Thank you Matt. Very well put. I hope to see more “privateers” becoming more competitive this coming year with their new engine choices. Keep drifting fun, dont get mad over engine selections.

  17. cororrra says:

    i used to think pro drifting was cool haha

  18. lucky7thirt33n says:

    If you were fortunate to participate in a competition where everyone was sporting a pair of NIKE AIR shoes, would you compete in your Birkenstocks? Or accept a pair of NIKE AIR shoes and join the fun?

    It’s not always about what you got, it’s about how well the Driver and Team executes.

  19. mark says:

    The only real reason we’ve moved from the RB to the VK8 is cause its really the only way to compete in the top8. It’s sad it’s turned into a V8 battle but there’s no way to compete with the guys up top. Top 8 Drifting will always have the same battle unless the privateers drop v8’s in. Sad but true.

  20. chris jeanneret says:

    i dont get it either , if we started with v8s people would be pissed if we went to anything but lol , i told ian to do this a long time ago atleast it wont over heat as much 🙂

  21. Mike Peters says:

    It gets boring seeing the same exact thing in everyones car.

    As a car guy, things that are done differently, like rotary powered subaru brat’s, are cool.

    You *can* be competitive and do something creative as well.

  22. Justin B says:

    I probably know of two reasons the V8s are hated.

    1. People are view V8s in general are overcoming the sport and becoming boring. They are also ignoring the fact there is more than one way to skin a cat (ie: Mice versus Rats and supercharged V8s versus NA V8s). Just because it’s a V8 doesn’t mean it can’t be done orginally.

    2. The “if it’s over 6 cylinders, it ain’t JDM” type mentality. You know, the Drifting Hipsters, the people who will say you sold out just because you have someone paying you for something you started out doing for free or paying completly out of pocket.

  23. erich hagen says:

    I’m with matt on this one. Who is also I’m pretty sure the only one commenting here that even drives in real life and is in fd.
    Who cares what’s In the car. V8/1j/rb/rotary most of you would take a free engine regardless of what it was especially after your current setup was on its way out as of the last fd round.

    I know ian personally and I can promise no matter what engine is in his car it will still look good and will still be driven in an awesome manner by ian.

    This whole v8 ruins drifting is getting annoying. If you hate em that much than build your sweet turbo cars and run em. Stop cryin bout everyone elses cars hahaa

  24. Mike Peters says:

    v8’s didn’t ruin drifting.

    Lack of creativity, stock camshafts, and people drifting at 3krpm, and texting between throttle inputs ruined the coolness of v8’s in general.

    If this has some cool headers, camshafts that aren’t showroom equipment in a truck, and is driven at over 6k constantly, then it will probably be cool.

    If it sounds like a Chevrolet Suburban with turndowns, and seems like the driver is storing eggs under the gas pedal, then it will fit what has become the stereotypical v8, and that is gay.

  25. petite pounder says:

    wow. i just respected matt powers that much more as of his post today. between raising his car and getting a v8 and repping it….who are fanboys gonna ride the nuts of?

    running a high strung 4 cyl can be problematic. for instance look at ken gushi when he was using the BEAMS motor. nearly every round he was having motor problems. when the game is all about reliablity, you go with what will get u a win…not how “omg will i be helladope with my turbo rotary that wont last 2 runs back to back?”

  26. Umai Kakudo says:

    Even with the tire rule big displacement NA will still have reliability, cost, and serviceability advantages over turbo with minimal weight penalty.

    For the privateer teams like Ian being able to run a near stock engine with pump gas is much more cost effective than a RB tuned to an inch of it’s life on race gas making the engine program much more budget friendly. I’d rather see the privateers out there at more rounds than have them spend more money on a non V8 setup.

    The smart teams will figure out how to put the power down with a narrower tire. Teams with 2nd tier tiers will be at even more of a disadvantage.

    The advantages of a broad, flat power band with less heat and complexity of no turbo plumbing will continue to make the large displacement NA engines hard to beat in pro drifting. With championships and paychecks on the line why disadvantage yourself when you can net more reliability and driveability at the same time?

    In the future when the support is there I’d love to see an unrestricted ‘F1’ type series and another series that is more restricted ala D1 SL. Then we could have our cake and eat it to.

  27. johnny says:

    So what you’re saying mike is people with v8’s that can’t drive ruined v8’s in drifting?

    Fournier is going to fd. The guy can drive, and he needs horsepower to be competitive. He doesn’t have a lot of money.

    Who can blame him for putting a v8 in the car so he can afford to compete.
    Who cares what the JDM turbo lifestyle boys want in FD. The can go watch D1, this is America.

    Over here we race v8’s and do sh*t on our own terms. Its always been like that.

  28. tirekicker says:

    Umai presents a good point, but I think for the fellas that AREN’T running Falken RT615ks, it’s gonna be hard layin’ that power to the road without just spinning the tires away. Some V8s will do good. Others are gonna be heeeellllaaaaa slow.

