Talks About Drifting Death That Doesn’t Add Up At All

Posted on Oct 27, 2010 In Lifestyle Major Announcements just ran a story about a tragic accident that killed an elderly woman early this morning. In a typical sensational journalistic fashion they took the fact that a kid had (probably stole) his parents FF Volkswagen Passat and tried to enter a turn way to fast (80mph) according to the report and crashed which resulted in an unfortunate death. Of course they drew the conclusion that this kid had watched Tokyo Drift and went out to attack the streets of Philadelphia since it’s the “Drifting has become a daredevil trend among local teens.”

It’s unfortunate that someone being stupid in a car is being chalked up to “drifting” in the mainstream media right now. Nothing about the article even presented him as doing anything other than over driving into a corner and having no hope once he turned the wheel. Thanks Bonnie L. Cook for warning us of this new hot trend which came from a movie (that came out in 2006) per your references. It’s a sanctioned sport which provides kids who have proper vehicles (not their mother’s Volkswagen Passat)  on a professional level down to a grassroots sport. Matt Petty runs a great program for beginners to advanced drivers just up the street in New Jersey which you can find out more information about at:



  1. Dan Cyr says:

    I don’t understand why news reports are now attacking drifting. Street racing I understood…I mean, it’s still kinda ridiculous, but whatever. They need something that they can blame other than kids being kids. But now they wanna blame drifting!? A story was run here not too long ago about some kid who packed his Sunfire full of his buddies and went “drifting” in an industry and killed himself. Once again, same idea…just some kid overdriving an front wheel drive car into a corner and biffing it. Hopefully this trend won’t last long. Maybe I should call the news and tell them to start blaming hockey for kids getting their asses kicked in school. 😛

  2. blaze1 says:

    Real drifters and supporters should hold a town hall meeting or something to educate the community and denounce these stupid acts as not of there own.

  3. deadpirate says:

    having spoke with mrs cook she understands that this, while being labeled by the district attorney as “drifting”, isnt exactly “drifting” and she wants to do a follow up article if she is allowed and if there is enough demand for it, to explain to people that drifting isnt as dangerous as its being labeled and that ther are professional venues to allow for kids to learn how to drift.

  4. Dan Jenkins says:

    This article is spreading around so fast!! This reporter is getting TONS of angry e-mails.

    There is so much that is wrong with this article and what this kid “attempted” to do, not to mention an innocent person lost her life. Bottom line is don’t do this sh*t on the the streets!!!!!

  5. Johnny-O says:

    Pat – Spoken like a true Canadian!!

    Now if you don’t start getting better at drifting, you might be able to become the first “enforcer” of the sport!

  6. jdmwill says:

    here is slappy “my hero” getting the smack down on the reporter….

  7. Matt says:

    There will always be idiots, same with drag racing. No one is driving aroud on-ramps protending they are Kyle Busch yet? Stupid Philly Media.

  8. beto says:

    Just sent an email to the son of a bitch that wrote this!
    sucks a life was ended cause of some dumb kid playing stop light to stop light racer!

  9. Do you like dags? says:

    If you want to write the reporter and email to congratulate her on her use of factual reporting, her email is

  10. Johnny-O says:

    RE: Slappy’s little “conversation” with the report –

    pet peeve – when people use the words “Scene”, “Community”, and “industry” to talk about drifting / Tuner cars / insert motorsport here.

    especially when combined with the words “my” or “our”.

    Get over it.

  11. Slappy says:

    Johnny-O, You’re to cool for skool dood! Deal.

  12. Are you kidding me? says:

    It kills me when someone tries to portray drifting as a negative influence on people. No matter what, stupid people will always do stupid things, in cars or otherwise.

    “This woman was simply walking down the street and was run over by a car that lost control”

    So you’re saying it was the car’s fault? or Drifting? How about it was the stupid kids fault?

    “It’s important to let parents know about this,”

    Yes, please warn the parents that their kids are stupid.

  13. jdmwill says:


    get over it?

  14. Dennis Mertzanis says:

    Bonnie: “Yes, Dennis, it IS accurate to say the kid was drifting because that is what his intent was. He told police he was practicing his drifting. It is sad but true. I cannot misrepresent what he told police. He didn’t say he was speeding. He said he was drifting, and that he got the idea from that idiotic movie.”

