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2010 Formula Drift SEMA Press Conference

If your gearing up for the 2010 SEMA show make sure you are currently free 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon for the Formula Drift press conference. Normally they release a new schedule for the following year on top of other big news/announcements. I am sure we will get some more details on the United Arab Emirates drifting event in February taking place on the Formula 1 Yas Marina Circuit. In case you cannot attend the 2010 SEMA show we will have an updated post within a minute or two after the press conference is over so stay tuned.

Ryan Tuerck and his Pontiac Solstice

Ryan Tuerck at Irwindale Speedway by Jerseystreets.TV

Check out Ryan Tuerck’s Irwindale video as the JerseyStreets team follows him and his Pontaic Solstice. Enjoy some quick interviews and a story telling about his battle through the 2010 House of Drift.

Watch the video:

Monster Drift @ Final Fight – Part 1 [VIDEO]

Monster Drift at Final Fight – Part 1

Vaughn Gittin Jr. had to perform at the top of his game over the course of the Formula Drift Irwindale weekend. Here is how managed his way into qualifying for the event. The video is quite a tease and lacks his championship celebration but clearly that is what Part 2 is for.

Watch the video:—part-1

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Drifting at Monticello [VIDEO]

Drifting with the Supercars – Cadillac CTS-V and More

While this video features quite a few cars sliding sideways the best shots come from the Cadillac CTS-V coupe which is new to the market currently. It looks like they had some fun at the Monticello Motor Club in New York with a complete day of sliding around the course. The white 350z that gets awarded best drift in a drifting car I have seen in some Clubloose galleries on Wrecked in the past.

Watch the video:—cadillac-cts-v-

Dennis Mertzanis Blogs About Formula Drift Irwindale

Check out a post from our Wrecked Magazine blogger Dennis Mertzanis about his adventure during the Formula Drift Irwindale weekend. He struggled to perform at Irwindale and failed to make Top 32 this weekend with one of the largest grids of 2010. Read all about his adventure from engines problems to qualifying over at his blog.

Read his Irwindale Story:

Eric O’Sullivan Features a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wrap on his AE86

It looks like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is gearing up the marketing machine over in Europe and they have called on Hankook Tire driver Eric O’Sullivan to wrap his car for the new video game being released this holiday season. Unlike Gran Tursimo 5 who has pushed back a release date sometime in 2012 we know that Need for Speed will actually have a game for us to play this holiday season. The new game is a cops versus speeders style like some of the classic Need for Speed titles. Cannot wait to see if we get some footage of Eric O’Sullivan chasing cars down while sliding.

Ken Gushi Blogs About the end of the 2010 Formula Drift Season

Check out a blog Ken Gushi wrote about the finish of the 2010 Formula Drift season. He briefly talked about Irwindale Speedway and then went on to talk about the 2010 season overall. He sent out a big thanks to all of his sponsors and talked about gearing up the Scion tC for next season. The rumor has it that Tanner Foust’s Scion tC will be very similar to the one Ken Gushi drove for the 2011 season. This includes the 4 cylinder motor and all. Here is an excerpt from his blog below.

“Anyway, like I said last year around this time, we have a lot to work on. Not just developing the car, but my driving as well. Everyone is getting so fast. I need to stay focused.

All in all, it was a great season and couldnt have been possible without the support of my sponsors, fans, family, and friends. Thank you very much RS-R for keeping my car running top notch. Thank you to everyone from Scion Racing and Beyond Marketing for making this program happen. Thanks to DTA for making me look nice hahaha.”


Vortech Superchargers Offering $250 Cash Back for the Rest of 2010

The supercharger we run on Project 350z is a Vortech Supercharger V-3 trim. Right now until the end of 2010 you can get $250 cash back on any supercharger purchase from Vortech Superchargers. A pretty great deal if your looking to supercharge your VQ or add some power to your V8 swap. If you want to familiarize yourself with applications or the brand in general you can head over to the website for more information.


Images of the Top Gear USA Set from Facebook [SNAPSHOTS]

Here is an update from my last Top Gear USA post reviewing the Pilot Episode filming I went to on a Saturday morning. Now apparently these images are from a crew member on the Top Gear set that I wanted to share with everyone. As an extra they scan you for cameras and phones before entering and confiscate contraband (including a ton of knives in the bin) until you leave the show premises.

I found these on Facebook last night and wanted to share with you a glimpse of what the set looks like. These photos were not taken the day we attended the Top Gear filming so I am not sure what is going on with the SUV’s in the second frame. Enjoy this glimpse of the show until you can see the whole thing at the end of next month.


2010 XDC Championship Won by Chelsea DeNofa [RESULTS]

Chelsea DeNofa has been driving for quite some years and became a familar Pro Am name back in the NOPI Drift days with his Mazda Miata. Now with his busted BMW M3 he has managed to take home the first ever Xtreme Drift Circuit Championship in 2010. With his third place finish at XDC Phoenix he easily secured the 2010 championship. Congrats to Chelsea and his whole team for some hard work and some dedicated traveling to take home the first XDC series championship.