  29. Jelani says:

    uh the falkens arent just the key to laying power down i mean you can think just cause everyone who wins wears falkens its the tires its more so the team backing the cars and setup because there are negatives to the falkesn like the fact that they get oil slick when they get overheated which is almost immediately epespically going into one more times and re runs, hence why you see so many good falkes given away at the events and them swtiching alot during one more times the treads still there but the tires are simply to hot to girp and its really easy to do that in the falkens.

    also im over v8 swaps in general thats just me not hatin on ian because im a friend but im just over the swap in general i miss the sound of roaring inline six’s dualing it out and screaming 4 bangers but thats just me

  30. Erik says:

    I personally think that with all these V-8 swaps Formula D is turning into D1 USA. D1 is having the problem of alot of the cars being too fast and making it uncompetitive. Formula D is getting that way with almost everyone running a V-8. The tire rule will not solve this problem people will just detune the motors a little. I don’t have anything against the people swapping in V-8’s, I know their trying to be competitive but this sport is getting to the point where if you don’t have a V-8 or don’t have loads of money your not gonna go anywhere.

  31. Tsunami-DONNY says:


    People smashed Rhys for being factory backed in drifting.

    People are smashing Ian for putting a Nissan V8, or V8 in general into a Nissan.

    No one smashed Chris Forsberg for using a CORR Nissan engine?

    Y’all N***as is assbackwards, I’m just saying. Hate all around, or just stop hating.

  32. lex says:

    should be rad…. or not.

  33. Its nice to see Ian moving to a motor that will keep him competitive in FD.
    Before every JDM fanboi starts hating on Ian check out this post from the DriftSafari website.

    “ian [Moderator] 3 weeks ago
    its just it takes alot of money to get a 25 or 30 or what ever to be competitive enough to keep up with drivers in the top16 and h…igher. so vk will be a cheaper way to consistantly stay up in the top 16 and if some sponsors come and can help me build a competitive rb im all game, still a staight six guy. also if i go v8 then the 25 will go in to my other 4door for amature events :)”

    As you can see Ian is still going to be rocking the RB series motor in his other 4 door drift car, but the pro car needed more to be competitive.


  34. MannyNJ says:

    cuz the only thing worst than a V8 swap, is an american V8 in japanese car.
    is like getting a nice ice cream cone, taking the ice cream out and putting $#!+ in it.
    just IMO

  35. zack geng says:

    Mark & Matt said it the best, see you all at fd next season.

  36. Brandon Foreman says:

    It’s too early to make a decision to support this or not. If it works, it works. If not, then maybe we haven’t seen the end of the rb. Either way, the guy can obviously drive. Maybe this is just what he needs to get his name out there a bit. And if he gets discovered, maybe whoever discovers him will help him out with the rb. I’m willing to give him a year with a v8, just to see what changes. You all should do the same. 🙂

  37. Jeff Abbott says:

    He is a cool guy and a good driver. I wish him well. He will now have 4 more cylinders than me LOL!!

  38. GarrettCardoso says:

    V8 in a Skyline, that actually might work. I wish him luck!

  39. who cares says:

    Jelani is a retard.

    also where is nig lip teddy so he can cry about this some more

  40. castro says:

    V8’s ruined Nascar !!
    I wish Toyota Camry was running the V6 engine.
    Im sure the JDM points would give them the extra HP their engine lacks

    get it???

  41. CJ total Overit says:

    Im actually really sad for a lot of the dudes here- the ones complaining about v8s being lame and ruining anything.

    When you first saw drifting were you like “GOD THATS COOL! IT HAS 2L OF DISPLACEMENT”?

    Your complaining is like saying “This girl gave me an amazing blowjob but after she got a haircut I thought her blowjobs were weak”

    Its not about the hair, its about the bj kids. Maybe if you spent more time with chicks* and less time faping to stretched tires your life would suck less.

    *Not car girls. And the “models” dont count, so stop taking your picture with them.

  42. matt petty says:

    Well said CJ..car dorks, get fucked!

  43. Danny George says:

    This is only for reliability right?if not where does the v8 benefit in terms of speed. Seems like there’s only a few things to get faster during the slide and power doesn’t seem to be it. V8 n/a will be less power then a decent safe rb won’t it?

    I’d think if people wanted more speed they would be messing with suspension and tire more so then just power. Or loose some car weight. Obviously I haven’t competed at that level yet so I’m curious at what point does the v8 make it better?

  44. Marty says:

    Are you saying you don’t like my blowjobs anymore Petty?

  45. tider says:

    Hey, if you got the money so Ian can be more competitive with the 25, put it up. If not, then he’s got to do what he’s got to do to show his skills.

  46. halfbridge says:

    cant wait to see forcefeds hack job of putting that V8 in ian skyline…

  47. Neal says:

    What ever ian does is gunna be sick if any of you have ever seen his car in person or know him at all you know what im talking about.
    and Danny George i have one word for you, torque!

  48. cypher says:

    trust me i have known this kid for a long time ever time i call him he is under his car. seen him come a long way and he will go even further. he is a good friend and has skills most would not believe plus always workn at his shop

  49. cypher says:

    and there is a 350z with a nascar engine in it…..its creativity setting trends…….building cars is forever changing…like canvas painting. and how many can get that far within a year ???????