    Me: “So, by that rational, if I drove my car into a lake and said I was boating…I would in fact have been boating. And there should be an article written about how dangerous boating is.”

  15. Slappy says:

    Dennis – You rule!

  16. jdmwill says:

    where is dennis like button on this thing.

  17. roadsterfag says:

    Guys harassing the author doesn’t get shit done. She’ll just think less and less of the drifting community with all these dumb posts and emails saying what a douchebag she is or whatever else you throw at her. Slappy, sorry but your whole interview thing comes off as very childish, I would have much rather seen you asking her questions in a more professional manner and more like educating her. Yes she wronged us, but show her you’re not some punk kid and don’t call her a douchebag right out of the gate. I almost feel bad for Bonnie at this point, yes the article is ridiculous, yes it has no real grounds, but getting angry over it and spewing a bunch of slander is not going to do anything. Correct her, formally, and move on with it. Still hopefully there will be a proper follow up article.

  18. Slappy says:

    roadsterfag – Bonnie, the author, has decided to do a positive article on what drifting really is thanks to my fellow local drifters & i. To bad you didn’t know that before you posted.

    But, you’re right..emails, contacting the District Attorney ect. doesn’t bring that poor woman back to life. It only helps the public to not view us all as old lady killers.

    Plus, if you read the whole blog post, you would of read were what i said wasn’t a personal attack on her.

  19. roadsterfag says:

    Calling her a douchebag isn’t a personal attack on her?


    Sorry it’s not like this is a personal attack or anything, but you’re an idiot.

  20. Slappy says:

    roadsterfag – Dude, please, lets not do this.

  21. roadsterfag says:

    not doing.

  22. Slappy says:

    I’ll admit that i came off a bit rude to Bonnie, but i was a little angry at 1st after reading what she posted. I’m a big guy & i always have a hard time managing my anger.

    But, i’m sure that my emails weren’t the worst that was sent. Believe it or not, i was actually trying to help what we do, not harm it. Hopefully some better educated people will step up & take over & give Bonnie what she needs to write a proper article on drifting, & hope the DA will issue the press release.

  23. roadsterfag says:

    I could definitely see you were trying to help, I’m not here to bash other people I just feel like there’s a better way to go about it. The article definitely hit me hard too but to see one negative turn into another just doesn’t work to me, but if it works for others go for it. In the end it’s just another falsely written article, they are a dime a dozen and the smoke will blow over and things will be forgotten in 2 weeks.

  24. rorarypower says:

    Similar to the story here in Atlanta right after the movie came out a kid was in a apartment deck trying to slide a Chevy cavalier fell off the 3rd floor on to the pavement landing on the roof and the media did the same thing what a bunch of drama setters

  25. Slappy says:

    rorarypower – I read about that, i think there was actually a photo of the car if im not mistaken.

  26. jdmwill says:

    send me a link slappy

  27. Tj says:

    My friends knew this kid, he was street racing,
    couldnt hit a turn, pulled the hand brake, supposedly told the police he was drifting, knowing its a reckless driving charge rather than what a street racing charge is, supposedly, I emailed this pulisher, I hate reading all this bull****, trend, fad about drifting.

  28. rotarypower says:

    @slappy I tried to find it I cant if u got pics post them cause that was nuts

  29. matt petty says:

    Joey Thank you for the shout out.

    I also contacted the author not to defend the honor of real drifting or to compare and contrast the difference between passat drifting and real drifting. I instead invited her to our Drift Clinic on Nov 13 at raceway park to SHOW her just how safe drifting is when done in a controlled environment.

    She doesn’t care about us in reality. She cares about selling newspapers to keep her job in a paperless society where most people look and sound like they came out of the movie Idiocracy.Of course she will use the easiest relatable piece of media to explain this to the masses.

  30. Slappy says:

    See, this is exactly why Matt Petty is in charge. He is an educated forward thinker.I just get angry & say stupid shit, but i mean well.

    rotarypower – The photo is on the right of this page…

  31. rotarypower says:

    @slappy this Guy was a dumbass and was on the news for 2 days! !!

  32. rotarypower says:

    Hahaha, & theres plenty more out there just like him.

  33. Damien says:


  34. atrain says:

    I sent my email. People need to wake up and do there own research. I guess it is ok to say “I didn’t mean to shoot the guy, I was target practicing and he needed me to hold his wallet.” Lame.