Rhys Millen Drifting in Brazil [SNAPSHOTS]

Posted on Nov 16, 2010 In Formula D International Rhys Millen

During the Hankook Press Conference at the 2010 SEMA Show we told you we heard some whispers about Rhys Millen and one insane road somewhere in Brazil. The best information we could find on a location in Brazil was this “Serra do Rio do Rastro” labeled as the images which doing a Google search really tells you nothing. It is a mountain range is a mountain range located in the southeast of the state of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil. Judging from these photos it looks like it will be one epic video and put that Tanner Foust – Muholland Highway video to shame. I am sure that was Rhys Millen and Redbull’s goal to put a good one up on Rockstar. What do you guys think about the Hyundai Genesis snapshots and how this drift video will come out?

Source: Bruno Terena via Karl O’Sullivan


  1. petite pounder says:

    this entirely depends on if he did this on his very first run, or had a bunch of practice goes first.

  2. Marcus Teron says:

    I think this will kill Tanners ugly ass Tc (Not that I dont like scions). Rhys is going to kill this. I cant wait to see it

  3. blaze1 says:

    Brazil has hot girls!

  4. eurotrash86 says:

    Do you see any tire marks in front of his car in the photos? I don’t. We’re not talking about Ken Block here and this looks about as legit as it gets. I cannot wait to see video of this epic touge run!!!!!

  5. blaze1 says:

    I see tire marks in the sixth picture.

    Is it me, or does that tarmac look a little odd?

    Regardless A+ for Rhys Millen.

  6. Ron B says:

    Quality of roads in Brazil are not the nicest.

  7. byron h. says:

    looks like concrete not asphalt.

  8. Ryan Tuerck says:

    This is No Doubt going to be the coolest video drifting has ever seen…

  9. Dan Cyr says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they make little mountain roads with grooves like that to allow for the concrete to flex, otherwise it’d be a complete mess. I think they get a lot of mudslides and stuff in a place like that.

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