Gardella Racing’s Bruce Soltys Passed Away This Weekend RIP

Posted on Nov 29, 2010 In Formula D Major Announcements Ryan Tuerck

Everyone on the paddock recognizes Bruce Soltys from the Gardella Racing crew. He has been Gary Gardella’s truck driver for over five years from drag racing into drifting and when you visited the Gardella Racing pits he never lacked things to talk about. He also was making some delicious food in the pits that he was desperate to feed you anytime you were around the Gardella Racing/Mobil 1 rig. Replacing him for the 2011 Formula Drift season will be an impossible task for Gary Gardella and regardless of who it is we will always miss Bruce at the track.


  1. Jarod DeAnda says:

    You’ll be missed buddy! Thanks for all the great stories, memories and of course the razzing and jokes you gave me!!! Rest in peace buddy! Great phot btw!

  2. Matt Petty says:

    A truly awesome dude, with an endless pit of interesting conversation. Bruce will be missed. Thanks for the Allen keys Bruce!

  3. JacobPhoto says:

    RIP 🙁

  4. conspire says:

    definitely a great guy who will be missed by all who knew him

  5. erich hagen says:

    Rip buddy…I only talked with you a few times when changing nikolays tires but everytime was awesome! RIP bruce! Sad day indeed

  6. RichG says:

    our rig will never be the same, it hurts me to even look at it right now!

  7. Dennis Mertzanis says:

    a very sad day. Bruce is awesome. I loved hearing his stories, one of the most animated story tellers……he will be missed. Love this guy.

  8. Ron B says:

    I miss him already

  9. chris j says:

    stand up guy he was a great personality and will be missed

  10. Judy (Soltys) Norwood says:

    I want to thank all of my Brother’s friend and co workers for the very heart felt comments. He was a great Brother and will always be in my heart forever. Love you Bro

  11. GregV says:

    Love that photo.. Bruce was a great guy to talk to and I know he was well liked by a lot of guys in the community. RIP

  12. Ron B says:

    Services for our beloved Bruce:

    Buyus Fineral Home
    426 Lafayette St.
    Newark, NJ 07105
    Times 2-4 and 7-9

  13. Brian Casse says:

    RIP Bruce, you will be missed greatly. Ron B What day is the service?

  14. thatotherguy says:

    omg… sad 🙁 Bruce was awesome. loved that guy. would always BS when he had the time. the gardella pits will never be the same

  15. Dominique Zindt says:

    Hey everyone I am Bruce’s step-daughter and I know many of you also know my mom Kim and I read everything each and everyone of you wrote and it brings a smile to our faces to know how loved he was by his Racing Family and Friends! He was a great guy and he will live on in each and everyone one of our hearts

    His Services will be
    Buyus Fineral Home
    426 Lafayette St.
    Newark, NJ 07105
    Thursday December 2, 2010 Times 2-4 and 7-9

  16. haterdan says:

    this is awful. he was such an awesome dude that really made being stuck in the pits/starting line alot more fun.

  17. Tanner Foust says:

    Horrid news… Pits will never be the same. Condolences to his family, friends and team. RIP

  18. Casey l says:

    So sad it was always nice to go into the pits and be able to talk to Bruce. Awesome guy and very sad news to hear about this RIP Bruce.

  19. Mikey Portay says:

    WOW OMG THIS IS WACK AS HELL!!!!! A BAD DAY JUST GOT WORSE….Im gonna miss u buddy you were such a great guy always told it like it is. I would like to know some more info about the funeral, Id like to attend.

    I along with everyone else that knew will miss shootin the shit and makin bbq at each and every event!!

  20. Annie Birmingham a.k.a Annie D says:

    I met Bruce many years ago when he and his wonderful family lived on St. Charles Stret – downneck. Bruce had aspecial spark about him, he was such a fun person to be around, full of energy and always willing to lend a helping hand. Shirley, Judy Jean, Bruce Jr, Eddy and all of the Soltys family my thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of sadness. May he rest in peace and may his memory live on in our hearts forever.

  21. Mikey Portay says:

    Im sure there will be stickers…I WANT MORE THEN ONE PLEASE 😀

  22. Luke Lonberger says:

    This is terrible news. Bruce always put a smile on my face. First time I met him he was cooking in the Gardella racing pit and offered our entire team food. Such a giving guy. He always managed to make everyone around him laugh and smile. Rip.

  23. Brian W. says:

    that pic is priceless. RIP Bruce.

  24. petite pounder says:

    I remembering being in the pits and just sitting around listening to his stories.

