Eric O’Sullivan Features a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Wrap on his AE86

Posted on Oct 21, 2010 In Babes Eric O'Sullivan International Video Games

It looks like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is gearing up the marketing machine over in Europe and they have called on Hankook Tire driver Eric O’Sullivan to wrap his car for the new video game being released this holiday season. Unlike Gran Tursimo 5 who has pushed back a release date sometime in 2012 we know that Need for Speed will actually have a game for us to play this holiday season. The new game is a cops versus speeders style like some of the classic Need for Speed titles. Cannot wait to see if we get some footage of Eric O’Sullivan chasing cars down while sliding.


  1. petite pounder says:

    XXR wheels. only for champion drifters.

  2. Irish25256 says:

    bad jokes are bad

  3. petite pounder says:

    jokes? i said no joke. man. the irish sure are dumb

  4. Twisty says:

    ehhhhh….. still a good driver

  5. Johnny-O says:

    I thought D-Mac was the Team NFS driver in Europe?!? What happened to his Corolla Space Ship he was building?!

  6. S15Silvia says:

    Lol the Irish are dumb? Thats coming from someone who had George Bush as his president for several years.

  7. G-rod says:

    And for the people who have barack obama in right now

  8. Irish25256 says:

    haha yeah irish are dumb i never said you made a joke dumbass

  9. CrshB&ic00t says:

    Can we keep the political talk to a minimum plz? anywayz. the car looks good. reminds me of Dan Gilbert’s Drift Patrol foxbody

  10. petite pounder says:


  11. bro says:

    well america has fucking count chocula so stfu

  12. Tony says:

    GT5 in 2012? They are releasing it in December. before you just guess a random date do some research.

  13. Stig's American Cousin says:

    I’m pretty sure that was meant to be humorous considering how many times the release date has been pushed back. I’d put money on it no coming out in Dec. Uptight much?

  14. Nattylight says:

    Car looks cheap

  15. Two points for the model and the mickey hate.

  16. deadpirate says:

    good lord. dmac is still with team speedhunters. this is obviously different. who cares if he has xxr wheels? he still wins shit with that car.

  17. Wrecked Magazine says:


    New Year’s Eve is the current date Tony so I don’t feel like my 2012 comment was far off. Let’s also note the date was November 2nd and Spring 2010, and Fall 2009, etc…

    The problem is I want to play the game during the holidays when I have nothing to do…. Not after they are over and I have to work all the time again.

  18. blaze1 says:

    WTF… new years eve is a horrible release date.

    Even kids gotta go back to school come the second

  19. Madpassion says:

    GT5 in 2012?? Haha, I know for a fact that itll be out this year.. Reason for NFS to be finished in the holiday season, its been rushed and will yet again become a failure from EA