2010 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year – Fredric Aasbo

Posted on Oct 10, 2010 In ACP Formula D James Deane Major Announcements

Even though Fredric Aasbo missed two rounds of this years Formula Drift series he was still able to secure Rookie of the Year in one of the most competitive years for the title. Here is how the Rookie of the Year standings looked after Irwindale:

1. Fredic Aasbo (279.50 points)
2. Charles Ng (228.50 points)
3. Mad Mike Whiddett (209.50 points)
4. James Deane (202 points)
5. Dean Kearney (182.25 points)
6. Nikolay Konstantinov (127.25 points)
7. Matt Field (103 points)
8. Dennis Mertzanis (97 points)
9. Ian Fournier (61.25 points)
10. Cyrus Martinez (48.75 points)
11. Jeff Abbott (48.50 points)
12. Andrew Comrie Picard (24.25 points)


  1. eurotrash86 says:

    Congrats Aasbo!!!! Way to go man!!!

  2. edwin guerra 420 says:

    Both Aasbo and MAD Mike deserved a OMT on there respective final battles ! Congrats Norway!!!

  3. Brendan says:

    Frederic is the man! Most down to earth person you can ever meet. Jap auto/Fsr definitely deserved the title with Frederic! Especially making things flow so well on such a tight budget with no full sponsorships. Congrats you guys! You are the best, no questions asked!

  4. Marlow says:

    Hey Titan Motorsports… build a crazy supra and put this guy in it

  5. Padeee says:

    and so say all of us…..

  6. Beto says:

    I was kinda hoping Charles Ng won since he busted he’s tail and showed up to more events but you can’t argue Aasbos skils.

    Its cool that Nicolay is right up their with only going to a few events

  7. en6381 says:

    Charles ng was absent for two round FD so he lost the Rookie of the year.

  8. Beans says:

    Yeah Baby… AASBO is bad ass… He deserved it… Even with a JUNK YARD Engine and a supra that is put together with HOPES and DREAMS (Lots of Screws) LOL… FSR Is AWESOME and did an awesome job in taking care of Fredric this season… Congrats guys… See you at the shop…

  9. sstevve says:

    en6381: Wrong!
    fredric was absent for two rounds of FD