  25. Jelani W says:

    That was one awesome dude who would give you the shirt of his back or wake up at 6 am to retrieve your car after helping to fix it for ya lol, awesome cook and great conversation and one tuff jersey guy who dont take no ish from no one.

    you will be missed thanx for all the help and advice the past year and was a pleasure to have met ya buddy

    RIP Bruce

  26. Kim Soltys says:

    I want to say to everybody that my husband was a really loving, giving, hard working, always enjoyed meeting everyone he met at each track he went. You all have touched him in many ways and made his life in racing become a family. When he was not racing he was still with racing watching every show he could with me. He always spoke about Chris Rado, Tanner, Ryan, Gary and so many others. He was blessed to have you all for his family and rest assured he will be there in spirit to watch over each and every driver, crew member, and Rig Driver and make sure you are all safe. He will be in those pits at every race, practice, and testing. I know he will never be forgotten the longer you keep him in your hearts the longer he will live with all of us. I want you all to know our home has an overwhelming feeling inside I know he is here with me. I am honored to have met many of you and seeing how much he touched the lives of many in the race world makes a time like this a little easier and can bring a smile to my face. I want to thank Gardella racing allowing me to go to the very first race and to go cross country with Bruce, I will treasure those times forever!
    Thank you Everyone,
    His loving wife Kim

  27. niquey says:

    i lovee youu cuzzzzz<3 thankss for everything yu have done for me and my cousins yu were a great step father nd a wonderful husband my cousin kimmy was lucky to have yu in her life. nowww while ur in heaven look down on us and guide us
    love yu cousin bruce <3

  28. Jack & Denise says:

    We lost one of our best friends on Saturday its to sad to even think about it just wanted to say we love you and we will sorely miss you. I guess we will always have the Canun trip and so many other moments to many to even mention LOVE YOU YOU BE MISSED!!!!!!
    From the HOBOKEN boys Jack, Mike, Gerard and the Seasied crew Denise, Old man Mike, Debbie Al, Pop,

  29. Helene & Doug says:

    It is so sad, Kim is my best friend and I was honored to have taken a special place at their wedding. He was a wonderful man in life and IS a wonderful spirit now that we will all keep alive in our memories. My deepest sympathies to Kim and those closest to him. Whether he knew you well or not – he always made you feel like a great friend. God Bless and keep you Bruce. Love Helene & Doug.

  30. Joe J Soto says:

    Bruce i miss you buddy. You were truly a great man. A man with unprecedented hospitality and a sense of humor i cant even begin to compare. We, your friends and family were truly blessed to have you grill us up a fantastic meal and make us laugh with you amazing stories and hilariously dirty jokes. I can remember when you would come home from off the road with story after story. You would also have tons of stuff me such as a mobil 1 t-shirt, a hat, key chain or a case of red bull cola. No matter what it was, i loved it. I loved it because it should that you thought of me while we were miles apart. That means a lot to me Bruce, it really does. I wish i could hear just one more race story. JUST ONE MORE!!! You will be forever missed but never forgotten. You will and always will be in my heart. I love you Bruce. I love ya man.

    Love Your Buddy,
    Joe J Soto

  31. Ed Soltys says:

    Hey Uncle Pooh!!! I don’t have to tell you how much I loved and admired you but I will anyway. I thank you and grandpa for being the men in my life and there for me growing up. I am a better person because you were in my life and I will miss you more than words can say. Too many great memories to write down but I will never forget the times down the shore or the rides in the truck and the recent Christmas memories at my house. You were (are) the greatest uncle a nephew could want. You were taken from us too soon but I guess He needed someone to drive His racecar to the tracks. Say Hi to Grandpa for me. With Love, Ed, Dawn, Brandon and Brielle.

    I would also like to take this time to thank everyone on this site for the kind words about my Uncle. It is heartwarming to know that so many people loved him. I am glad he touched so many lives.

  32. Kim Soltys says:

    Bruce, I miss you so much you were the most amazing husband, I am so honored to be your wife I am so grateful for the lifetime of memories. I will treasure them forever we’ve conquered more things together as a couple in the past 8 years then anyone else can have in there lifetime the love we had was so special one that will last for eternity the bond between us made us as one I love you ,you will always be in my heart my love for you will last through eternity, you were my soul mate I thank you for the most amazing memories, I will treasure them forever. singing karaoke, singing with Rich Meyers going to the boardwalk our BBQs, swimming in the pool with Chloe n Lexi the holidays with your families,I will miss you singing to me, watching the races together at home,our trips going to the races with you, I was so blessed to have you in my life you have enabled me to fulfilled every goal I had in the past five years since my accident. thank for an amazing summer this past year the summers will never be the same without you my love for you will last for eternity you will never be forgotten RIP my love forever yours. there will be a memorial and tribute to Bruce in the very near future for all those who would like to attend and be a part of remembering him for the amazing person he was please contact me, his family, or Gary Gardella . God Bless you Bruce

  33. Suzanne Zindt says:

    Bruce, I will forever miss telling you jokes and listening to yours. I will be forever grateful for the love you showed my family, especially my son Joey it is with your encouragement that he is in a Tech school working on cars something he enjoyed talking to you about. Even the car I drive I have because of you, I know you really wanted ti but let me have instead.Bruce you stood by my sister after her accident and were a father to my neice Dominique for this and so much more my life will always be enriched by just having the great fortune of knowing you. Inow know what I knew then you are truely an angel.
    You will always be in my heart,