Is Monticello Motor Club Being Tested for Formula Drift?

Posted on Nov 27, 2010 In Formula D Rumors/Gossip Ryan Tuerck

Gardella Racing reported on Facebook they were taking one of the Pontiac Solstice out to Monticello Motor Club for what we assumed was some testing. Everyone at our office got abuzz wondering if it was being tested as a replacement for New Jersey’s Wall Speedway. After doing some homework and speaking to some people we were told that Monticello Motor Club couldn’t accommodate 10,000+ fans at an event so this should eliminate them from Formula Drift ready. However we heard that it does have some interest on a Pro Am level so it should be an interesting track to see drifting on that isn’t being done by supercars.


  1. erockone says:

    good guy to have testing facilities in the northeast! very cool!

  2. sexysusie says:

    Tony Angelo was there too

  3. haterdan says:

    dumbest rumor ever. this will never happen ever.

  4. thatotherguy says:

    haterdan ….except that even FD talked about it off the record

  5. haterdan says:

    I’m sure you heard that rumor somewhere but monticello owners said “NO”

  6. Andrew R says:

    Yes we were there and tested -My partner and I are hosting a series there in 2011. Dan stop hating -the Monticello owners did not say “no”.

  7. Andrew R says:

    ^^^ Just to confirm -we were not officially there on behalf of FD.