Gardella Narrows Driver Search to Top 3

Posted on Dec 22, 2010 In Uncategorized

Gardella Racing has had an open driver search for the last few months. They are looking to add a second driver to their Formula D team.  Today Gardella posted on his blog that he has narrowed the search to his top 3 picks: Patrick Cyr, Chelsea Denofa & Eric O’Sullivan. May the best man win.


  1. DoubleD says:

    Pat Cyr!!ALLL the way!!!

  2. Isupportdrifting says:

    DeNofa has the ability and bear out Cyr at the majority if events that both attended. DeNofa has held a Formula D license for several years… Circumstances and dedication / loyalty to his sponsors and to the XDC Series crowned him XDC Champion 2010, let’s see him win Formula D driving with Gardella. DeNofa’s got what it takes… and consistently has proven that…

  3. A Friend of Chealsea, but also the truth says:

    While Chealsea did win XDC, a tier 2 series, he was 1 of 2 drivers who did the whole series. He’s been driving in stunt schools since a child, and he has been drifting since before Formula Drift even existed.

    Cyr is a relative newcomer, and I think he has beaten Chealsea when they have competed.

    Osullivan has thrown down the gauntlet in his homeland, but has had trash to drive here.

    I think Cyr has the most potential, Denofa has the most experience, Osullivan is a balance of the two.

    I would like to see Chealsea win, but then again all I’ve ever seen is event recaps, and him picking on the local 100% amateur drivers at Texas events in thrown together street cars on used tires.

  4. J240 says:

    Denofa should really get this.

  5. Chelsea DeNofa hands down.. A beast at driving and a all around great guy. He would do the sport some good.. Balls to the wall action from him… TX pride baby!!

  6. tirekicker says:

    What i don’t get is why if Denofa had an FD license for the past few years, did he not use it? He hasn’t even done one FD event…?

  7. marc says:

    pat already beat denofa in round 6 this year at dallas

  8. blaze1 says:

    don’t mean isssshhh

  9. facts says:

    @ tire kicker
    If you think that DMCC is supposed to be considered multi professional your kidding yourself. XDC is a step above and when the Canadian guys come down they arent sweeping the series. XDC round 4 was a perfect example 3 canadians showed up and none of them were on the podium. Matt waldin doesnt count because he drives in canada to win when hes from the states and hes better suited to be in FD.

    For everyone else EOS deserves this I dont know the guy or really like him for that matter but hes spent time in Fd and for any Pro am driver who thinks they can just hop on up to Fd and do well they are kidding themselves. It takes at least a solid season to get adjusted to the seriousness of FD as well as being able to talk to your crew in a manner to make the correct changes needed to be competitive.
    Let the hating continue

  10. KevinG says:

    Pat Cyr is an awesome driver. He finish second in the DMCC Championship in 2009 & 2010. He finish 1st at the Pro-AM National at Irwindale. So GO pat Cyr 🙂

  11. Sileighty91 says:

    Nick Hogan simply because his dad is the best candidate to become Ryan Tuercks bodyguard. Have you ever tried to get to that kid. You would think he’s the president of the United States! I ran around Irwindale trying to get his signature on my favorite Formula D t-shirt, but to my dismay, he was unreachable! I WILL FIND YOU TUERCK!